Model Shoutout!

Some models like to pretend that they are the only models in existence. Some models like to view all other models as their competition, and only their competition. But some of us have decided to treat modeling as a collaborative effort. The models listed below fall into a few categories:

-Models I have seen and enjoy watching
-Models I enjoy talking with outside the camming environment
-Models I admire, regardless of differences in opinion
-Models who were recommended to me by members whose opinions I value

Each model has been contacted to supply whatever links and descriptions she wishes to include. No model is listed who has not given her consent.

(Unfortuntately, this is one project that fell by the wayside a long time ago. If you know a model you'd like me to include, please have her contact me on MFC or through my email.)

Madam Amorette (MFC)

My Notes: A friend of mine who's starting camming soon/recently, she's a gorgeous domme who is very animated on camera.

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