Friday, October 28, 2011

Homemakers and Breadwinners

A long time ago, some women wanted to have the option of being the breadwinner. And other women wanted to have the right to vote and express their opinions. They wanted to be treated like people, instead of things.

Those women got their wish, but at a terrible price. See, our society thinks "equality" means "same for everyone". It doesn't. It means "Same opportunity for everyone". There's a difference. The difference is between having a choice between being a breadwinner or homemaker, and being forced into the homemaker role.

Point: by nature, I am a homemaker. I will never be happy in the breadwinner role. I do not think every woman needs to be a homemaker, some need to be breadwinners. I do not think every man needs to be a breadwinner, some would prefer being the homemaker. The important thing is that in today's society, it's practically impossible to have a household on 1 income, so instead of homemakers and breadwinners pairing off and being happy, you have homemakers being forced into the breadwinner role.

Point: I suck at being a homemaker. My adoptive parents were overprotective, and had the impression that everything I touched broke. Most of that was because of a bit of clumsiness and a complete lack of experience. Experience took care of the clumsiness, and I no longer break anything I touch, but there's a lot I don't know how to do, because since I graduated from college, I've been too busy breadwinning to practice homemaking.

Point: Homemakers are afraid. Too many people have gotten a twisted notion that being a homemaker = submissive = masochist, and being a breadwinner = dominant = sadist. Breadwinners abuse the fact that homemakers can't really earn their bread by making money, and so are kinda trapped. Their only way out is to attach themselves to a new breadwinner, which of course, is cheating.

Here's the problem- some homemakers are dominant. Some breadwinners are submissive. And not all submissives like to be hurt. Some of them just want someone else to make decisions. But they still want to be themselves. They still want to be cared for, and shown love. Everyone wants to be shown love. That's why good dominants know to do aftercare.

I am a homemaker, not a breadwinner, by nature. But I'm being forced to be a breadwinner, and probably will have to be until I get old. They say find a job you love and everything will be fine. But the minute I have to do it for money, I stop loving it. No matter how fun it was at first, it stops being fun when I have to focus on the damn money.

I don't like making decisions that might affect other people's lives. But I want to be in charge of the decisions that affect my life. And minor decisions that have no effect, I really don't care to make.

I don't like being in charge. That is to say, I don't like being in charge of money or people. Which is the only "in charge" that any corporation cares about. I like being in charge of dishes, and cleaning, and trash, and cooking. But only when I can focus on that stuff and not have to work for money. I like serving other people, but again, not when I have to do it for a living, and definitely not when I can't choose who I'm serving and who I'm not.

I also like being in charge of myself. I hate other people telling me what to do, even if I like doing things for them. I hate the idea of anyone else changing how I act or think or feel. I hate the idea of anyone else having complete control over me. But I want someone else to be in control over finances, in control over things that affect other people, and in general control. In short, I want to be a 60's housewife. Quite literally, actually- since in the 60's it was acceptable for women to have an opinion, or a side-job. It was acceptable for women to wear whatever the hell they wanted- pants or skirts. But most wore pants. Most women knew how to garden. I would love to learn how to garden. Turn this black thumb green please!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

About those who are Gay

Have you ever noticed that places that are mostly male are much more strongly against gay men than places with plenty of women? My theory on this, is that the straight men are jealous. Think about it- in an environment that is not female-friendly, straight men have no love-interests. But gay men have plenty of fodder. Plus, straight men feel threatened. It's socially accepted that in a mostly female environment, women will go "temporarily bi" in order to satisfy their urges. Straight men are afraid that gay men will assume men will do the same thing.

What the straight men need to realize is, yes, it's not fair to them that there are no women, but they knew that would happen to start out with, by agreeing to join in whatever they joined to make that sort of environment. But most gay men would actually get offended if a straight man agreed to do stuff just because there were no women. They don't want a straight man. They might wish that a straight man was gay if they have a crush, but since the man is straight, they won't try to "change" him.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Random post- panties

As a camgirl, I go through a lot of panties. Some of them, people want to buy, and offer enough to make it worth my while to sell. Some of them break from too much wash and wear. And then there's white panties.

White panties have special properties. They don't show it when I'm wet, but if I get them soaked in the shower they become sexy see-through. Here's the fun bit- when I get wet, it stains the panties. But you can't tell it's gonna stain before they're washed. So, I wash them, which sets the stain, and then it will never in a million years come out, not even with bleach.

Most white panties last through 5 uses. I try not to wear them too often.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random Thoughts

There are a bunch of random thoughts that go through my mind...

-Minimum wage

If Minimum wage is supposedly the least amount needed to make a fair living, then taxes should never happen to those who make minimum wage. And taxes shouldn't drop anyone down to less then the yearly average of someone making minimum wage according to working 2080 hours a year (40 hours a week, 52 weeks, paid vacation)

-Ticklish vs Non-Ticklish.

I am ticklish. This means that my skin is on the sensitive side, and that I get hurt very easily.

Non-ticklish people think it's fun to tickle ticklish people. Ticklish people generally find it fun for the first 30 seconds, if the person has a light touch. But most non-ticklish people think that if the person they tickle isn't laughing, that means they're not tickling hard enough. NO. It means you're too hard. Tickle softer and the tickle will actually tickle. Going harder is just going to elicit a lot of "OUCH" and "STOP THAT". Being tickled is okay. Having fingers jammed into your side is not. GENTLY is the key.

Also, sometimes we're having a non-ticklish day. It just doesn't tickle. Again, that's not a signal to tickle harder, because we will still get hurt easily.

That's the basis of my random thinking at the moment. Have a great day!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I feel like humanity has grown into a culture of vultures. Take camgirls. The moment a girl who was previously in a relationship announces a breakup, she'll have at least 10 people who want to meet up. Come on guys, do you really think she's going to want to meet someone who pounces on her the moment she's free?

Or take closeout sales. People pounce on the chance to save a few bucks, then gripe that the store isn't around anymore. If they had just been willing to pay the original prices, those stores wouldn't have had to go out of business.

Instead of everyone helping each other, we stand back, let them fall, and then try to scavenge what we can from whatever remains. Frankly, it disgusts me.

And then there are the people who like to make others miserable. WTF is up with that? I understand the people who enjoy teasing others to the point of minor annoyance... without minor annoyance we can't really appreciate the quiet. But teasing to the point of depression? Trolling to the point of breakdown? That's uncalled for, and completely cruel. It's like pulling the legs off a spider to watch it squirm and die. People, that is what we call sociopathic behavior.

Whatever happened to "Do unto others as you would have done to you" ? Whatever happened to social responsibility? Whatever happened to "If you make a mess, clean it up" ? Why did it have to become the clerk's/cashier's job to clean up after the customers as though they were kindergarteners? Why can't people respect other people's stuff? Why can't people respect community belongings?

Why, oh why, do people torment each other? Why is it, instead of "I didn't like it when ___ was done to me, so I'm not going to do it to anyone else," it has become "I didn't like it when ___ was done to me, but I can't do it to the person who did it to me, so I'm going to do it to someone random who has nothing to do with the situation". It makes no fucking sense, and spreads the misery, and it's turning this world into a living hell.

I can't stand watching it happen. I can't stand watching the spider die. And I hate the fact that I can't do anything about it. I really fucking hate watching people treat each other like shit. That person is another human, just like you. Every living being experiences pain. And every human experiences sorrow. Why can't we stop destroying each other?

It's time for a god-damn revolution.