Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Captain Kirk

On Christmas, some things were said regarding Captain Kirk and his chivalry or lack of it.

Let me make one thing clear. When I said he was too chivalrous, I was not saying he would not seduce a woman, or have sex with her. I was saying he would not harm a woman. I was saying he would not rape her or participate in a gang-bang. Those are the things that he would not do.

My ideals of what chivalry is, he fits perfectly. It is such:

-not harming unless in self-defense or defense of innocents
-acting with manners when appropriate
-acting with respect towards women
-appreciative of a woman's charms
-not lying
-not stealing
-acting fairly unless unfairness is initiated by an opponent

All of these things, Captain Kirk has done and continues to do as I watch (I am currently watching Journey to Babel, an episode in season 2. I have seen all previous episodes, as well as movies 1-4. I intend to continue watching the episodes.)

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Apparently I'm having a very philosophical day. This thought started when I was taking a dump, and wondered if other people have the same thing going on that I do- that it's easier to bear down when my leg muscles are not being squeezed between a ceramic toilet seat and the bones of my leg. I realized that to ask this question would be considered rude, and possibly disgusting, and that all people would consider it TMI (too much information).

Then I realized that pretty much every bodily function is considered "TMI". That we label "TMI" when it's something that we either A) Don't wish to picture, B) Think is too personal to discuss, or C) wish it didn't exist. And that a person's reason for thinking bodily functions are TMI could be any one of those three. Some people find that what goes on in the bathroom is a deeply personal affair, and don't wish anyone else to know about it, and don't wish to know about anyone else's. Some people are affronted by normal human activities, and wish the things didn't exist at all. And others just have such a mind that anything they hear is automatically pictured in detail, and they don't want to picture such a thing, whether because they find it personal, disgusting, or abhorrent.

Personally, when I find it to be TMI, it's not because I'm offended or upset by it. It's because I know that others might be. Because part of me knows such talk is considered "inappropriate", and "inappropriate" is part of what caused my childhood situation. Hence, I attempt to avoid that which is considered "inappropriate". Especially because online, it leads some to believe that there is more going on than really is.

I am very open. Unless you know my name, or city, there is nothing you know that I don't mind other people knowing. Some of it, that which seems too personal, is just stuff that is difficult for me to talk about. Hence why I run into the whole "That was TMI, Luna" "Oh, I'm sorry" thing a little too often.


On Sunday, I'm supposed to work from 9pm till 2am. But Sunday is Christmas. I wish I could tell you "Yes I'm working" or "No, I won't be there", but I don't know. Why don't I know?

I spend the holidays with the roomie's family, since mine is too far away. His family doesn't do plans. Oh, they make them, but the times are always wrong. One time, we got there an hour before they said to show up, and they were done eating. Usually, we get there an hour before they tell us, and wait four hours to eat. So even if they had told me a time for tomorrow (which they haven't, as far as I know), I *still* wouldn't know if we'd be home by 8:30 (which is when I'd need to be home to get on camera for 9).

So, I suggest you watch my twitter. I will post on twitter when I get home. If it's before 8pm, you know I'll be on time. If it's after 8pm, then keep watching, and expect me to be a bit late. Of course, if you just go to my homepage at 8pm, you'll see if I've posted that I'm home yet, and won't have to spend all day waiting for it. ^_^


In other news, the countdown to the Star Trek dress is officially started now. If you send me offline tips, they will be counted towards the countdown. You will also get access to the Exploration Photo Set that I have yet to make (which will be made sometime in the next week), with pics of me having some fun in the star trek dress. So tip away!


Geeks and Freaks- a discussion

Today in the shower, I was pondering why, when it clearly states in my profile I don't do the nasty shit, and I have in my topic to please read my profile, do people still ask about it. I realize that they don't bother reading my profile, but beyond that, why ask me, instead of some other chick? Random memory of hundreds of guys quoting the geeks are freaks comment, and an epiphany arises.

If geeks are freaks, and I'm a geek, it *must* be okay to ask about bathroom stuff, beastiality, and pedophilia, right? WRONG. But, I'm not here to chew them out, I'm here to discuss why "geeks are freaks" no longer applies.

Back in the day, oral, bdsm, and technique were considered "freak" stuff. After all, for the longest time, anyone who did it any way other than missionary was technically breaking the law. But the biggest thing that set male geeks apart was their ability to make their female partner enjoy herself. That was considered a freaky thing to do. Why bother with her? She's just a piece of ass. That's where I think it came from.

Nowadays, that stuff is considered normal. So people think "geeks are freaks" and automatically think of the stuff that's not normal still- bathroom play, daddy play, incest play, beastiality. But they forget that the saying came about in days when tamer stuff was in operation.

Now, I shared this epiphany with my roommate, and he disagrees. He says that it came from back when the saying was "the prettier she is, the less she has to do in bed". He says the guys would look at pictures of girls, and if she was pretty, they'd say "lies like a mattress", and if she was ugly, they'd say "fucks like a pornstar in heat". Me, I doubt that, because the term geek used to be applied almost exclusively to men. (the the words USED TO, meaning past tense, and ALMOST, meaning that there were some exceptions).

What do you think?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Router Issues

I wake up today, turn my computer on, and wait for it to connect to the internet. Five minutes later, that dreaded yellow triangle. Oh shit. I call my isp, and find out that they're having issues because of a power outage last night. Even though we're not in the area listed, I know from experience that doesn't mean we're not affected, and we did have an outage last night. They're usually pretty quick about fixing those types of issues. I gave them an hour, then called back.

No more outage message. That means their end is fixed. I tell them what's going on- modem says connected, router says connected, computer says not connected. Various standard trouble-shooting procedures later, he suggests we try plugging the computer directly into the modem. Success. The problem with that is- only one computer at a time could get internet. As we're finding out that the router is the issue, which was not supplied by our isp, roomie has to leave. So, for now, I'm directly connected to the modem.

As I don't know how long he'll be gone (I doubt even he knows), I don't know when we'll be getting around to fixing the issue. I will do my best to be on time for MFC today (4pm-8pm), but I might be late, or might be on time but interrupted. I'm hoping neither. I'm hoping that it's a quick outing. But, if I am late, you know what's going on.

*hugs and kisses*


Monday, December 19, 2011


I love tools. They make it so you don't have to rely on someone else to do something. Toolkits are my favorite, especially portable ones. If I were to carry everything I wanted with me, I'd need a backpack that could hold a hell of a lot.

I remember my dad always having everything he needed with his swiss army knife. I wanted one then, so I could be as independent and capable as he was. I still want one. Browsing the stores online, I find one simple problem: the only ones that have everything I actually want also have a bunch of useless stuff I don't feel I would need. So here it is, the list of what I'd like to see in my swiss army knife (or knives, if one wouldn't be practical for all of it :P ):

-screwdrivers. Big and small, flathead and phillips. (yes, all four)
-a couple blades of varying sizes
-bottle opener
-nail file that can act like improvised sandpaper
-toothpick for poking at things that need poking

-carabiner on each side (that way, I can hook it to something, and then have something else hooked to hook it to my purse, then hook my keys to it)

of course, the carabiner on each side I could supply if there were a keyring on each side.

So there you have it, my ideal swiss army knife. Would probably cost hundreds. x.x

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Off I go. Taking to the air to go halfway across the country today. Watching my adoptive brother get married. I haven't seen him since I graduated. He has admitted he has no clue what happened between myself and our parents that caused me to go incommunicado for nearly 6 months directly after, and doesn't understand my need to get out from under their control. He also doesn't seem to realize that they made my life hell for six years, but he still cares about me, still considers me a sister. He's such a mama's boy...

I've never met the bride. I'm told that either today or tomorrow I'll be going shopping with her and Mom. It's weird... all the women in my life are the first to go. My adoptive grandmothers are both dead, but their husbands live on. My biological mother died when I was 13, and my Dad's second wife died last winter. Will be a year in February. So, I was going to call her Mom2, but then I realized, though it's kinda necessary to distinguish which father I might be spending time with, I only have one living mother, despite having had three in my lifetime, one of which I never even met.

Isn't that a mouthful of a sentence? But I've searched, it's grammatically correct, and not a run-on. The only bit that could possibly be taken out of it is that first one, and then I'd have to change it.

So yeah, I won't be on camera for awhile. About a week. DnD hasn't happened in a few weeks, and won't for about a month, so I'll be doing some Saturday camming until sometime in January.

Take care guys, and don't forget to check out the "When Luna's Not On Camera" page to find out what you can do to help out while I'm gone. Please note- I will not be able to send content out while I'm gone, so if you don't want to wait, use the Clips4Sale and Pics4Sale links to get awesome pics and sexy videos. ^_^



Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Suck at Skyrim

So, I attempted to play Skyrim. Aside from awkward controls that require you to have three hands, and lack of a tutorial to really help you out, there's one big reason I suck at Skyrim. It's first-person heavy. It's practically impossible to play the game without using first-person p.o.v. and I suck at first person p.o.v. With third person, I can keep some distance from my character, but with first person, I tend to get pulled in a lot quicker. And let me tell you, when I get pulled in I get tense and can't do shit.

The three hands thing- in order to move the character you need two hands- one for the forward, backwards, and strafe, with the other controlling camera view to make you go the way you want to. Already makes it awkward for me to move around. THEN you need to know exactly where the tab key is to pause it quickly, which I don't, and you need E and R to interact with the world. Half the menus want you to use the mouse, half of them want you to use AD to move around and ER to interact.

If I can get the hang of hitting tab at a moment's notice, I'll be able to play this game, but that will take time. So for now, I need to put the game on the shelf and realize that I'll probably never find the time to play it. Unless someone out there wants to pay me $100 an hour for my camming, in which case I'd be able to cam a whole 10 hours a week with no trouble, and have time to do all the housework, plus the time to play.

Today's society does not realize the importance of free time. Honestly.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fucking Bastards

Why do the incest people insist on sticking around?

seriously, when I tell them I won't do it, and they say okay... why don't they just leave? Why do they try to get all fucking sneaky about it?

Take this guy. In public chat, he admitted to wanting interracial. Fine, I'm cool with that. We get to exclusive, and I start my normal thing. Since I'm talking, all you'll see is his text.

licsumpussy144: mmmm
hi baby
you ever want your step dads black cock baby...
(Don't do that, don't bring family into it. Blood doesn't matter, family is family.)
you want my sexy nigger cock then?
tell me u love niggers to fuck u like a whore
turn around whore
maybe im your real father...whore
(I slammed my camera down. He still didn't leave)
licsumpussy144 has been blocked

And he's not the only one. Every single fucking time I've told someone in the middle of exclusive that I'm not okay with doing that, they do 1 of two things:

1- leave. Awesome, that's cool with me. If you want it and I won't do it, this is the appropriate response.

2- try to be sneaky about it. Get me all into the show and then slip it in later. WTF dude? Do you think I'm going to react better when I'm horny and you bring that shit up? No, I'm going to react WORSE. You sir, are a FUCKING DOUCHENOZZLE of the LOWEST degree.

When a girl says "no", it means "no". It doesn't mean  "get me horny and I'll do it". It doesn't mean "throw enough money at me and I'll do it". It means NO. It means "DON'T DO IT" it means IF YOU WANT IT GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

So, if you want SCAT, INCEST, or STEP FAMILY shows, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. I am NOT the model you want to see. LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE.