Monday, August 31, 2015

Video Games


So, I've been playing this game called TERA. It's currently free-to-play on Steam. If you find a copy to buy, you get 8 character slots per server. On the free-to-play version, it's 2. But, you can purchase more character slots.

At the moment, I have a level 39 warrior (human) and a level 13 Mystic (uh... looks like a lizard?)

Leveling is super fast if you're doing all the quests. Gameplay is sort of realistic. As in, you have to make sure it's pointed in the right direction, and you have to click for every use of the skills, or click and hold for the skill. There's no lock-on target, and there's no auto-attack. Also, armor isn't much help against the bigger enemies (not just talking bosses here, some of the mobs are fairly difficult to kill), so you have to learn how to block or dodge.

For my warrior, the dodge skill requires "resolve", which is it's own bar that's not used for anything else. It's also recovers fairly quick, which is good, but I do run into the occasional issue where I have to run instead of dodge. Unsure if that's because I'm bad at the game, or if that's just how the game is (I don't seem to be doing too badly, I rarely actually die, and from reading the forum there's a steep learning curve.)


Guild Wars 2

I got back on Guild Wars 2 for the first time in... 6 months? Probably more... and the skills have changed all up. I restarted one character to get the hang of the new skills. But I'm debating restarting all of them because this is just really weird.


Pokemon (Blue)

Working my way through the first cave that you need flash for. I can't seem to catch onyx. The first one went through 3 pokeballs before I ran out of balls and had to k/o it. The next two, I accidentally k/o'd before I could try anything. The fourth one, was breaking out of the balls after one nudge, so I knew I wasn't anywhere close to catching it, despite it being as low as I could safely take it, and having it's attack and defense all the way down. It was only lvl 13, but it wouldn't get caught! I'm going back when I have great balls instead of just normal poke balls. But first I gotta find the exit. :P (I'm doing this without a map)



I restarted it, since it's been over a year since I last played. So, I got the bracelet. And talked to the cat afterwards. But that's as far as I've gotten. x.x

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Well, I earned my daily minimum, but not enough for rent. Luckily, my roommates will be able to cover the missing amount. Just means I owe them a little.

Fuck this goddamn fucking universe sometimes....

WARNING: post related to bitching about money. I am not looking for pity. Just trying to explain why the very day after posting my schedule, I was not on time. Also need to rant a bit.

For those of you who don't know, last week Thursday Streamate started having problems. My first clue was when I logged on and there was a warning that the phone service wasn't working. Over the next two days was a constant fight for me to stay logged in so I could work. At some point in there we finally realized my computer wasn't staying connected to the network, so we set up a different system that would hopefully have better results.

That didn't mitigate Streamate's issues though, and I ended the week with about $10 less than what I needed to make my car payment, which is already going to be late since I don't get that money until this coming Monday.

If you can't do the math, that means that this week is Rent Week. For me, this means $370 are needed by the end of 8pm today, or I can't guarantee that I'll still have a place to live come the 3rd of the month.

So, this week, my apartment complex's water got shut off. Cancel work that day- can't really cam if I can only do one show before needing to wash my hands, which I can't do with no water. Then there's a notice that we need to spend the next 48 hours boiling any water we want to use. I purchased some bottled water and a few jugs for the really tough jobs just to get through the days. Then another notice shortly before the 48 hours is up that they found a leak and the water might need to be shut off the next day. All this around me trying to stay connected to Streamate long enough to earn something to pay rent.

A couple days ago, Streamate fixed their connection problems.

Last night, my partner and I figured out a schedule for my camming, and figured out that our third roommate who doesn't drive will be dropped off early if she needs to start work sometime after my work schedule is done. We did all this around 11pm last night.

Today, having been raised on "Be early to be on time", I got on camera somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes before the 2pm scheduled time. Around 2:06pm, my computer said "FUCK YOU!" and is now having connection issues. My partner could fix them, except he's at work until after the 8pm cutoff.

I am racking my brain trying to figure out how to fix the connection issues. If I manage, you'll know because I actually show up online around 4pm tonight.

And no, MFC tips won't help anyway. The absolutely only money I can possibly make right now to help with rent is on Streamate. The late fee for rent goes through when the office opens at 10am on the 2nd. MFC's direct deposit reaches my bank on the 3rd.

I have two more last-ditch attempts to try:
one is camming with the door open while disconnecting the second router I'm supposed to connect to. The other is connecting directly to the main router. I'll try that second one first, having the door open while I cam tends to make me nervy.

As to why directly connecting might not work, well, it has to do with how the security on the network is set up. Hopefully it's still set up to allow me to do this.

SCORE! It worked!

I'm going to be a little late today. Sorry.

PS: As I was digging the extra-long ethernet cord out of the box o' random computer equiptment, I realized that if connecting to the router doesn't work, I can circumvent the router by going directly through the modem. Normally, that wouldn't be an option, but right now, I'm the only one in the apartment, hence the only one allowed to use our internet at the moment. Unless my partner is on break and accessing his desktop remotely again... Meh.

Going to calm down for a bit, then hop back on camera.