Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Captain Kirk

On Christmas, some things were said regarding Captain Kirk and his chivalry or lack of it.

Let me make one thing clear. When I said he was too chivalrous, I was not saying he would not seduce a woman, or have sex with her. I was saying he would not harm a woman. I was saying he would not rape her or participate in a gang-bang. Those are the things that he would not do.

My ideals of what chivalry is, he fits perfectly. It is such:

-not harming unless in self-defense or defense of innocents
-acting with manners when appropriate
-acting with respect towards women
-appreciative of a woman's charms
-not lying
-not stealing
-acting fairly unless unfairness is initiated by an opponent

All of these things, Captain Kirk has done and continues to do as I watch (I am currently watching Journey to Babel, an episode in season 2. I have seen all previous episodes, as well as movies 1-4. I intend to continue watching the episodes.)

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Apparently I'm having a very philosophical day. This thought started when I was taking a dump, and wondered if other people have the same thing going on that I do- that it's easier to bear down when my leg muscles are not being squeezed between a ceramic toilet seat and the bones of my leg. I realized that to ask this question would be considered rude, and possibly disgusting, and that all people would consider it TMI (too much information).

Then I realized that pretty much every bodily function is considered "TMI". That we label "TMI" when it's something that we either A) Don't wish to picture, B) Think is too personal to discuss, or C) wish it didn't exist. And that a person's reason for thinking bodily functions are TMI could be any one of those three. Some people find that what goes on in the bathroom is a deeply personal affair, and don't wish anyone else to know about it, and don't wish to know about anyone else's. Some people are affronted by normal human activities, and wish the things didn't exist at all. And others just have such a mind that anything they hear is automatically pictured in detail, and they don't want to picture such a thing, whether because they find it personal, disgusting, or abhorrent.

Personally, when I find it to be TMI, it's not because I'm offended or upset by it. It's because I know that others might be. Because part of me knows such talk is considered "inappropriate", and "inappropriate" is part of what caused my childhood situation. Hence, I attempt to avoid that which is considered "inappropriate". Especially because online, it leads some to believe that there is more going on than really is.

I am very open. Unless you know my name, or city, there is nothing you know that I don't mind other people knowing. Some of it, that which seems too personal, is just stuff that is difficult for me to talk about. Hence why I run into the whole "That was TMI, Luna" "Oh, I'm sorry" thing a little too often.


On Sunday, I'm supposed to work from 9pm till 2am. But Sunday is Christmas. I wish I could tell you "Yes I'm working" or "No, I won't be there", but I don't know. Why don't I know?

I spend the holidays with the roomie's family, since mine is too far away. His family doesn't do plans. Oh, they make them, but the times are always wrong. One time, we got there an hour before they said to show up, and they were done eating. Usually, we get there an hour before they tell us, and wait four hours to eat. So even if they had told me a time for tomorrow (which they haven't, as far as I know), I *still* wouldn't know if we'd be home by 8:30 (which is when I'd need to be home to get on camera for 9).

So, I suggest you watch my twitter. I will post on twitter when I get home. If it's before 8pm, you know I'll be on time. If it's after 8pm, then keep watching, and expect me to be a bit late. Of course, if you just go to my homepage at 8pm, you'll see if I've posted that I'm home yet, and won't have to spend all day waiting for it. ^_^


In other news, the countdown to the Star Trek dress is officially started now. If you send me offline tips, they will be counted towards the countdown. You will also get access to the Exploration Photo Set that I have yet to make (which will be made sometime in the next week), with pics of me having some fun in the star trek dress. So tip away!


Geeks and Freaks- a discussion

Today in the shower, I was pondering why, when it clearly states in my profile I don't do the nasty shit, and I have in my topic to please read my profile, do people still ask about it. I realize that they don't bother reading my profile, but beyond that, why ask me, instead of some other chick? Random memory of hundreds of guys quoting the geeks are freaks comment, and an epiphany arises.

If geeks are freaks, and I'm a geek, it *must* be okay to ask about bathroom stuff, beastiality, and pedophilia, right? WRONG. But, I'm not here to chew them out, I'm here to discuss why "geeks are freaks" no longer applies.

Back in the day, oral, bdsm, and technique were considered "freak" stuff. After all, for the longest time, anyone who did it any way other than missionary was technically breaking the law. But the biggest thing that set male geeks apart was their ability to make their female partner enjoy herself. That was considered a freaky thing to do. Why bother with her? She's just a piece of ass. That's where I think it came from.

Nowadays, that stuff is considered normal. So people think "geeks are freaks" and automatically think of the stuff that's not normal still- bathroom play, daddy play, incest play, beastiality. But they forget that the saying came about in days when tamer stuff was in operation.

Now, I shared this epiphany with my roommate, and he disagrees. He says that it came from back when the saying was "the prettier she is, the less she has to do in bed". He says the guys would look at pictures of girls, and if she was pretty, they'd say "lies like a mattress", and if she was ugly, they'd say "fucks like a pornstar in heat". Me, I doubt that, because the term geek used to be applied almost exclusively to men. (the the words USED TO, meaning past tense, and ALMOST, meaning that there were some exceptions).

What do you think?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Router Issues

I wake up today, turn my computer on, and wait for it to connect to the internet. Five minutes later, that dreaded yellow triangle. Oh shit. I call my isp, and find out that they're having issues because of a power outage last night. Even though we're not in the area listed, I know from experience that doesn't mean we're not affected, and we did have an outage last night. They're usually pretty quick about fixing those types of issues. I gave them an hour, then called back.

No more outage message. That means their end is fixed. I tell them what's going on- modem says connected, router says connected, computer says not connected. Various standard trouble-shooting procedures later, he suggests we try plugging the computer directly into the modem. Success. The problem with that is- only one computer at a time could get internet. As we're finding out that the router is the issue, which was not supplied by our isp, roomie has to leave. So, for now, I'm directly connected to the modem.

As I don't know how long he'll be gone (I doubt even he knows), I don't know when we'll be getting around to fixing the issue. I will do my best to be on time for MFC today (4pm-8pm), but I might be late, or might be on time but interrupted. I'm hoping neither. I'm hoping that it's a quick outing. But, if I am late, you know what's going on.

*hugs and kisses*


Monday, December 19, 2011


I love tools. They make it so you don't have to rely on someone else to do something. Toolkits are my favorite, especially portable ones. If I were to carry everything I wanted with me, I'd need a backpack that could hold a hell of a lot.

I remember my dad always having everything he needed with his swiss army knife. I wanted one then, so I could be as independent and capable as he was. I still want one. Browsing the stores online, I find one simple problem: the only ones that have everything I actually want also have a bunch of useless stuff I don't feel I would need. So here it is, the list of what I'd like to see in my swiss army knife (or knives, if one wouldn't be practical for all of it :P ):

-screwdrivers. Big and small, flathead and phillips. (yes, all four)
-a couple blades of varying sizes
-bottle opener
-nail file that can act like improvised sandpaper
-toothpick for poking at things that need poking

-carabiner on each side (that way, I can hook it to something, and then have something else hooked to hook it to my purse, then hook my keys to it)

of course, the carabiner on each side I could supply if there were a keyring on each side.

So there you have it, my ideal swiss army knife. Would probably cost hundreds. x.x

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Off I go. Taking to the air to go halfway across the country today. Watching my adoptive brother get married. I haven't seen him since I graduated. He has admitted he has no clue what happened between myself and our parents that caused me to go incommunicado for nearly 6 months directly after, and doesn't understand my need to get out from under their control. He also doesn't seem to realize that they made my life hell for six years, but he still cares about me, still considers me a sister. He's such a mama's boy...

I've never met the bride. I'm told that either today or tomorrow I'll be going shopping with her and Mom. It's weird... all the women in my life are the first to go. My adoptive grandmothers are both dead, but their husbands live on. My biological mother died when I was 13, and my Dad's second wife died last winter. Will be a year in February. So, I was going to call her Mom2, but then I realized, though it's kinda necessary to distinguish which father I might be spending time with, I only have one living mother, despite having had three in my lifetime, one of which I never even met.

Isn't that a mouthful of a sentence? But I've searched, it's grammatically correct, and not a run-on. The only bit that could possibly be taken out of it is that first one, and then I'd have to change it.

So yeah, I won't be on camera for awhile. About a week. DnD hasn't happened in a few weeks, and won't for about a month, so I'll be doing some Saturday camming until sometime in January.

Take care guys, and don't forget to check out the "When Luna's Not On Camera" page to find out what you can do to help out while I'm gone. Please note- I will not be able to send content out while I'm gone, so if you don't want to wait, use the Clips4Sale and Pics4Sale links to get awesome pics and sexy videos. ^_^



Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Suck at Skyrim

So, I attempted to play Skyrim. Aside from awkward controls that require you to have three hands, and lack of a tutorial to really help you out, there's one big reason I suck at Skyrim. It's first-person heavy. It's practically impossible to play the game without using first-person p.o.v. and I suck at first person p.o.v. With third person, I can keep some distance from my character, but with first person, I tend to get pulled in a lot quicker. And let me tell you, when I get pulled in I get tense and can't do shit.

The three hands thing- in order to move the character you need two hands- one for the forward, backwards, and strafe, with the other controlling camera view to make you go the way you want to. Already makes it awkward for me to move around. THEN you need to know exactly where the tab key is to pause it quickly, which I don't, and you need E and R to interact with the world. Half the menus want you to use the mouse, half of them want you to use AD to move around and ER to interact.

If I can get the hang of hitting tab at a moment's notice, I'll be able to play this game, but that will take time. So for now, I need to put the game on the shelf and realize that I'll probably never find the time to play it. Unless someone out there wants to pay me $100 an hour for my camming, in which case I'd be able to cam a whole 10 hours a week with no trouble, and have time to do all the housework, plus the time to play.

Today's society does not realize the importance of free time. Honestly.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fucking Bastards

Why do the incest people insist on sticking around?

seriously, when I tell them I won't do it, and they say okay... why don't they just leave? Why do they try to get all fucking sneaky about it?

Take this guy. In public chat, he admitted to wanting interracial. Fine, I'm cool with that. We get to exclusive, and I start my normal thing. Since I'm talking, all you'll see is his text.

licsumpussy144: mmmm
hi baby
you ever want your step dads black cock baby...
(Don't do that, don't bring family into it. Blood doesn't matter, family is family.)
you want my sexy nigger cock then?
tell me u love niggers to fuck u like a whore
turn around whore
maybe im your real father...whore
(I slammed my camera down. He still didn't leave)
licsumpussy144 has been blocked

And he's not the only one. Every single fucking time I've told someone in the middle of exclusive that I'm not okay with doing that, they do 1 of two things:

1- leave. Awesome, that's cool with me. If you want it and I won't do it, this is the appropriate response.

2- try to be sneaky about it. Get me all into the show and then slip it in later. WTF dude? Do you think I'm going to react better when I'm horny and you bring that shit up? No, I'm going to react WORSE. You sir, are a FUCKING DOUCHENOZZLE of the LOWEST degree.

When a girl says "no", it means "no". It doesn't mean  "get me horny and I'll do it". It doesn't mean "throw enough money at me and I'll do it". It means NO. It means "DON'T DO IT" it means IF YOU WANT IT GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

So, if you want SCAT, INCEST, or STEP FAMILY shows, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. I am NOT the model you want to see. LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


There are useful manners, and then manners that people are like "what the fuck is that about?" when they hear them. But all manners had some use at some time. Many of the ones I was all "what the fuck is that about?" were useful back when servants were common.

Example: breaking your bread over your plate, buttering it over your plate, and popping the morsel into your mouth. WTF? But if you think about it, even the softest bread generates crumbs. So, breaking it over the plate means all those crumbs land in your plate, and your servants have less to sweep up over the night.

No elbows on the table. WTF? Why not? But if you have wine on the table and someone who likes to gesture with their hands, well, no elbows on the table keeps them from knocking the wine over as often. And wine stains, so it's even more important to keep it from hitting the cloth.

Ask for items to be passed instead of reaching for them. This one also keeps the person who needs the item from knocking things over and making a mess.

These are all I can think of for the moment, but I'm sure there's others.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So, we bought some fresh pomegranate. He likes the juice and we both like the dried chocolate-covered ones, so we thought we'd try it fresh.

Today I finally got around to looking up how to do this. That's imperative with any new fruit- find out what part you eat and what part you don't, and if it's complicated to get to teh part you eat, how to do that as well. This one is complicated.

You don't eat the pomegranate itself. you eat the seeds, and the fleshy bit that surrounds the seeds. Imaging a grape. Make it smaller, about a quarter the size. Now turn the vine inside out and make it thicker. That's what a pomegranate is like (as far as how it's put together, that is).

I followed the directions here:

It took me about an hour to separate out the seeds. An hour! The juice from them got everywhere, including on me (luckily I was naked as I did this). But they are good. I don't like the juice, and the chocolates, while okay, leave a strange aftertaste in my mouth. The seeds have a bit of nuttiness to add to the flavor of the flesh (which is what I can taste in the juice and the chocolates). That, to me, makes all the difference. Plus the fact that it's a smaller dose.

All in all, I would recommend that anyone who likes berries try it at least once. But bring some friends! I ended up with about a cup and a quarter of seeds. That's a full cereal bull to me!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Random Ideas- Cam room Fun

To understand the reason behind these ideas, my roommate does not like it when I take the camera out of the bedroom. His reasoning is that he can't then go into whatever room I'm taking up. So my thoughts have been, how can I do a shower show in my room? How can I do messy stuff in my room? What sort of cooking could I do in my room?

Enter the ideas!

Shower/mess shows:

Get a small inflatable kiddie pool and a large inflatable kiddie pool. Put the small one in the large one. Do my show standing in the small one, the large one is there just to catch any overflow.

Cooking Shows

Get a couple of those hot plates they sell for dorm rooms, along with a hot pot and a metal rack so I don't burn anything. Cook away.

Of course, for either of these to work, I need to buy some stuff, and that would get expensive. Anyone wanna get part of it for me? Send me a private message somewhere (twitter of mfc mail) and I'll give you my po box to send it to.

This week I'm kinda excited. I'll have spending money for once! I get that about once a month, and it usually ends up having been a mistake, but there's some legitimate needs:

-white stickers
-bulb for lamp
-duck tape
-hand towel for bathroom

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Missing People

For years, I've been trying to figure out why I miss people and why I don't. Because there have only been two instances of truly missing people in my life. One was my adoptive family, the second is my current roommate.

I blamed foster care on my lack of missing people. But is blame really the right word? I think I've finally figured it out.

There are two commonalities in when I miss someone:
-I *really* care what they think about me
-I am afraid that the distance will affect our relationship

This means that in order to miss someone, I have to believe that they are willing to let the fact that we haven't seen each other in a long time affect how they feel about me. Which means all the people for whom I don't miss but I do care about, I don't feel afraid that they will do that. I've had it all backwards. The people I care about but don't miss are the people I really need in my life.

Luckily, with my adoptive family, we've gotten to a point where I'm not afraid that they will cut me out. So I don't miss them when they're gone anymore. I've never really missed my biological family, because I've always been of the firm belief of "once family, always family". I can't lose the status of being their family, that right is mine from birth. And our family has strong ties; always have, always will.

So to anyone I care about but I say "I miss you", it's not this gut-wrenching I need to be there right now missing. It's more a light, "I wish we were together". The gut-wrenching need is a bad thing. The light desire is so faint it's hard to tell it's there. Because I've trained myself to not want what I know I can't have. Unless there's something I can do to work towards it, and then I only mildly want it, in such a way that it's hard for me to remember that I do, but occasionally I feel the desire to spur me into working towards it again.

(sorry if this isn't very coherent, woke up early and couldn't sleep till I wrote it out)

Tarot Reading

I am spiritual. I believe in God, and I believe firmly in the message of Love. That is to say, we should treat everyone with as much dignity and respect as we can, and eliminate hate from our lives where possible.

I have two decks. One, the Gilded Tarot, is really accurate no matter who I use it with. The other, the Sacred Geometry Oracle, I only ever get a reading that makes sense when I use it specifically for myself.

Sometimes I use reversed meanings (what it means when the card was placed upside-down) and sometimes I don't. I always specify which I'm doing before I start the reading. This reading, I did not use reverse meanings, and I used the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck.

12:54 pm


18- Hexahedron
-hemmed in
-radical change necessary
-get some perspective


7- Owl/Raven - Yin/Yang
-union of opposites
-process of balancing is at work
-begin designing ways to bring yourself into balance with your true nature
-acknowledge dark within light, but see your light shining in the darkness


52- invoking the infinite

-actively involved in a healing process
-heal self first, then assist others
-probably spiritual healing needed

Thursday, November 10, 2011

To be burried

School starts Monday, which means my new schedule starts Sunday. In the interest of full-disclosure... I am physically awake from noon-2:30 am, sometimes later. I am mentally awake from 2pm-2am.

Sunday: Laundry, MFC 9pm-2am
Monday: SM 4pm-6pm, Class 7:30pm-10:30pm, SM 11pm-2am
Tuesday: HW 2pm-4pm, Class 5pm-8:30pm, MFC 11pm-2am
Wednesday: HW 2pm-4pm, Class 5pm-10:30pm
Thursay: HW 2pm-4pm, Class 5pm-8pm, SM 10pm - 2am
Friday: HW 2pm-4pm, MFC 5pm-2am (1 hour break for dinner)
Saturday: Errands, DnD (sometimes on camera)

This semester runs 11/14/2011 - 2/10/2012

Red week will be December 3rd - 8th
I will also be gone December 11th-16th to see my adoptive brother get married.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Homemakers and Breadwinners

A long time ago, some women wanted to have the option of being the breadwinner. And other women wanted to have the right to vote and express their opinions. They wanted to be treated like people, instead of things.

Those women got their wish, but at a terrible price. See, our society thinks "equality" means "same for everyone". It doesn't. It means "Same opportunity for everyone". There's a difference. The difference is between having a choice between being a breadwinner or homemaker, and being forced into the homemaker role.

Point: by nature, I am a homemaker. I will never be happy in the breadwinner role. I do not think every woman needs to be a homemaker, some need to be breadwinners. I do not think every man needs to be a breadwinner, some would prefer being the homemaker. The important thing is that in today's society, it's practically impossible to have a household on 1 income, so instead of homemakers and breadwinners pairing off and being happy, you have homemakers being forced into the breadwinner role.

Point: I suck at being a homemaker. My adoptive parents were overprotective, and had the impression that everything I touched broke. Most of that was because of a bit of clumsiness and a complete lack of experience. Experience took care of the clumsiness, and I no longer break anything I touch, but there's a lot I don't know how to do, because since I graduated from college, I've been too busy breadwinning to practice homemaking.

Point: Homemakers are afraid. Too many people have gotten a twisted notion that being a homemaker = submissive = masochist, and being a breadwinner = dominant = sadist. Breadwinners abuse the fact that homemakers can't really earn their bread by making money, and so are kinda trapped. Their only way out is to attach themselves to a new breadwinner, which of course, is cheating.

Here's the problem- some homemakers are dominant. Some breadwinners are submissive. And not all submissives like to be hurt. Some of them just want someone else to make decisions. But they still want to be themselves. They still want to be cared for, and shown love. Everyone wants to be shown love. That's why good dominants know to do aftercare.

I am a homemaker, not a breadwinner, by nature. But I'm being forced to be a breadwinner, and probably will have to be until I get old. They say find a job you love and everything will be fine. But the minute I have to do it for money, I stop loving it. No matter how fun it was at first, it stops being fun when I have to focus on the damn money.

I don't like making decisions that might affect other people's lives. But I want to be in charge of the decisions that affect my life. And minor decisions that have no effect, I really don't care to make.

I don't like being in charge. That is to say, I don't like being in charge of money or people. Which is the only "in charge" that any corporation cares about. I like being in charge of dishes, and cleaning, and trash, and cooking. But only when I can focus on that stuff and not have to work for money. I like serving other people, but again, not when I have to do it for a living, and definitely not when I can't choose who I'm serving and who I'm not.

I also like being in charge of myself. I hate other people telling me what to do, even if I like doing things for them. I hate the idea of anyone else changing how I act or think or feel. I hate the idea of anyone else having complete control over me. But I want someone else to be in control over finances, in control over things that affect other people, and in general control. In short, I want to be a 60's housewife. Quite literally, actually- since in the 60's it was acceptable for women to have an opinion, or a side-job. It was acceptable for women to wear whatever the hell they wanted- pants or skirts. But most wore pants. Most women knew how to garden. I would love to learn how to garden. Turn this black thumb green please!

Choose my profile pic!

Every 10 token tip gets you an entry into the drawing for the pic of your choice to be my profile pic.

Drawing will be held on MFC on the 4th of November, somewhere between 4 and 7 pm, US Eastern. Probably closer to 6:30.

All I ask is that my pussy and nipples be covered. So, tip away!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

About those who are Gay

Have you ever noticed that places that are mostly male are much more strongly against gay men than places with plenty of women? My theory on this, is that the straight men are jealous. Think about it- in an environment that is not female-friendly, straight men have no love-interests. But gay men have plenty of fodder. Plus, straight men feel threatened. It's socially accepted that in a mostly female environment, women will go "temporarily bi" in order to satisfy their urges. Straight men are afraid that gay men will assume men will do the same thing.

What the straight men need to realize is, yes, it's not fair to them that there are no women, but they knew that would happen to start out with, by agreeing to join in whatever they joined to make that sort of environment. But most gay men would actually get offended if a straight man agreed to do stuff just because there were no women. They don't want a straight man. They might wish that a straight man was gay if they have a crush, but since the man is straight, they won't try to "change" him.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Random post- panties

As a camgirl, I go through a lot of panties. Some of them, people want to buy, and offer enough to make it worth my while to sell. Some of them break from too much wash and wear. And then there's white panties.

White panties have special properties. They don't show it when I'm wet, but if I get them soaked in the shower they become sexy see-through. Here's the fun bit- when I get wet, it stains the panties. But you can't tell it's gonna stain before they're washed. So, I wash them, which sets the stain, and then it will never in a million years come out, not even with bleach.

Most white panties last through 5 uses. I try not to wear them too often.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random Thoughts

There are a bunch of random thoughts that go through my mind...

-Minimum wage

If Minimum wage is supposedly the least amount needed to make a fair living, then taxes should never happen to those who make minimum wage. And taxes shouldn't drop anyone down to less then the yearly average of someone making minimum wage according to working 2080 hours a year (40 hours a week, 52 weeks, paid vacation)

-Ticklish vs Non-Ticklish.

I am ticklish. This means that my skin is on the sensitive side, and that I get hurt very easily.

Non-ticklish people think it's fun to tickle ticklish people. Ticklish people generally find it fun for the first 30 seconds, if the person has a light touch. But most non-ticklish people think that if the person they tickle isn't laughing, that means they're not tickling hard enough. NO. It means you're too hard. Tickle softer and the tickle will actually tickle. Going harder is just going to elicit a lot of "OUCH" and "STOP THAT". Being tickled is okay. Having fingers jammed into your side is not. GENTLY is the key.

Also, sometimes we're having a non-ticklish day. It just doesn't tickle. Again, that's not a signal to tickle harder, because we will still get hurt easily.

That's the basis of my random thinking at the moment. Have a great day!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I feel like humanity has grown into a culture of vultures. Take camgirls. The moment a girl who was previously in a relationship announces a breakup, she'll have at least 10 people who want to meet up. Come on guys, do you really think she's going to want to meet someone who pounces on her the moment she's free?

Or take closeout sales. People pounce on the chance to save a few bucks, then gripe that the store isn't around anymore. If they had just been willing to pay the original prices, those stores wouldn't have had to go out of business.

Instead of everyone helping each other, we stand back, let them fall, and then try to scavenge what we can from whatever remains. Frankly, it disgusts me.

And then there are the people who like to make others miserable. WTF is up with that? I understand the people who enjoy teasing others to the point of minor annoyance... without minor annoyance we can't really appreciate the quiet. But teasing to the point of depression? Trolling to the point of breakdown? That's uncalled for, and completely cruel. It's like pulling the legs off a spider to watch it squirm and die. People, that is what we call sociopathic behavior.

Whatever happened to "Do unto others as you would have done to you" ? Whatever happened to social responsibility? Whatever happened to "If you make a mess, clean it up" ? Why did it have to become the clerk's/cashier's job to clean up after the customers as though they were kindergarteners? Why can't people respect other people's stuff? Why can't people respect community belongings?

Why, oh why, do people torment each other? Why is it, instead of "I didn't like it when ___ was done to me, so I'm not going to do it to anyone else," it has become "I didn't like it when ___ was done to me, but I can't do it to the person who did it to me, so I'm going to do it to someone random who has nothing to do with the situation". It makes no fucking sense, and spreads the misery, and it's turning this world into a living hell.

I can't stand watching it happen. I can't stand watching the spider die. And I hate the fact that I can't do anything about it. I really fucking hate watching people treat each other like shit. That person is another human, just like you. Every living being experiences pain. And every human experiences sorrow. Why can't we stop destroying each other?

It's time for a god-damn revolution.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


For the love of god, WHY!?! Why the hell do men proudly tell me that they've just taken me for a fucking fool? WHY WOULD YOU TELL A MODEL YOU JUST CAME IF YOU HAVEN'T PAID HER!?!

Think of this as an online stripclub. If the stripper makes you cum, you're gonna tip her, aren't you? You probably pay a hella lot for the stripper who made you cum. So why the hell do you feel the need to tell me that you've just gotten off for free? Don't you realize this is my job? Don't you realize that I expect to get paid for doing my job? How would you like it if some stranger came in and laughed at you saying that he just got you to do your job for free? WHY DO YOU DO THAT TO SOMEONE YOU OBVIOUSLY FIND ATTRACTIVE?


More DnD!

So, now comes the first of the every-other-week posts on the DnD "main game". I bet we never finish it.

Um, lesse... lots of exploring, until we run into a mimic. When the mimic realizes it's gonna lose, it agrees to let me go if it gets magic items. Then, we do some trading. We discover a secret door, but can't get it to open, so I hack through it with my axe. Behind is some stairs. We get it to open normally the rest of the way, and then decide to finish exploring the top half of the dungeon. we open a door and see enemies, and end the session before begining the fight.

Yeah, a short session, it was only about 3 hours... like I said, a LOT of exploring. And we found out that our new Orc buddy Grog is actually quite intelligent and is capable of identifying magic items for us. Yay!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Money, Schedule, IRS

Took a gamble and called the IRS about these damn taxes. Got my due date deferred to January... hopefully I can dig up what I owe by then. Luna's going on a strict budget! 10% to emergency savings. 10% to tax savings. 10% to the move savings. 10% to discretionary funds. The other 60% - $20/wk goes to bills. The -$20 is $10 for laundry, $10 for food money while at school (sometimes I go with him to relax)

And a confirmed schedule. *shudders*

I'm going to do my best to stick to it. Life always gets in teh way though, so don't be surprised if I have to take time off.

SUN: Streamate 4-6, MFC 8-2
MON: Videos/PicSets, Streamate 10-2
TUES: Streamate 4-6, MFC 10-2
WED: Laundry/Dusting, Streamate 10-2
THURS: Streamate 4-7, MFC 10-2
FRI: MFC 4-8, Streamate 11-2
SAT: Errands, DnD

DnD will still be the over-skype game that we've been doing. But, I will be on camera on SkinVideo, in group for the whole thing. Join the group to listen in, tip for tits and pussy flashes!


I really hate to complain about money. Especially when I just spent $100 in the war on dust. But I haven't paid any of my taxes from last year, and it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to any time soon. But since on paper it looks like I make enough to do so, I can't even get an extension...

Frankly, I'm terrified. I do everything I can to make enough to pay my debts off quickly, and yet all I ever make is just barely enough to survive. The only time I make more than I need to survive, it's because I have a new survival need that just came up which will take a little extra cash to handle.

So here's to hoping I run across an extra $1000 so I can pay off my taxes. Because I need to do that to survive, right?

Please don't forget guys, offline tips will always be rewarded. It might take a bit for the reward to get to you, but it will happen.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DnD Hurrah!

So I finally got to kill the damn hobgoblin. The very last one we let go... well, not really, he was tied with a rope by Mike. He then proceeded to free himself and run down the corridor. The pixie investigated the bodies and caught fleas. Which are now invisible because of him being invisible. The pixie gave me a potion because I was looking rather bloody (I ended the fight with 13 HP out of 56).

Then we split up a bit. I went to investigate a room that turned out to be storage. Left when I found rats, but Mike explored it and found a magic rope to replace the one he found. Meanwhile, Kaine and teh Pixie found Goblins (might've been orcs... can't really remember which...). I join that fight, only to almost die, until Kaine heals me. I end that fight with a whole 12 HP, but luckily, level up gave me another 15. Whee!

That's actually where it ended this week. Mike joined up with us after the fight, and we now have a goblin? orc? ogre? pet. Pixie shot one with a memory loss arrow at teh beginning of the fight. We've named him Grog. (ah sound in the middle)

The group has decided to play the backup every other week, because our DM needs two weeks to plan a session with how much stuff he has on his plate. We decided to play main game next week, and then start the every other week, since we missed two weeks of DnD in a row.

A Very Productive Day

1- I bought a whole bunch of plastic bins, the mattress cover, and the pillow covers, for my war on dust.

2-I then put in motion everything that buy such thing entailed. This meant a reorganization of both my room and my kitchen, which made my room dust free, freed up my sewing table to make it easier for me to get started on project randomly, and made space in my kitchen for all the food, dishes, and cookware that I want. Hurrah! (this involved cleaning a large tower of plastic drawers. They used to hold toys. I cleaned them with bleach so I won't be afraid of them holding food and measuring cups...)

3- I then did the second part of my undies video, recording me posing in every pair of undies I own. I uploaded this to my pics4sale, along with a set that has 50 still from other videos already on vids for sale. (Check my sidebar for links!) Then I took 10 of those 50 awesome stills and put together a gift for everyone who was disappointed in my absence from camera on Sunday.

4- actually, that was it, but it took me 7 hours!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Microsoft Fail

I like to use excel. I actually kinda love it. I have two screens. So why the fuck can't I put it so that document1 is on the left screen and document2 is on the right screen? It would make it so much easier when I'm trying to compare data from two different documents. But no. opening it to a new window just creates another of the same document within that instance of excel, without allowing it to be a separate instance of excel

Microsoft, you FAIL. Want to fix it? Let us have multiple instances of excel itself running, so I can view two documents side by side on separate screens. Why separate screens? Why not just tile? Because maybe I want to use the whole screen for both documents!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I remember...

In middle school, my best friend, and indeed the only person who bothered to befriend me, was Islamic. Her family had immigrated from Pakistan, and her mother and father still had pretty thick accents. She was all American though. A bit of a weirdness to her accent because of being around such thick ones, but obviously born and raised in the US.

By 2001, when I was in high school, I had lost touch with my friend. I was in boarding school that year. First year of boarding school. Our principal was retired Air Force, and there was a base not that far from campus. There was even a rumor that they used the Girl's Dorm for dry targeting runs, it being the highest point for miles. The rules for phone were rather strict- we were allowed two days a week, which we chose at the start of every quarter. Mine were Wednesday and Sunday, and I was required to call my parents.

We were called to the auditorium during first period. As they were telling us what happened, we heard planes over head, which kinda scared a lot of us. My first thought was of my friend. Not much work was done in any of the classes that day. Many teachers let the classes go to the library to watch the news. Third period did that for me.That night, the phones were given to those who had relatives in NY. Even third floor, where there were no dorm parents and the students had full control over the phones, let other students have the phone to call loved ones. Considering most of the students were there for having gotten in trouble with the law...

When my next call-day came, I called my parents. I had fifteen minutes. After saying a quick "hi" and "I'm fine" I asked if I could call my friend. I had ten minutes to talk with her, and make sure she was fine. I called her every week for the next month. It was interesting to watch the transformation.

Week 1: everyone gathering, and making sure everyone her family was okay.
Week 2: neighbors avoiding, but friends still calling
Week 3: no one was calling any more, everyone avoiding
Week 4: complete shun by everyone except other Islamic friends

It was tragic. The family was from Pakistan. The terrorists were from Afghanistan. I still don't understand why we attacked Iraq. I still don't understand why nothing was done about Afghanistan. I still don't understand why the American populace turned on everyone from the Middle East, even countries that were supporting America.

The world turned upside-down that day. America went paranoid, and started sacrificing freedoms in the name of safety. And I don't agree with most of what has happened in response to that day.

Random Idea- Calendar

There are all sorts of electronic calendars out there. I want one that does everything. I mean everything. Where I can put in my earnings and it will know when the paycheck is due to arrive, which account it's going in if it's direct deposit, and if all the bills will be paid or if I need to earn some more. One that will tell me when a birthday is coming up so I don't have to try to remember, or make sure I look at my phone, or pull something up. I want it to hang on my wall like a real calendar, and hold all my contacts, and all that fun stuff.

So here it is, my calendar concept. If anyone out there is inspired by this, all I ask is that you send one to my PO Box when it's made. (though, if you tip me my share of the earnings, that would be appreciated too :P )

Physical Appearance:

The size of a standard wall calendar, both the top and bottom half. Default screen

looks like a calendar, with the bottom half showing monthly view and the top half

showing today and tomorrow. Optional to change both halves to whichever you want:

-day and list(s)
-two days
-one week
-full month
-next month
-pictures (a couple default picture sets to choose from, (like nature, kittens, dogs, patterns) and then the option to buy more)

Top button locks the calendar, when pressed to unlock prompts for password, then a security question.

During setup, the User inputs the security question, then the answer, for five questions. No drop-down lists for the questions. Case sensitive. Any character on the keyboard allowed, including enter. 200 character limit allows for quoting.

Two users allowed, each user gets own password and security questions. Users cannot see each other's financial specifics, just generals on main page. User can select for other users to have full access to specifics.

For all following inputs, except where starred, the user can skip it, do NOT have to input.

Personal Profile (each user has this):

-Phone Number


File    View    Edit    Lists    Contacts    Finances    Events      Help


-contact book


-to do list, includes checkmarks to mark them off, can check off items without unlocking, but must input password (not security questions), leaves items on list

-shopping list, also includes checkmarks, takes items off list, can tie to event

-wislist, allows to tie to event, includes links to create budget for them, and hopeful date

-online wishlist, ties to online lists you might have, automatically updates with the online list, other than that works like regular wishlist 

Contact book:

*-input name

*-drop-down category (add new included)
    -business associate

*-drop-down relationship (add new included)
    -place of work, bank, billing, client, company you shop at, utility
    -acquiantance, neighbor, close friend, best friend, church friend, work buddy
    -boss, partner, coworker, subordinate, manager...
    -mother, father, son, daughter, wife, husband, sig/other, in-laws, aunt,


-drop-down birthdate (option to select age instead of year)

-input phone number, address, and so-on

-if billing company, input date due, with option for variable, input amount due, with

option for variable

-variable bills have options for estimates, computer generated or user generated


-input is like google calendar
-can select holidays to display
-can choose to display moon-phases, and other options like in google calendar
-can assign different event categories to different colors
    Ex: -blue- birthday
-can add event categories, comes with birthday, paycheck, bill, meeting, holiday

-bank accounts
-credit cards
-recurring bills
-variable bills

Add Job:

*-job title
*-company (dropdown from contacts list, can create new, will create a blank entry in

contact list with just the three starred bits entered)

-type of earnings (salary, hourly, commission, other)
-earning rate
-direct deposit checkmark
-account drop-down (necessary only if selecting direct deposit)

Add Earning:

-earned date
-expected paydate

must input a date in order for it to be included on the idle page, but can enter before you have any date for it

Add Account:

*-bank (drop down from contacts list, can create new, will create blank entry with just the three starred parts entered, can also select On Person)

*-type of account (Drop down of "checking" "savings" "spending" "cash")


-current balance w/ as of date
    -note: can always edit the current balance. Prompts for a reason, which can be skipped and added in later.

-can add in past transactions through account

-default cash account included in program, if none is specifically set up by user

Add Expense:

-one-time expenses
*company (from contact drop-down, can create new...)
*from account
*purpose of expense

-variable bills
(for bills where date and/or amount changes every month)
*date due
date paid
from account

*date paid
*from account

Add Transaction:

*type (withdrawal, deposit, transfer)
*account to
*account from

Add Budget:

-select job (drop-down)
-select expense/wishlist (drop-down)
-amount or percent checkboxes, then input amount/percent
-creates a new account

More on Appearance
Daily Page:

-Takes up half of screen
-fully customizable setup, for size and position of each box
-automatically shows hourly agenda with scheduled events
-automatically shows budget preview
-automatically shows important reminders (upcoming birthdays, bills, events)
-can add widgets for weather, news, stocks, horoscope...

Weekly Page:
-each day has boxes for finances, contact and event reminders, agenda reminders, and forecast

Monthly Page:

-stars on the day for each event, star is color of event, holding stylus over brings  a pop-up with event name and time (if time is available)

-birthdays are shown as the person's name, background for name is whatever color user selected to represent birthdays (default is blue)

-holidays same as birthdays, default color is orange

-upcoming bills and paychecks also shown, bills are red, paychecks green (unless changed by user)


This is for stuff that can be bought separately, or just developed later and added on. Such as those calendar pictures.
-taxes (calendar works out the taxes for each paycheck, so you don't have to)
-phone connect (can have the calendar call your phone so you can find it, or call both you and another person)
-different sort of phone connect- a cord that allows you to hook your phone into your calendar and transfer contacts either way.
-Sounds and alarms (optional, of course). Don't much care for these, but they would be a good idea.
-e-cards (before the date, you can set up e-cards for people, and the calendar will arrange for them to be sent out. Can even arrange them years in advance, and calendar will keep track of which ones you've sent to who. Free access cards from hallmark and such sites are included, and can buy into more.)

Other Random Notes:

-Events can coordinate with online calendars, but not financials
-pocketbook version could be useful, would be about the size of a checkbook, but only allows for daily and weekly views (month view just shows dates and stars for events, holidays, agenda)
-pocketbook version would need to be able to sync with wall calendar, either over internet or through a cord. I like the through the cord option.
-calendars would be touchscreen, but can also be used with mouse and keyboard. Would come with a stylus. Preferably a high-quality stylus.
-If anyone makes this, quality quality quality. This MUST be a quality piece. The price of it will be high, but to make it cheap enough for anyone to buy so much quality would have to be sacrificed that it would render the calendar useless except as a pretty cool wall-calendar. Which defeats the purpose of this calendar.

Why Do I Want This?
-I have a horrible memory. I always forget birthdays. Always. I try to remember, but it's really not possible.
-I like to have my finances in hand. I like to see them not only for this month, but for the next 5 months. Having a calendar where I can see the next 8 weeks laid out if I wish would be awesome. And one where all I have to input is how much I earned, what bills are due, and what money I've spent... well.. that would be just as awesome.
-I hate having to have five different places for all this. And how it's all either in random papers scattered all over the apartment or behind other applications on a device that's mainly for something else. Google calendar is great, but I have to turn on my computer and pull it up to use it. And if I have it up on my computer, I can't have other things up on my computer.
-I don't like calendars that make noise and bother me. But I know others do, So I guess having the option for it to have sounds and alarms. Actually, optional sounds and alarms would be a very good thing, even if I don't really want to use them.

And remember- if this gives you an idea for something similar, but not the same, I don't want it, but would appreciate a generous tip for the royalties, after you've earned the money from it of course. I want exactly what I've written. If you develop exactly what I've written, I would really appreciate one, in place of a royalty. With a lifetime subscription to any new software for it and such. :P

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Whenever I post what my schedule is gonna be, even if I try the schedule out before posting, my schedule falls apart. But if I don't post it, how will people know to find me? I know I need a steady schedule on MFC, for the sake of my fans, but I can't seem to do it. But, I'm gonna try.

So, this is the only place I'm going to put it. I'm not even going to change what my schedule says anywhere. Here goes:

MFC: Sunday night, Tuesday Night, Thursday Night, Friday Afternoon/Evening
Streamate: Monday Night, Wednesday Night, Thursday Afternoon/Evening, Friday Night

Hopefully I can keep to this. If I can't, then I know it's useless to rely on a schedule.

NOTE: Debut is next week Thursday,  September 16th.

Monday, September 5, 2011

DnD again... YAY!

This one was weird. We started out without either the new guy (warrior) or the other not-as-new guy (jedi)... but we were in the middle of something. So, this is what happens:

-the door has just blown down. a black smoke fills the room. I attempt to move away from the door, but slow-down-stop effect takes hold. None of us can move or talk. The lady we're supposed to be stopping appears. She complains about us following her, then looks at the new guys and makes them vanish. Then she vanishes.

-we explore the stronghold. "Mike" goes into an empty room, strips down and rolls on a bear rug. We go down the hall, ignoring him, and open a door to get attacked by hobgoblins.

Here's where it gets weird. Most of my swings miss... and then we remind the dm that by standing next to the duskblade, I get the flanking bonus, which would have made those swings hit. Oi! Plus, I have no A/C, since she relies on her high HP to survive combat. They get a couple criticals, so I'm down to 13 HP out of 56 by the time we realize that the swings were supposed to be hits. Out of ten, we're down to the last four or five, and I swing my large greataxe and I know this time it hit even without the flanking bonus... and the DM's power goes out. We play on skype, because we're all over the place (three different states in the US, and one in the UK)


Sunday, September 4, 2011

What's New

Aside from the rules change on MFC, I've been watching the anime Blood+ and the American show How I Met Your Mother. I finished a puzzle of the Taj Mahal on my sewing table, freeing it up to finish the apron next red week.

I have paused the study time until he's done, which will be in November. So sometime after November I will finish the accounting diploma.  I have started a war on dust. I am looking to get about 100 shoebox sized plastic containers, about 20 that are twice as wide as a shoebox and a little higher than a shoebox, and a few large plastic bins. Also, a HEPA filter, and some pillow covers, and a mattress cover for my full size bed. I also need plastic drawers for under the sink in the kitchen, where about half of my cupboard space is, so that I don't have to worry about a leaky sink ruining my ramen.

To get in shape, save on gas, and save on car repairs,  DRM (Dear RoomMate, my former Master) and I have been biking. However, our bikes are old and in need of repairs, plus we need the emergency supplies (like tools in case something comes loose) in order to truly replace our car. So that's where my current spending money is going, instead of electronics like usual. x.x I am now off to organize my amazon wishlist so that I have one for the War on Dust.

Edit: Want to help with my war on dust, and be absolutely sure that's what your money went to?

Thank you!

Why No More Naked Luna?

I have thought about this long and hard, and I am retiring my public naked shows. You will still be able to tip 200 for a sexy strip tease, I'll just be getting dressed right after the striptease.


Reason 1: Minors. I'm comfortable with getting naked in front of minors for short amounts of time. I am not comfortable with staying naked in front minors. Also, closeups do not seem appropriate for a place where it is likely that a 13 year old could stumble upon me. At least keeping it to group and private will get the minors slightly older.

Reason 2: Entitlement. This is a public show, intended for multiple people to have paid for. So what do I do when only one person has tipped the countdown? What do I do when that one person suddenly feels entitled to direct the show, despite the fact that the countdown is supposed to be geared to the whole room? Yes, he tipped most of it (or all of it), but does that really entitle him to act like we are now in private? I feel like that's a no, but I understand too well how they might feel that it's a yes.

Plus, you get the one guy, who tipped the last 100 tokens, thinks he tipped the whole show, when he really only tipped a quarter of it, or a third of it, and still feels entitled to direct. Honestly, leaving the countdowns out, and keeping to a set "Menu" with prices that one person tips for is a hell of a lot simpler, and leads to less misunderstandings.

Reason 3: Income. I hate to say it, but I usually don't money when I'm naked in public chat. Yes, I am on this site for fun. But I have the most fun when the tokens are being spent towards the things I want to do. And I also do kinda need the money. This is the last reason because I really hate needing money.

Friday, August 19, 2011

VisualBoy Advance

VisualBoy Advance is the GameBoy Advance emulator that is widely regarded as the best around. Way back when I first downloaded it, it was awesome. Pressing the speed button would speed it up to 200-300% speed, at which point it was difficult but not impossible to walk around. It was also possible to adjust the speed button up or down, if you wanted it faster or slower.

Now, it decides to use as many resources as my computer has available and make the game go as fast as possible. And there is no way to make it go slower, without forcing the game to take up so much resources that it can't speed up that fast. Which is counterproductive to why I want it slower in the first place- I need my resources to focus on the camming on streamate when I'm playing it.

Yeah, that's right, when you see me on streamate looking at the screen occasionally pressing a button... I was playing pokemon on speed, because damnit, I like being able to get to 5 levels in a quarter of the time it usually takes. Besides, on streamate, the more I talk, the less money I make. That's right- being friendly is counterproductive. Fucked, isn't it? So I need a way to amuse myself and make it look like I'm having a great time without doing something that makes people uncomfortable to interrupt.

So, to those who developed Visual Boy Advance, would you please do one more release that allows us to determine how fast the speed button goes? That's ALL I want you to change. Cause I just want 300%.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I am not very happy with the way my life has been unfolding over the past few years. I have changed in many ways, most of which are bad. Plus, I find that I no longer love the man who has been my Master for the past three years. So, I have told him that I no longer wish to be his, because I want to change how I act and react to situations, and because I no longer love him in a way that would allow me to be in a relationship with him.

I am not looking for a new relationship. I will still abide by my promise not to meet people from cam sites.

I have some decisions to make. Most of them will have to be made without my really thinking too hard about them, so I've been distracting myself. I am playing Dungeon Siege (the original), since I beat it way back in High School and can't for the life of me remember the story. I am also almost finished with a puzzle- 1000 pieces, picture of the Taj Mahal. All I have left is the sky. Damn skies and their lack of detail- it's all about shape of the pieces and shades of blue. Grr.

I will continue with my schedule- Sundays are MFC and Mon-Fri are "streamate" (which streams me to like, five million places at once...)

As for why I've been offline, well, it was Red Week. No camming allowed when I'm bleeding you know. And my cart got here, so my computer was in the living room. And his youngest sister and her girlfriend, both of whom are under 18, were here, so I couldn't do anything too raunchy. But, as of today, I am back in action. I look forward to having lots of fun with everyone. See you on camera!


The one Saturday, we were missing a player, and teh DM promised us to secrecy regarding what happened until the new player arrived.

So, I have to update you on two saturdays.

Here's what's up so far:

We were teleported to the mountain where we would find the soulwell, except the teleport went horribly wrong and we ended up in the future. The future is the star wars universe, and we were brought before the Jedi council. They held us hostage for a bit, and that's where that day ended.

The next session our missing party member was returned to us. Except we were still missing the DM character. We gained a Jedi to channel the force and send us back to the past, but he has no way back, so we brought him with us. Unfortunately, as far as we can tell, the cleric (DM character) was kidnapped by the lady we're supposed to be stopping. And he had the key to the capstone.

Here's what we know- without the key, we'd have to outright destroy the capstone. Opening the soul well that quickly was likely to suck us into the afterlife, where Kalimar would be very very pissed to have living creatures in his realm. So yeah, fucked.

We are transported again, and this time we land on top of a warrior. He is trying to find out what happened to his village. We suggest he travels with us. He agrees.

We enter a stronghold. The warrior and Jedi have a pissing contest of who will open a door, the Jedi ends up throwing it down the hall with loud echoes. We prepare for battle, and end the session.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Last night I had a dream. You can steal it and turn it into a book/movie/cartoon/whatever if you'd like. I think it would work best a scott-pilgrim style movie.

Here's what I remember:

Background: The world is infested by Zombies. After much trial, I have discovered their source- my own family. To save what's left of the human race, I have to kill my mother. My (grandmother? aunt?) is testing me to be sure I can do it, and throws stuff at me (superpowr stuff as well as physical stuff). I use arrows and powers to deflect. I don't want to kill her. Not sure if I passed or failed the test, but suddenly I'm at a party for the zombies. none of them touch me (I guess because my mother has control and, despite being a zombie herself, she doesn't want to hurt me?). Suddenly people are yelling that she's loose (meaning my mother) and I see this woman flying at me. I start running, looking for arrows and sources of power with which to destroy her, all remembrance that she's my mother gone.

I guess they contained her, because the next thing I know I'm on to the second, harder test, against the same woman. I find out that this is the woman I actually have to kill, and go through an emotional hump, and wake up.

Of course, how I wrote it isn't book worthy, but any real writer can instantly see the story value of this dream. Have fun!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I had a random thought the other day. What if the libraries had a program where anyone who has a e-book reader could donate their physical books for an e-book copy? I sure as hell would donate. I bet that would help the libraries get a lot more books. Of course, they'd have to actually have access to the e-book copies to do this, which would also mean all the books would need to exist as an e-book.

Geeky stuff updates:

-I sold my laptop. I'm getting an e-book reader and a cart for the desktop so it can go all over the apartment. I'm gonna need a hell of an extension chord to wheel that thing to the kitchen though x.x For now, I'm just looking to be able to bring it out of the room when I'm not working, or just around the corner from it's normal plug for oil and shower shows. Between the psp, the emulators on the psp, the e-book reader, and some blank paper I have all I need to stay occupied for hours. Now I just need a giant extension chord and extra batteries for the e-book reader and the psp. :P

I have been rereading The Hobbit and LOTR. I have finished the hobbit after spending most of yesterday reading it. I'm just cracking into LOTR.

I have also been watching Trigun. Love it. Totally adore it. I WANNA PLUSHIE OF THE CAT. Maybe I'll be able to make one at the con next year. Tonight, I watched the first episode about Vash's past. Hooray for seed ships?

That's about all the news I have. I hope we have DnD this week. ^.^

DnD Summary

The weekend before last we had a DnD game, FINALLY. Last week was none. I'm guessing there will be one this week, so I'd better do an update. unfortunately, my memory's a little fuzzy.

I remember finding a secret passage that led through a few more secret passages that led to a door that was guarded by dogs. Of course, I set off the acid trap. But then again, Swiftguard knows nothing about dungeon crawling and figures if a door is already guarded, why the hell would it be trapped?

We got nothing but experience for the trouble (killing the dogs who guarded the door).

Down the VERY LAST passage we had left to explore was a bunch of traps that we managed to disable. At the end of the traps was a door, and a woman trying to bring a man back to life. We find out that there is no evil in either of them, the woman was the man's wife. We will have to stop her somehow, but she disappeared on us, leaving behind the key to the capstone.

Heading back to the main city, we find out that the soulwell itself is in the frozen wastelands where few dare venture. Oh joy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Convention ^.^

The reason I haven't been posting about DnD, is because our DM has been without internet.

I am posting now, to let you all know about the con.

I went to an anime Convention. It is the second time in my life going to any con, and the first time was this same convention last year. Every year I say "we need more money next time." Just like when I used to go to the Renn Faire in college. There is this one panel we always want to go to, but they charge $5, and we never can. x.x

I enjoyed the Lolita panels that they had. Expect me at some point to get a Lolita outfit or two. One elegant, one sweet. Examples have been posted on my forum under the "I want to see Luna in that" thread.
I also thoroughly enjoyed learning about how Geisha were a very tiny bit of the pleasure quarters, and how they were strictly non-sexual entertainment. And the art of Shibari (tying) from Japan. Japan loves their knots. :P

As far as what I managed to bring back, last year I got a picture and a tux magnet. This year, I got a grab bag that held one thing of strawberry pocky (damn, I wanted chocolate) and a fruits basket key-chain. I bought a button (wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff, yay Dr Who! Next year, I wanna get "I <3 <3 the doctor"). And I spun the wheel hoping for a con t-shirt, and instead won the very last box set that they have. Seaons II of Kyo Kara Moah. Now I gotta find Season I so I can watch it. :P

I left for the con with $70. About $30 went into the gas tank, leaving $30 for myself and my master to share. Between the food and such, we only have about $7 of it left. I spent most of the money (he didn't get any souvenirs). I only spent $4.50 on souvenirs. Next year, if each of us brings $100, we will be able to do that one panel.

We also plan to cosplay next year, though I'm debating what I want to go as. Then again, he is too. Worst comes to worst, I could do Kyo from Fruits Basket (all I need to get is the wig and bracelet, and the bracelet I *could* just paint one that I already own.), but I think I'd rather go as Ran, from Tsukikage Ran. Of course, there's also Jelanda from Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. If I go as her though, I'd want to go in her princess gown, and that will probably be a $200 commission... x.x The others I should be able to make on my own before next year, so Jelanda is later.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

DnD part 2

I know we decided to sleep after one more battle, I think that was before this next bit, so I'll just put it here as being the beginning of the session.

So, we do some more exploring, run into a mop closet, where the chick picks up the mop and brings it with her. Down the corridor a bit we come across some slime on the floor, which she tries to mop up. Turns out it's a big slime, so we run. My goliath in the lead almost falls prey to another trap (she found the spike trap with her feet... x.x). This time it's a pit. She manages to save herself, but when everyone goes to jump, we lose the Elan.

The goliath retrieves the body, putting his items in her sack. She communes with the spirit and adds a figure of a stag to his funeral array, tucked safely in a pocket. A bit of a draft alerts us to a secret room, so the goliath ends up climbing back down into the pit to press the button that releases the door. Inside is treasure and weapons. Even though the Elan is dead, the Goliath takes the short spear that was meant for him as well as the axe, after the cleric confirms that the weapons are magic. She figures they might run across someone who could use the magic spear.

Wait, this is where we decided to sleep, cause we then explore that area thoroughly and end up back at the very beginning of the dungeon. So we exit and sleep outside it.

We explore some more, and run across a man claiming to be a bard tied up in another closet (yes, that's what replaced the psychic elan). He says his name is Mike, and that he was captured by a group of half-orcs and a couple ogres. We know we haven't found the ogres yet.

We explore more, and find the two ogres and a troll. Charging in sets off a flame trap. The poor roast pixie, just barely alive, watched the battle from the ceiling. It was actually altogether too easy to dispatch the ogres and troll... First we dispatched the ogres, getting one in the first round while we still had surprise, and taking care of the second in the next round. The troll took a few more rounds. The bard is surprisingly good with a bow, but of course, that doesn't help much until we take care of the regeneration. The golaith uses some of the oil the Elan was carrying, throwing it at the Troll. The chick lights it, and a couple hits later the troll is dead.

Though our characters did not need a break, it was past midnight in the real world, so we decided to pause the game until next week.

This Saturday, if all goes well, I shall be playing DnD on SkinVideo.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Birthday Bash Plans

So I originally planned this giant birthday bash where the shows would already be paid for and would just happen every other hour. Unfortunately, to pull it off I really needed the shows to already be paid for... which meant trying to get enough during the first payperiod of this month for both the payperiod and the birthday shows. It didn't happen.

However, since I've already promised everyone game tickets, and the shows... here's what I'm going to do. The game tickets may still be used but will not count towards the countdowns. As usual, every tip, group, private, and spy token will count towards the countdown. However, for that day only, the countdowns will be lowered. Instead of 500 tokens for a show, I will do 300. What will I be doing? I don't know for sure about all of it yet. I will still have games, just not sure which ones. Expect a post later on Tuesday (around 9 or 10) detailing the available games. The shows will, as always, remain a surprise until we get the countdown.

The thing is, I'm also doing this thing now where I run the countdowns until the end of the payperiod. SO, Thurs and Fri only, the shows will be for the 300 tokens. On Sunday, I will find out what the next multiple of 500 is, and that will be what we need to reach. All I can say for sure, is that when we reach 1200, there will be cake (and a shower :P ). And I promise this cake is not a lie. ^.^

Sunday, June 12, 2011

DnD Starts again! W00t!

So yesterday, we started back up our DnD group. The DM is a guy from my webcam chatroom, as well as two of the players. The third is my roommate/master, and of course, there's myself. Here's what I know about the players and characters:

Cynical is the DM. He's also playing a character- a cleric of the god of Death and Balance.

AyediStar is a player, playing a female human swordsage (I think).

Rubi is another player, playing a male pixie. I think he's gonna be a warlock once he gets through the 5 levels of pixie.

Tek is the third player, playing a male elan psychic.

And I am the fourth player, playing a female Goliath who is being pestered by the spirit world (until she gives and gains spirit shaman levels).

Our first game, we meet the DM's character, and find out that the soul well has been capped, preventing souls from moving on to the afterlife. If this is not remedied, we will end up hip-deep in zombies. Just one catch- we don't know where the soul well is.

We journey to a nearby city to consult with someone who might know. Turns out, she really doesn't. She does, however, know where the key to the capstone is, and sends into the mountains. Secret entrance, secret cave. We explore. My Goliath marks every junction, to avoid getting lost. At the first, we find a door to our right, a passage straight, and a passage left. We open to the door and find two battle trained boars. We dispatch them fairly easily, and continue to what is now our right. We come to another door with an offshoot left. Behind the door, is another passage. We go down the passage beyond the door.

The next time we come to a junction, we decide to go left. We go down some halls and through some doors, running into one trap on the way, and find a pit with two panthers prowling in the bottom. On the other side of the room is a corridor. As we peer into the pit, my Goliath is knocked into the pit by two half-orcs. She dispacted one of the panthers while they take care of one half orc and make the other run away. The cleric jumps in after her, while the psychic makes the panther's brain melt.

The other orc comes back, but is dispatched quickly. Down teh corridor is the room where they stayed and nothing else.

That is our first session. It was awesome, but you just had to be there. Next week, join me on as Lady_Luna for live DnD goodness. ^.^