I will not do custom content. The reason behind this is that I am not reliable enough to make stuff on demand. If you want a custom video, I suggest you take me private and request that I record the session for you. Standards for privates will still be in effect.


Please see the Clips4Sale store for videos.
Please check the Vid Ideas page before giving video suggestions.
The video list is available with preview vids at my Drive Public Folder.  (list currently under construction, I'm going newest to oldest with prices, tags, and notes. All titles are on it.)

Steps to Buying a Video Through MFC

Step 1: You express interest in the video.
Step 2: I check my copy of the video to be sure it's uncorrupted.
Step 3: Assuming it's uncorrupted, I let you know the price of the video.
Step 4: You tip the specified amount, NOT anonymously
Step 5: You send me either a pm or an MFC mail with whether you want to receive it through dropbox or google drive, and the email address connected to your account on the relevant program (you may want to set a new one up)
Step 6: I upload the video to the specified sharing method, and send you a link
Step 7: You download your own copy of the video, and tell me you got it so I can clear the space on that drive.
Step 8: If I haven't heard from you that you've gotten it within a week, you'll have a 3 day warning to get the video. If you do not reply to the warning, I will take it down after 3 days.

For Story List:

Please send an email to or with the subject line "LadyLuna Story List Please", and I will send you the list. Erotica is the only place I'm willing to do taboo, so I can't post the list publicly. - Only partial list available at this time, will hopefully be done soon.


You can check out my Pics4Sale store for my older picsets.

Pre-made pics are 10 tokens each. They are sent by off-site email, you will need to send an email to with your request and proof that you tipped (your MFC username with the date and amount of the tip works, as long as you didn't tip anonymously).

Advent Fun: 26 pictures, 260 tokens

Black Bustier:  10 pictures, 100 tokens

Body Harness Flip-Book: 63 pictures, 300 tokens (each picture is just barely different from the two on either side, to preserve the illusion of a flip-book, hence the discount)

Body Harness Poses: 23 pictures, 230 tokens

Bras: 26 pictures, 260 tokens

Bunny Play: 6 pictures, 60 tokens

Cat Maid: 33 pictures, 330 tokens

Cleanings: 18 pictures, 180 tokens

Cloak: 33 pictures, 330 tokens

Closeups: 12 pictures, 120 tokens

Fence-net Lingerie: 18 pictures, 180 tokens

Lace Teddy:  21 pictures, 210 tokens

Lt Luna (star trek t-shirt dress): 41 pictures, 400 tokens

Mirror Play (used webcam software so there were two of me):
          dressed: 5 pictures, 50 tokens
          maid: 9 pictures, 90 tokens
          naked: 22 pictures, 220 tokens
          schoolgirl: 8 pictures, 80 tokens
          shared dildo: 17 pictures, 170 tokens
          siamese (nude): 18 pictures, 180 tokens
          twin show: 15 pictures, 150 tokens 
    All Dressed: 22 pictures, 220 tokens
    All Nude: 72 pictures, 700 tokens
    Total Set: 94 pictures, 850 tokens

Pink Crotchless Teddy: 28 pictures, 280 tokens

Sexy School Girl: 16 pictures, 160 tokens

Topless Leia: 71 pictures, 700 tokens

Vinyl Harness: 12 pictures, 120 tokens

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