Friday, March 30, 2012

Call for thoughts- A fantasy world

I think this might be fun, and I've gotten a mixed bag of responses, so let me know what you guys think.

I want to run my MFC room like a fantasy roleplay. Not where you guys are roleplaying, unless you really want to. I mean as though MFC is a window into my "home universe" where magic is real and fairy tale creatures abound. I would be in character in public chat. If you were to take me private, the first question I would ask is "Continue my fantasy, indulge your fantasy, or back to reality?" so that I know what realm we're playing in.

My profile would introduce it such:

Thanks to the weirdness of the multiverse, your computer is being given a window into my world. Welcome to Molinar, where magic is reality and dragons play in my backyard. (still working on the wording of this)

And then would go in to a normal profile. In public chat, you guys can talk about your normal lives, but I will be talking about my fantasy life: romping with unicorns, steamy sex with dragons (in human form), fighting the terrifying hair monster.

Basically, I want it to be so that I am very firmly in the realm of fantasy, and everyone else is in the real world but visiting me in the fantasy.

What do you think about this? Please reply anywhere. (MFC name is currently LovelyLunatic)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mostly about the phone

Have you ever felt like your consciousness had been ripped away from somewhere and flung back into your body? That's what it feels like when someone decides to call or message my phone at 8:30am. To give you an idea of where I am at 8:30am, I work until 2am, stay up until 3 or 4am to ensure my brain registers the fact that I'm not at work anymore, and then sleep for 8-10 hours (depending on where in my hormone cycle I am). So 7:30-9::30 is RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT TO ME.

It's like calling a 9-5er at 2:30am.

The worst bit is- it's almost always a wrong number.

Well, this morning it was like a party in my bedroom. 1 missed phone call and 5 missed picture messages, all from phone numbers I've never seen before. The voice mail I got was something along the lines of a bunch of clicks and static followed by the hang-up noise. The picture messages I didn't even open- roommate warned me that they were bad urls. So, I blocked the two phone numbers. My phone is too cheap-ass to have different sound profiles so I can sleep through missed messages without sleeping through my alarm, but it's not so cheap that I can't manually input a phone number to block. The five picture messages, by the way, were from 2 different phone numbers.

WARNING, THE NEXT BIT MIGHT HAVE TMI. If you don't want to read it, it's bracketed by ---


So I go back to sleep and am woken up at 11:30am (my alarm is set for 12, so that wasn't it), by incredible pain in my pussy area. It felt like the lining of my pussy was trying to rip it's way out of my body. That's the usual signal for "get a pad down there quick!" (and why I don't use tampons), so I get my ass to the bathroom. Nothing. Of course, it takes an hour or two to actually start... but I also did a pussy-stuffing private last night. So now I'm stuck here waiting to see if this is a case of bleeding pussy, or dry pussy. If this is what panty stuffing is going to do to me now that I'm not on the Nuva Ring (having the birth control be an insert made my pussy moisturize itself a lot more) I'm going to have to start charging a fee before I take any such privates. They aren't going to like that...


Ever feel like technology is against you? I'm trying, trying, trying to get into a good schedule that I can actually work, but my computer thinks it's fun to blue screen a couple times during the best hours to cam (friday night through sunday night, if I disappear randomly from the camera, it's a blue screen. If it's not 2am yet, wait a bit, I'll be back.)

And now my phone is getting these messages, and has even been doing this thing where it'll make noise for no damn reason during the "night" (read- morning while I sleep). I'll wake up to the phone call sound, let it die, and hear the voice mail sound, but there's no voicemail when I wake up for real. I know, it's not really technology against me, but these are a big part of why I posted on twitter last night that sometimes, it feels like the universe is a troll, messing with people just for the lolz.

Universe, all I ask is the ability to stay on top of my bills for awhile longer. Just till he finds a job. I don't care where he finds a job anymore, I'll move to fucking Alaska with him if there's a guaranteed job there!

On that note, anyone know of a good job for a recently graduated network administrator with no in-field at-work experience but lots of volunteer experience for friends and family? DM my twitter, or shoot me an email if you know my address.

Friday, March 16, 2012

A letter to the rich and wealthy.

Dear Members of the top 10%:

Do you not realize that you're shooting yourselves in the feet? If you want people to spend money so you can take it, they have to have the money to spend! You make it impossible for 75% of the American population to have enough money left over to spend on frivolous stuff, then sit in your house wondering why the economy is crashing and your fortunes are disappearing.

In order to spend money, there must be money to spend.

1- If you don't pay your workers enough to cover their expenses and still have some extra, how are they supposed to spend money on your products?

2- If you don't pay for the maintenance in your stores, who is going to want to shop there?

3- If you make the entry level jobs require experience, how are the people who have no experience supposed to get some experience so they can do the entry level jobs?

Seriously, those of you on top need to WAKE THE FUCK UP. If you don't take care of your car, it breaks. If you don't take care of your house, it becomes unsuitable to live in. If you don't take care of the working class, you don't have any customers to give you money!

Read your history books. The people on top seem to forget the lesson their ancestors learned over and over and over again. If you push the bottom down too far, everything falls apart.

If a job is classified as entry level, NO EXPERIENCE SHOULD BE REQUIRED. That's what entry level means! Sure, they should have an education, and not go into it with absolutely no knowledge of what's going on. But they should not need 5 years of experience with the most recent version of Microsoft Office, when the most recent version of Microsoft Office was LAST YEAR. And yes, I have seen that as a requirement for some jobs.

If you make it impossible for new people to enter the field, when all the current employees retire who will take over? The people you turned down because they were too young and inexperienced? Well guess what? Now they're older but still just as inexperienced! It's harder to teach someone who is older something new. That's something almost everyone acknowledges as a fact. So if you have a 20-something year old applying for the job and they don't have any experience... LET THEM GET SOME FUCKING EXPERIENCE AND HIRE THEM! Sure, you might need to spend a month training them. Sure, they're going to fuck up a bit. But at least they'll be ready to take over when you need them to!

So here's why the economy failed:

1- prices were too high. 75% of the country couldn't afford the products on the shelves, so they didn't buy them.

2- Credit was too easy. People couldn't afford to buy the things they were buying, but they needed to buy them so they turned to credit cards.

3- Entry level jobs had an experience requirement. Anyone just graduating college ended up taking the minimum wage jobs that don't require a college degree because the degrees they got were useless.

4- theft and dishonesty. People stealing from others and scamming others took money from people and businesses. People who were scammed now can't buy things, and businesses can't afford to pay their workers.

5- Blaming lack of sales on employees. If only 5 people can afford a camera, then at most you can sell 5 cameras. So why blame the employee if he or she only manages to sell 4 cameras?

6- Cars. For some odd reason, a car costs 5 years of wages. And they are completely broken within 2 years. Dude, this is a bad model. If a person can only afford to buy a car once every ten years, but has to buy one once every three years, they're screwed! If you take a look at how much America spends on car payments every year, I bet you'll be surprised at just how big a percentage of American income that is.

America, if you value this country, this is what needs to happen. Prices need to fall all over, but it can't come out of the bottom level paychecks. If you take it out of the bottom level paychecks, they still won't be able to buy things despite the reduced prices.

Why? A person making minimum wage has about $30 a week left over after bills for gas and groceries. If you lower prices, they might have a bit more left over after bills. If you then lower their paycheck, they're back to only having $30 a week. CAN YOU LIVE ON $30 A WEEK?

But of course my advice is going to go unread by the people who actually need to take it. And if they do, they'll probably hate me for speaking the truth.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stop Joseph Kony

So today I was trying to wake myself up. I did the usual, check my email, avoid looking at the forum cause that's what I do later. I decided to follow up my comics. Dominic Deegan is one of my favorites. Since I'm always really sleepy, I always read the entries at the bottom. His linked me to a video that woke me up.

When I was a junior or senior in college, a girl came to speak to us from Uganda about the invisible children. I donated a few dollars, and gave my prayers. This video is about that same issue, which has been going on for 9 years.

If you don't know who Joseph Kony is, if you don't know who the invisible children are, then please watch it.

I think I'm awake now.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Assumptions and Guesses

This post is about my frustration with the phrase, "don't assume".

First we need some definitions. I'm using as my source for these.

assumption [uh-suhmp-shuhn] noun
1. something taken for granted; a supposition: a correct assumption. Synonyms: presupposition; hypothesis, conjecture, guess, postulate, theory.
2. the act of taking for granted or supposing. Synonyms: presumption; presupposition.
3. the act of taking to or upon oneself. Synonyms: acceptance, shouldering.
4. the act of taking possession of something: the assumption of power. Synonyms: seizure, appropriation, usurpation, arrogation.
5. arrogance; presumption. Synonyms: presumptuousness; effrontery, forwardness, gall.

guess [ges] verb (used with object)
1. to arrive at or commit oneself to an opinion about (something) without having sufficient evidence to support the opinion fully: to guess a person's weight.
2. to estimate or conjecture about correctly: to guess what a word means.
3. to think, believe, or suppose: I guess I can get there in time.

verb (used without object)
4. to form an estimate or conjecture (often followed by at  or about ): We guessed at the weight of the package.
5. to estimate or conjecture correctly.

Now, when people say that, it's usually based on an assumption. They're assuming that the person who acted improperly has made an assumption which led to that action. What they fail to remember is that we have to make assumptions all the time to get through our day. When we put something down, we assume we'll find it there when we go back. When we greet a friend, we assume they are okay with us being there. When we pay a bill, we're assuming the money we just used is legal tender, and available to us. When we check our balance, we assume the information we just got was correct.

What people who say that really mean is, don't act on an assumption unless you're pretty damn sure it's true. When I've used it in the past, it's been along the lines of "don't assume you know anything about me". I agree with the idea that we can't assume anything about other people. They might be lying to us. They might have changed an opinion or habit since the last time we talked. They might have been pretending to enjoy something for our own benefit. But for our sanity, we have to assume that people are not deliberately deceiving us. Otherwise, society would fall apart.

Oh wait, with how many con artists there are, we can't assume people are what they say. And society is slowly falling apart around us.

Friday, March 2, 2012


While Amazon gift cards can't pay the rent, they can pay for new toys and panties so that my paychecks can go towards the rent. So, I have one dude who's paying for shows with them. That's all I really want, since I don't want to go crazy on order stuff while I'm trying to save up for the moves. One dude, one month, is plenty.

Here's what I've gotten using those cards so far, and commentary on each.

For Camming

-Hitatchi knock-off

dude, it's really strong... the lowest setting (1) is like the highest on my favorite vibe, and the second one will probably be as nice as my electric toothbrush. I haven't actually used it for anything, just plugged it in (yes, it's corded, and I wasn't sure when I got it), and put it on. The highest setting (7) made my hand tingle for about two minutes after I turned it off... I doubt I'll go higher than 2 or 3 for the shows. Also, it's HUGE! Like, I knew hitatchi's were fairly big, and that I'm small, but DEAR GOD! You'll see when I can get some pictures. Once I'm done being sick, they will be posted.

-Lelo Mona

To replace the one that broke. I LOVE this vibe, and expect to use it often. I'll try to keep it for strictly on cam this time so it will last longer, but no promises. :P

-Anal Trainer Set

It has three sizes. I got it for the middle one, but the small one will be good for off-days. The big one will be used VERY rarely. You'll understand once I post the pics. It's jelly, so I don't expect it to last very long. I should've read the descriptions- I wanted something a little more permanent. Then again, jelly feels really good in my ass, so these should be awesome. I gave them their own storage box so they don't accidentally melt, and so I don't have to smell them unless I'm about to use them. They stink, and I haven't even tried them out yet.

-pair of really expensive panties

pink bikini cut with black lace trim. The pink is listed in the label. The front: 76% nylon 24% spandex. It looks silky. The back: 91% nylon 9% spandex. It looks mesh, about the type that's usually over those older speakers (for a visual of the hole sizes).

-set of 4 fruit of the loom cotton string bikini cut, random colors chosen by company.

1- blue with white stripes. I plan on wearing that pair first, with the pink mini skirt and cream tank-top.
2- Fuscia with big white polka-dots. It will look awesome with my purple or blue bra. Not sure on the rest of what that outfit will be yet.
3- orange with small white polka dots. This one's gonna have to stay with tank tops, or the white bra, until I can get a bra that goes with orange. I'm thinking pink. They used to have pink in the same style as my blue and purple. Maybe I can get that.
4- brown and white stripes. This is actually a nice chocolate brown, and will look really good with certain shirts and dresses I have. Though, I'll have to stick with the white bra for this one as well.

I'm actually really happy with this set. 3 of the four panties I like, and the other one I can put up with.

-Leather paddle

It's black with a red eye on one side. It has the two layers on part of it for added sting, but it's gentler than my hairbrush. you know what that means? It means longer spankings! I will probably only use the side that doesn't have the eye against my rump, but I might switch it on accident every now and then. At least I won't have to worry about the bristles if I get the wrong side!

Crafty Stuff

For Homemade Collar and Cuff set

-9 buckles

This was an accident. I originally ordered four, then changed the quantity to five, and somehow it added them instead of changing it. They aren't going to work for the cuff set anyway, so I'll have to find some other use for them. (note- the store did give me the option to return them, but I declined saying I'd find a use. I think I already have, more on that below)

-leather punch

It has multiple size punches, and it's not too difficult to change the sizes.

-Xacto-Knife set

in a wooden case and everything! Hooray!


All sorts of sizes, goldish color and silvery color, with the stuff you need to punch them in, minus the hammer.

-Sewing machine Stuff

Needles for leather and heavy-duty thread

For ChainMail Working

-Chainmail rings

These are aluminum, but not finished or anything, so they're kinda dull. I realized that I want would rather have scale mail than chainmail for my clothing, so I'm probably going to use these with the buckles to make chainmail belts.

-Pliers Set

I got mini pliers. They suck. But I now know that I need the ones the set called "Duckbill Flat Nose Pliers". And I need them the normal size that is sold in walmart- gotta find out what size handle that is. Maybe slightly smaller than that, but not by much. I'm probably going to go to an actual craft store for these.

For A Homemade Jewlery Box

I still need: the backs, the hooks, and the hinges. Not to mention rails for the doors. But I figured it would be a long while before I can make the jewlery box that I want. And when I have the money to do so, I will definitely be handing my rough-made one over to a true craftsman to make a pretty version.

Other Stuff (non-crafty, not camming)


I can finally play it legally! Which of course necessitated starting over so I can get the credit for everything through steam.  And it's just as buggy as the pirated version was. (See, if I'd never pirated it, I never would've bought this one. Pirating made them money.)

Sony PSP Adapter

So I can stop borrowing my roommate's adapter when I need to charge my psp. Only problem is, since I couldn't charge it, I wasn't really using it much, and I have no clue where it went. Oops.

Neoprene Face Mask

The halfmask, in black. I'll look like a ninja when I wear it! But it stinks real bad, so I'm letting it air  out for awhile before I try it out. The point? I like to take walks in the winter. Hopefully, this will work like a scarf without the glasses fogging.

Swiss Army Knife

Always wanted one. My biological father had one, and he was constantly pulling it out to use when we went somewhere. So, I grabbed the Huntsmen, which had most anything I might need if I'm anywhere. Now I just gotta remember to bring my purse.

SkullCandy Headphones

So I can watch videos while he's asleep. Or play games with sound. Basically so I don't worry so much about keeping him up.

Gold/Silver Pokedex

I actually have gold and silver legally. But I never really played them until I got the VBA, which gives me the speed button and the gameshark codes. The speed button is essential. Without it, leveling pokemon takes weeks. With it, it takes about four hours per six. About a full day when you get above level 40. Why the gameshark codes? Can't use the VBA to trade, therefore, if I want to get all the pokemon, I *have* to cheat. My standard- first I do everything I can without cheating. Then I cheat to get the first evolution of the pokemon I can't get cause I can't trade, and those evolutions that only happen from trades. Then I level the ones I just cheated to get for the rest of the evolutions. The goal is to only cheat in the ways that I must in order to finish the game.

Then I go back and cheat the hell of it to get it exactly how I want, a few years later. :P

That's everything I've gotten so far. I have a whole $8 and some change left from the gift cards... and a hella lot of other things I'd like to get.

Random News

I'm getting a payoneer card. Once I have it, I need to get a paycheck on it to confirm that I have it, but after that, you can load it using my email address. I'll post a link to the site here and twitter when I have it. Current ETA is March 20th.

Red week has come and gone, but this sickness just won't go away. Roommate and I are avoiding each other cause we keep passing it back and forth. damnit I hate that. Especially cause I have to leave the door to this room open to avoid overheating issues, and the tub doesn't stop dripping. I keep closing the bathroom door to keep my sanity x.x

I'm tired of being sick. I want to work. If I had a "normal" job, I would've been fired awhile back for being sick all the time. I hate this, and I think it's because of the apartment I live in. No insullation, the kitchen is freezing when it's cold, the rest of the apartment is way too warm when it's not cold outside, and the constant changing temperature and environment seems to be wreaking havoc on my immune system.

The toys from amazon are nice to have, but they won't do any good if I can't get on camera to use them! And my sleep schedule is fucked all to hell, can't seem to fall asleep before 6am, which I know isn't good for me, but neither is lying in bed looking at the ceiling for five hours. UGH!

Please pray for me guys. I don't want to ask for handouts, I just want to get back to where I can earn my keep!