Tuesday, September 27, 2011


For the love of god, WHY!?! Why the hell do men proudly tell me that they've just taken me for a fucking fool? WHY WOULD YOU TELL A MODEL YOU JUST CAME IF YOU HAVEN'T PAID HER!?!

Think of this as an online stripclub. If the stripper makes you cum, you're gonna tip her, aren't you? You probably pay a hella lot for the stripper who made you cum. So why the hell do you feel the need to tell me that you've just gotten off for free? Don't you realize this is my job? Don't you realize that I expect to get paid for doing my job? How would you like it if some stranger came in and laughed at you saying that he just got you to do your job for free? WHY DO YOU DO THAT TO SOMEONE YOU OBVIOUSLY FIND ATTRACTIVE?


More DnD!

So, now comes the first of the every-other-week posts on the DnD "main game". I bet we never finish it.

Um, lesse... lots of exploring, until we run into a mimic. When the mimic realizes it's gonna lose, it agrees to let me go if it gets magic items. Then, we do some trading. We discover a secret door, but can't get it to open, so I hack through it with my axe. Behind is some stairs. We get it to open normally the rest of the way, and then decide to finish exploring the top half of the dungeon. we open a door and see enemies, and end the session before begining the fight.

Yeah, a short session, it was only about 3 hours... like I said, a LOT of exploring. And we found out that our new Orc buddy Grog is actually quite intelligent and is capable of identifying magic items for us. Yay!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Money, Schedule, IRS

Took a gamble and called the IRS about these damn taxes. Got my due date deferred to January... hopefully I can dig up what I owe by then. Luna's going on a strict budget! 10% to emergency savings. 10% to tax savings. 10% to the move savings. 10% to discretionary funds. The other 60% - $20/wk goes to bills. The -$20 is $10 for laundry, $10 for food money while at school (sometimes I go with him to relax)

And a confirmed schedule. *shudders*

I'm going to do my best to stick to it. Life always gets in teh way though, so don't be surprised if I have to take time off.

SUN: Streamate 4-6, MFC 8-2
MON: Videos/PicSets, Streamate 10-2
TUES: Streamate 4-6, MFC 10-2
WED: Laundry/Dusting, Streamate 10-2
THURS: Streamate 4-7, MFC 10-2
FRI: MFC 4-8, Streamate 11-2
SAT: Errands, DnD

DnD will still be the over-skype game that we've been doing. But, I will be on camera on SkinVideo, in group for the whole thing. Join the group to listen in, tip for tits and pussy flashes!


I really hate to complain about money. Especially when I just spent $100 in the war on dust. But I haven't paid any of my taxes from last year, and it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to any time soon. But since on paper it looks like I make enough to do so, I can't even get an extension...

Frankly, I'm terrified. I do everything I can to make enough to pay my debts off quickly, and yet all I ever make is just barely enough to survive. The only time I make more than I need to survive, it's because I have a new survival need that just came up which will take a little extra cash to handle.

So here's to hoping I run across an extra $1000 so I can pay off my taxes. Because I need to do that to survive, right?

Please don't forget guys, offline tips will always be rewarded. It might take a bit for the reward to get to you, but it will happen.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DnD Hurrah!

So I finally got to kill the damn hobgoblin. The very last one we let go... well, not really, he was tied with a rope by Mike. He then proceeded to free himself and run down the corridor. The pixie investigated the bodies and caught fleas. Which are now invisible because of him being invisible. The pixie gave me a potion because I was looking rather bloody (I ended the fight with 13 HP out of 56).

Then we split up a bit. I went to investigate a room that turned out to be storage. Left when I found rats, but Mike explored it and found a magic rope to replace the one he found. Meanwhile, Kaine and teh Pixie found Goblins (might've been orcs... can't really remember which...). I join that fight, only to almost die, until Kaine heals me. I end that fight with a whole 12 HP, but luckily, level up gave me another 15. Whee!

That's actually where it ended this week. Mike joined up with us after the fight, and we now have a goblin? orc? ogre? pet. Pixie shot one with a memory loss arrow at teh beginning of the fight. We've named him Grog. (ah sound in the middle)

The group has decided to play the backup every other week, because our DM needs two weeks to plan a session with how much stuff he has on his plate. We decided to play main game next week, and then start the every other week, since we missed two weeks of DnD in a row.

A Very Productive Day

1- I bought a whole bunch of plastic bins, the mattress cover, and the pillow covers, for my war on dust.

2-I then put in motion everything that buy such thing entailed. This meant a reorganization of both my room and my kitchen, which made my room dust free, freed up my sewing table to make it easier for me to get started on project randomly, and made space in my kitchen for all the food, dishes, and cookware that I want. Hurrah! (this involved cleaning a large tower of plastic drawers. They used to hold toys. I cleaned them with bleach so I won't be afraid of them holding food and measuring cups...)

3- I then did the second part of my undies video, recording me posing in every pair of undies I own. I uploaded this to my pics4sale, along with a set that has 50 still from other videos already on vids for sale. (Check my sidebar for links!) Then I took 10 of those 50 awesome stills and put together a gift for everyone who was disappointed in my absence from camera on Sunday.

4- actually, that was it, but it took me 7 hours!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Microsoft Fail

I like to use excel. I actually kinda love it. I have two screens. So why the fuck can't I put it so that document1 is on the left screen and document2 is on the right screen? It would make it so much easier when I'm trying to compare data from two different documents. But no. opening it to a new window just creates another of the same document within that instance of excel, without allowing it to be a separate instance of excel

Microsoft, you FAIL. Want to fix it? Let us have multiple instances of excel itself running, so I can view two documents side by side on separate screens. Why separate screens? Why not just tile? Because maybe I want to use the whole screen for both documents!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I remember...

In middle school, my best friend, and indeed the only person who bothered to befriend me, was Islamic. Her family had immigrated from Pakistan, and her mother and father still had pretty thick accents. She was all American though. A bit of a weirdness to her accent because of being around such thick ones, but obviously born and raised in the US.

By 2001, when I was in high school, I had lost touch with my friend. I was in boarding school that year. First year of boarding school. Our principal was retired Air Force, and there was a base not that far from campus. There was even a rumor that they used the Girl's Dorm for dry targeting runs, it being the highest point for miles. The rules for phone were rather strict- we were allowed two days a week, which we chose at the start of every quarter. Mine were Wednesday and Sunday, and I was required to call my parents.

We were called to the auditorium during first period. As they were telling us what happened, we heard planes over head, which kinda scared a lot of us. My first thought was of my friend. Not much work was done in any of the classes that day. Many teachers let the classes go to the library to watch the news. Third period did that for me.That night, the phones were given to those who had relatives in NY. Even third floor, where there were no dorm parents and the students had full control over the phones, let other students have the phone to call loved ones. Considering most of the students were there for having gotten in trouble with the law...

When my next call-day came, I called my parents. I had fifteen minutes. After saying a quick "hi" and "I'm fine" I asked if I could call my friend. I had ten minutes to talk with her, and make sure she was fine. I called her every week for the next month. It was interesting to watch the transformation.

Week 1: everyone gathering, and making sure everyone her family was okay.
Week 2: neighbors avoiding, but friends still calling
Week 3: no one was calling any more, everyone avoiding
Week 4: complete shun by everyone except other Islamic friends

It was tragic. The family was from Pakistan. The terrorists were from Afghanistan. I still don't understand why we attacked Iraq. I still don't understand why nothing was done about Afghanistan. I still don't understand why the American populace turned on everyone from the Middle East, even countries that were supporting America.

The world turned upside-down that day. America went paranoid, and started sacrificing freedoms in the name of safety. And I don't agree with most of what has happened in response to that day.

Random Idea- Calendar

There are all sorts of electronic calendars out there. I want one that does everything. I mean everything. Where I can put in my earnings and it will know when the paycheck is due to arrive, which account it's going in if it's direct deposit, and if all the bills will be paid or if I need to earn some more. One that will tell me when a birthday is coming up so I don't have to try to remember, or make sure I look at my phone, or pull something up. I want it to hang on my wall like a real calendar, and hold all my contacts, and all that fun stuff.

So here it is, my calendar concept. If anyone out there is inspired by this, all I ask is that you send one to my PO Box when it's made. (though, if you tip me my share of the earnings, that would be appreciated too :P )

Physical Appearance:

The size of a standard wall calendar, both the top and bottom half. Default screen

looks like a calendar, with the bottom half showing monthly view and the top half

showing today and tomorrow. Optional to change both halves to whichever you want:

-day and list(s)
-two days
-one week
-full month
-next month
-pictures (a couple default picture sets to choose from, (like nature, kittens, dogs, patterns) and then the option to buy more)

Top button locks the calendar, when pressed to unlock prompts for password, then a security question.

During setup, the User inputs the security question, then the answer, for five questions. No drop-down lists for the questions. Case sensitive. Any character on the keyboard allowed, including enter. 200 character limit allows for quoting.

Two users allowed, each user gets own password and security questions. Users cannot see each other's financial specifics, just generals on main page. User can select for other users to have full access to specifics.

For all following inputs, except where starred, the user can skip it, do NOT have to input.

Personal Profile (each user has this):

-Phone Number


File    View    Edit    Lists    Contacts    Finances    Events      Help


-contact book


-to do list, includes checkmarks to mark them off, can check off items without unlocking, but must input password (not security questions), leaves items on list

-shopping list, also includes checkmarks, takes items off list, can tie to event

-wislist, allows to tie to event, includes links to create budget for them, and hopeful date

-online wishlist, ties to online lists you might have, automatically updates with the online list, other than that works like regular wishlist 

Contact book:

*-input name

*-drop-down category (add new included)
    -business associate

*-drop-down relationship (add new included)
    -place of work, bank, billing, client, company you shop at, utility
    -acquiantance, neighbor, close friend, best friend, church friend, work buddy
    -boss, partner, coworker, subordinate, manager...
    -mother, father, son, daughter, wife, husband, sig/other, in-laws, aunt,


-drop-down birthdate (option to select age instead of year)

-input phone number, address, and so-on

-if billing company, input date due, with option for variable, input amount due, with

option for variable

-variable bills have options for estimates, computer generated or user generated


-input is like google calendar
-can select holidays to display
-can choose to display moon-phases, and other options like in google calendar
-can assign different event categories to different colors
    Ex: -blue- birthday
-can add event categories, comes with birthday, paycheck, bill, meeting, holiday

-bank accounts
-credit cards
-recurring bills
-variable bills

Add Job:

*-job title
*-company (dropdown from contacts list, can create new, will create a blank entry in

contact list with just the three starred bits entered)

-type of earnings (salary, hourly, commission, other)
-earning rate
-direct deposit checkmark
-account drop-down (necessary only if selecting direct deposit)

Add Earning:

-earned date
-expected paydate

must input a date in order for it to be included on the idle page, but can enter before you have any date for it

Add Account:

*-bank (drop down from contacts list, can create new, will create blank entry with just the three starred parts entered, can also select On Person)

*-type of account (Drop down of "checking" "savings" "spending" "cash")


-current balance w/ as of date
    -note: can always edit the current balance. Prompts for a reason, which can be skipped and added in later.

-can add in past transactions through account

-default cash account included in program, if none is specifically set up by user

Add Expense:

-one-time expenses
*company (from contact drop-down, can create new...)
*from account
*purpose of expense

-variable bills
(for bills where date and/or amount changes every month)
*date due
date paid
from account

*date paid
*from account

Add Transaction:

*type (withdrawal, deposit, transfer)
*account to
*account from

Add Budget:

-select job (drop-down)
-select expense/wishlist (drop-down)
-amount or percent checkboxes, then input amount/percent
-creates a new account

More on Appearance
Daily Page:

-Takes up half of screen
-fully customizable setup, for size and position of each box
-automatically shows hourly agenda with scheduled events
-automatically shows budget preview
-automatically shows important reminders (upcoming birthdays, bills, events)
-can add widgets for weather, news, stocks, horoscope...

Weekly Page:
-each day has boxes for finances, contact and event reminders, agenda reminders, and forecast

Monthly Page:

-stars on the day for each event, star is color of event, holding stylus over brings  a pop-up with event name and time (if time is available)

-birthdays are shown as the person's name, background for name is whatever color user selected to represent birthdays (default is blue)

-holidays same as birthdays, default color is orange

-upcoming bills and paychecks also shown, bills are red, paychecks green (unless changed by user)


This is for stuff that can be bought separately, or just developed later and added on. Such as those calendar pictures.
-taxes (calendar works out the taxes for each paycheck, so you don't have to)
-phone connect (can have the calendar call your phone so you can find it, or call both you and another person)
-different sort of phone connect- a cord that allows you to hook your phone into your calendar and transfer contacts either way.
-Sounds and alarms (optional, of course). Don't much care for these, but they would be a good idea.
-e-cards (before the date, you can set up e-cards for people, and the calendar will arrange for them to be sent out. Can even arrange them years in advance, and calendar will keep track of which ones you've sent to who. Free access cards from hallmark and such sites are included, and can buy into more.)

Other Random Notes:

-Events can coordinate with online calendars, but not financials
-pocketbook version could be useful, would be about the size of a checkbook, but only allows for daily and weekly views (month view just shows dates and stars for events, holidays, agenda)
-pocketbook version would need to be able to sync with wall calendar, either over internet or through a cord. I like the through the cord option.
-calendars would be touchscreen, but can also be used with mouse and keyboard. Would come with a stylus. Preferably a high-quality stylus.
-If anyone makes this, quality quality quality. This MUST be a quality piece. The price of it will be high, but to make it cheap enough for anyone to buy so much quality would have to be sacrificed that it would render the calendar useless except as a pretty cool wall-calendar. Which defeats the purpose of this calendar.

Why Do I Want This?
-I have a horrible memory. I always forget birthdays. Always. I try to remember, but it's really not possible.
-I like to have my finances in hand. I like to see them not only for this month, but for the next 5 months. Having a calendar where I can see the next 8 weeks laid out if I wish would be awesome. And one where all I have to input is how much I earned, what bills are due, and what money I've spent... well.. that would be just as awesome.
-I hate having to have five different places for all this. And how it's all either in random papers scattered all over the apartment or behind other applications on a device that's mainly for something else. Google calendar is great, but I have to turn on my computer and pull it up to use it. And if I have it up on my computer, I can't have other things up on my computer.
-I don't like calendars that make noise and bother me. But I know others do, So I guess having the option for it to have sounds and alarms. Actually, optional sounds and alarms would be a very good thing, even if I don't really want to use them.

And remember- if this gives you an idea for something similar, but not the same, I don't want it, but would appreciate a generous tip for the royalties, after you've earned the money from it of course. I want exactly what I've written. If you develop exactly what I've written, I would really appreciate one, in place of a royalty. With a lifetime subscription to any new software for it and such. :P

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Whenever I post what my schedule is gonna be, even if I try the schedule out before posting, my schedule falls apart. But if I don't post it, how will people know to find me? I know I need a steady schedule on MFC, for the sake of my fans, but I can't seem to do it. But, I'm gonna try.

So, this is the only place I'm going to put it. I'm not even going to change what my schedule says anywhere. Here goes:

MFC: Sunday night, Tuesday Night, Thursday Night, Friday Afternoon/Evening
Streamate: Monday Night, Wednesday Night, Thursday Afternoon/Evening, Friday Night

Hopefully I can keep to this. If I can't, then I know it's useless to rely on a schedule.

NOTE: Debut is next week Thursday,  September 16th.

Monday, September 5, 2011

DnD again... YAY!

This one was weird. We started out without either the new guy (warrior) or the other not-as-new guy (jedi)... but we were in the middle of something. So, this is what happens:

-the door has just blown down. a black smoke fills the room. I attempt to move away from the door, but slow-down-stop effect takes hold. None of us can move or talk. The lady we're supposed to be stopping appears. She complains about us following her, then looks at the new guys and makes them vanish. Then she vanishes.

-we explore the stronghold. "Mike" goes into an empty room, strips down and rolls on a bear rug. We go down the hall, ignoring him, and open a door to get attacked by hobgoblins.

Here's where it gets weird. Most of my swings miss... and then we remind the dm that by standing next to the duskblade, I get the flanking bonus, which would have made those swings hit. Oi! Plus, I have no A/C, since she relies on her high HP to survive combat. They get a couple criticals, so I'm down to 13 HP out of 56 by the time we realize that the swings were supposed to be hits. Out of ten, we're down to the last four or five, and I swing my large greataxe and I know this time it hit even without the flanking bonus... and the DM's power goes out. We play on skype, because we're all over the place (three different states in the US, and one in the UK)


Sunday, September 4, 2011

What's New

Aside from the rules change on MFC, I've been watching the anime Blood+ and the American show How I Met Your Mother. I finished a puzzle of the Taj Mahal on my sewing table, freeing it up to finish the apron next red week.

I have paused the study time until he's done, which will be in November. So sometime after November I will finish the accounting diploma.  I have started a war on dust. I am looking to get about 100 shoebox sized plastic containers, about 20 that are twice as wide as a shoebox and a little higher than a shoebox, and a few large plastic bins. Also, a HEPA filter, and some pillow covers, and a mattress cover for my full size bed. I also need plastic drawers for under the sink in the kitchen, where about half of my cupboard space is, so that I don't have to worry about a leaky sink ruining my ramen.

To get in shape, save on gas, and save on car repairs,  DRM (Dear RoomMate, my former Master) and I have been biking. However, our bikes are old and in need of repairs, plus we need the emergency supplies (like tools in case something comes loose) in order to truly replace our car. So that's where my current spending money is going, instead of electronics like usual. x.x I am now off to organize my amazon wishlist so that I have one for the War on Dust.

Edit: Want to help with my war on dust, and be absolutely sure that's what your money went to? http://amzn.com/w/37K2ETJY691HL

Thank you!

Why No More Naked Luna?

I have thought about this long and hard, and I am retiring my public naked shows. You will still be able to tip 200 for a sexy strip tease, I'll just be getting dressed right after the striptease.


Reason 1: Minors. I'm comfortable with getting naked in front of minors for short amounts of time. I am not comfortable with staying naked in front minors. Also, closeups do not seem appropriate for a place where it is likely that a 13 year old could stumble upon me. At least keeping it to group and private will get the minors slightly older.

Reason 2: Entitlement. This is a public show, intended for multiple people to have paid for. So what do I do when only one person has tipped the countdown? What do I do when that one person suddenly feels entitled to direct the show, despite the fact that the countdown is supposed to be geared to the whole room? Yes, he tipped most of it (or all of it), but does that really entitle him to act like we are now in private? I feel like that's a no, but I understand too well how they might feel that it's a yes.

Plus, you get the one guy, who tipped the last 100 tokens, thinks he tipped the whole show, when he really only tipped a quarter of it, or a third of it, and still feels entitled to direct. Honestly, leaving the countdowns out, and keeping to a set "Menu" with prices that one person tips for is a hell of a lot simpler, and leads to less misunderstandings.

Reason 3: Income. I hate to say it, but I usually don't money when I'm naked in public chat. Yes, I am on this site for fun. But I have the most fun when the tokens are being spent towards the things I want to do. And I also do kinda need the money. This is the last reason because I really hate needing money.