Saturday, September 27, 2014

Gentlemen: take notes!

This gentleman is indeed a gentleman. I have changed his name to protect him from any harassment or embarrassment. This is published because he really knows what he is talking about. As it was typed in real-time with no editing, and I have not gone through to fix the mistakes, please forgive bad spelling. Again, he was the one who typed anything that isn't in parenthesis or formatted.

In public on Streamate:

flowery typer: hello miss luna
how are you on this lovely evening
my oh my.....  your porcelain skin is simply radiant.....
i am great
oh my..... and that smile is blinding
i think i will need my sunglasses
its the popcorn song....

In private on Streamate (I did my best to act it out with my hands once I was on the bed, and got more into it the more I stripped):

flowery typer: oh my.....
you are a divine goddess
your radiance
i wish i was there with you now
i would softly take your hand
and slowly kiss it
(I move to the bed)
my lips softly exploring your soft skin
i slowly turn yor wrist over as i kiss it
feeling your pusle against my lips
i playfully kiss my way up your arm
my fingertips softly brushing against your skin
(I undo the sleeve buttons and roll the sleeves up a bit)
i kiss higher and higher
marveling at the softness of your skin
my hands softly slide up your arm to your shoulders
as my hands gently massage them
(I slide the shirt off completely)
oh my......
your heavenly curves
i softly kiss your shoulder
my fingers oftly runnunig along your collar bone
i tease you softly
loving the feel of your warm skin
i softly kiss along your collar bone
my hand softly brusshing your lovely red locks off of your shoulder
exposing your lovely neck
i playfully pepper your neck with kisses
as i slowlly kiss my way to your ear
i nibble on your earlobe softly
tickling you as i do so
(I remove my panties)
oh my
god you are amazing
my hands softly caress your neck
as my fingers softly slide through your hair
i pull you gently closer
my lips slowly approaching yours
i kiss you softly
my lips softly exploring yours
my tongue softly brushing againt your upper lip
your ruby lips divine
my fingers slowly get tangled in your hair
as i softly massage the back of your neck and head
i gently pull your hair
exposing your lovely neck again
as i slowly kiss down it
feeling the pulse along your neck
i slowly kiss down the cneter of your chest
as my fingers softly caress your collar bone
my fingertips making small circles
my fingers softly making circles down your chest
my fingers move lower and lower
as they explore your lovely curves
they softly caress one breast
they softly make smaller and smaller circles
until they are making them around your nipple
my fingers softly explore the contour of your nipple
loving the feel of your aereola
i tease it gently
feeling it slowly respond
i pinch the tip sotly
oh my
your radiance is breathtaking
i softly bring one nipple to my lips
as i softly suck on it
teasing the tip with my tongue
my hand softly teases yor other breast
oh my goddess
i softly kiss below your breast
softly kissing along your rib
my lips gently exploring your skin
i kiss along your rib
i kiss lower and lower
my fingers softly caressing your belly
my fingers softly slide down to your belly button
making circles aroun it
i tickle you softly
your warm stomach so amazing
i softly kiss around your belly button
teasing you
my hands softly caress your waist and hips
marvelling at your heavenly curves
your body a wonderland to explore
i softly kiss lower and lower
my hands softly brushing against your lovely thighs
my hands run down to your knees as i softly caress them
they gently brush alobng your inner thighs
i softly kiss your inner knee
as my lips softly kiss along your inner thigh
i kiss closer and closer
towards your heavenly gate
my lips loving the softness of your legs
i kiss closer and closer
the warmth washg over me
your lovely gate before me
i kiss along the crease of your thighs
softly tickling you
oh my lovley luna
i softly kiss the top of your pubis
as my lips softly kiss along your slit
my tongue softly exploring your womanly folds
oh my
your lovely lotu spetals
i lick each petal
teasing you softly
i gently spread your lovely lips
as my tongue lick your inner folds
i lick your inner petals
tasting your sweet womanly nectar
oh my
its sweeter than honey itself
i lick deeply
i lick all the way up to you clit
as my tongue softly teases it
i let your wondrous body be my guide
as i tease you further
making figure eaights around your clit
your warmth washing over me
driving wild with passion
i lick my fingers
playfully rubbing them along your slit
i softly spread your lips
and let my fingers tease your lips
as my finger slowly slides into  your marvelous gate
the tightnes of your pussy
oh my
o tease you further
i tickle the roof of your pussy
feeling your gspot
i tease it slowly
your wetness
oh god
my heart races
i gently lean over you
as i kiss your chest and neck
your arms wrap around me pulling me closer

(Unfortunately, the private ended there. I came at least once, and was really close to another when it ended. )