Thursday, April 23, 2015

Set up- good enough

My desktop is back! As in, bigger hard drive, better graphics card, and 64-bit Windows. ^_^ Whee!

Next week I start a day job. Until then, lots of camming. Once it starts, I'll be sticking to weekday evenings and Saturday afternoon/evening.

My toys and outfits are on hand, though decorations still need work. The rope got slaughtered during the move, so I only have belts and the cuffs.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Quick Update

I has an apartment! With internet! Huzzah!

Unfortunately, the internet wasn't installed until Tuesday, and redweek promptly started once it was installed. x.x But, I only just today found all the cords and lamps needed to put on a proper show, so it would've been today at the earliest anyway.

Here's to hoping I actually got that one job that I interviewed for last week (I know, vague, but you guys know I won't be specific.)

Thank you to everyone who sent support. I saved some bubble wrap. Hopefully I find time to do the video before I get annoyed enough to throw it all out x.x

Right now, still a ton to unpacking and organizing and putting away to do, plus I have to set shit up and get laundry done.