Friday, February 10, 2012

My Pussy

My pussy is pink. It is small, because I am a small person. My outer Labia are big. My inner labia are small. The hair on my pussy grows slowly, and is very light so the camera has a hard time picking it up. My pussy hair appears mostly blonde, with brown and red highlights, when it's long enough. On the camera, it appears as a yellowish discoloration on my pussy. My pussy has freckles, which sometimes I mistake for hair that's not properly shaved.

When I was six, my biological mother touched it for a moment. I had asked what "it" felt like, it being sex, but I didn't know that's what it was called at the time. It was part of my "where do babies come from" talk, while waiting for my bath.

When I was eleven, I discovered that if I imagined sex, it would tingle in a way that made me feel like I had to pee.

When I was thirteen, I fell on it. I was on a jungle gym, and my brother put his hand where I needed to put my foot. I couldn't go back. I couldn't go forward. I tried to extend and put my foot somewhere else, and missed, and hit his hand. He pulled his hand back and yelled. I slipped and was up in the air for a moment, then landed with the metal bar between my legs, my pussy getting all my weight in the form of a fall. This resulted in a small cut just inside my inner labia. There was a lot of blood, so we know that it was from three sources- my first period, the cut, and my cherry being popped.

when I was 14, I discovered that using tampons extended my period by three days. I theorized that tampons were reopening my cut, and stopped using them.

When I was 15, I swore off the sexual fantasies.

When I was 19, a man touched it for the first time.
A few months later, his dick was inserted for the first time.

When I was 22, I started masturbating.

When I was 23, a different man cam in it for the first time.

To this day, only three people besides myself have touched it. And only one man has ever cum in it.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Golden Shower and Other Dirty Stuff

WARNING: The following post contains things that may be considered too much information for some people.

The first part is about my first ever golden shower. The second, is about shit. The third part is about anal. Enjoy.

(this is probably not gonna be as sexy as a lot of you hoped, but it will be accurate. ^_^)

He asked me when I was going to take a shower, with the camera in his hand. I muttered through a bunch of things, and finally agreed that I could take the shower before we went on errands. His response was "good, cause I can't hold it all day"

That's when I was clued in to it being my first ever golden shower. I muttered some more and then said I was ready to do it then. So, I stripped my clothes off in the bedroom, then went to the bathroom, pulled the shower curtain totally out of the way, and knelt in the tub. A bit later, he entered.

I fiddled with my positioning. He took aim, and it started. The first bit hit me a little high, so some of it got in my mouth. The first thing I noticed was the smell. First piss of the day always has a strong smell. The second thing I noticed was the strength. Damn a lot of piss was coming out all at once! The third thing I noticed was the taste. Some of it got in my mouth. Very salty, and a little... well, there's a reason they say bad beer tastes like piss.

Then I noticed the warmth. Just about then, it diminished and stopped for a moment. then it picked back up. He mentioned that I didn't seem to be enjoying it. I said that I was, and made an effort to actually let my enjoyment show. I started acting like it was raining lotion, rubbing it in to my skin. A few more starts and stops later, and it was a long pause. I wondered if it was actually done. He put the camera away, and said I could've done more or talked more. I said I didn't know what to do- every golden shower vid I've watched the girl didn't do more than what I did, and proceeded to take my shower.

End story.


Taking a shit as a model who does anal shows is a bit different than taking a shit as a normal person.

Let me explain. As a normal person, if I'm having trouble squeezing that last little bit out, no big deal. Wipe off whatever's easily accessible, and off I go.

As a model who accepts anal shows (currently only with a finger in my ass), I don't want any shit up there. So if there's a little bit that's giving me trouble, and I'm going to be on camera soon, I scrunch my face, tense every muscle in my body and force that last little bit out! I don't want to stick my finger up there and touch it!

So yeah, that's all I was gonna say about that.


I was telling a friend the other day, anal with real dicks is difficult to get right. I figured it out using a toy. There are two methods. One is slow, involves no pain, and only mild discomfort. The other is quick, involves a bit of pain at the beginning, but after that all is well. And both require a lot of lube. Not just spit either. I use equate personal lubricant. It's a jelly consistency, and has no glycerin to mess with urinary tracts. I actually prefer it to the other types I've tried, which were all too watery for me.


Start with one finger, when that is nice and comfy, slowly add another. And another. When you've gotten at least all four, if not your whole hand in, you can handle a dick.


put the tip of the dick in the asshole. Pull out. Wait for the pain to subside and relaxation of the anal muscles. Repeat as often as necessary until there is no pain. Then insert slowly, and go to town!


Gentlemen, if you are afraid of getting shit on your dick, DO NOT DO ANAL. You being uptight about it at all could make the girl nervous. If the girl is nervous, she will be tense, and it will hurt. You want the girl as relaxed as possible. Do whatever she needs to help her relax.

---END TMI---

For those of you who read, I appreciate it.  For those of you who didn't, no hard feelings.

Thursday, February 2, 2012



I have discovered that I really like tentacle porn. I mean, really like it, as in it makes my clit throb like it.

I have also known for awhile that I like watching consensual pain. Not real torture, where the person in pain didn't want it. But where the person goes in smiling, and smiles at the end saying that it was awesome or great or something. Or obviously staged rape scenes. mmm But again, I need to know that it was consensual. Watching something too realistic, where I can't tell it was a staged scene, no good. Can't get in to it. Best kind is when the person is doing it to themselves, second best is when they sit mostly still while it's done to them, and they're not struggling at all. Flinching is fine, that's a natural reaction even when you're expecting it.

I guess the reason I can watch tentacle rape where it's not obvious the girl is enjoying herself is cause it's obviously fake. Kinda like how I can watch rape hentai and not be bothered, cause it's a cartoon.


Today (well, at this point, yesterday afternoon... but I still count it as this morning, damn it!), I had my first golden shower. I liked it. It was filmed, but it has to pass his approval before I can sell it. I do plan, however, on writing out the experience. I'll let you all know how that goes.

See you later!