Sunday, December 27, 2015

Popular Question: What I Got for Christmas

I finished stating the material gifts only to be asked by another person who came in at the description of the very last present. Thus, by popular demand, What I Got For Christmas this year. Enjoy!

From my boyfriend's family:

    - a "waste canvas" which allows me to put a cross-stiched pattern on anything, not just on the special cross-stitching material

    - a decorative box with a handle, supposedly for my thread, in reality I'll probably use it for current projects. It's too small to hold my entire collection.

    - a few "antique" colors of thread, giving me new shades which I didn't already have

    - Queen Anne Cordial Cherries

From my roommate:

    - a pair of winter boots that are actually waterproof for at least a foot of snow.

    - a sushi making kit with recipe book, bamboo rolling mat, wooden spoon, and two pairs of chopsticks. (A replacement for a kit that I lost, which I only really need the book and the rolling mat)

From my adoptive family:

    - a blessedly shorter-than-normal phone conversation (I'll be going to see them in FL at the end of January/Beginning of February, so I wasn't expecting more)

From my biological family:

     - two very nice long conversations about geeky things, one with my dad, one with my sister

Saturday, December 5, 2015


I have a friend in Kansas. I don't remember the candidates for governor, but one was favored and everyone was "going to vote" for that one. The issue was, come election day, since everyone thought everyone else was voting for him, no one bothered to actually vote, except those who were voting for the other guy. So the wrong guy won the election.

Thus, don't rely on everyone else to vote for you. Vote for yourself.

I am registered as an independent. This means I can only vote in Open Primary elections, not Closed Primary or Caucus elections. I favor Bernie Sanders for this election. He's an independent running in the Democratic Party. Certain states will have an open primary.

The state I currently live in intends on having an open primary the month after I'm supposed to move to a different state. The state where I will move to has a closed election the month BEFORE I'm supposed to move there.

I'm debating waiting to register in my new state just so I can vote in the old state.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I know I haven't been perfect this year. I'm only human after all. And I'm sorry for all the times I've let road rage take over my voice box, or frustration with idiots make me yell and punch a pillow. I have tried though, tried to keep in mind the other person's perspective, and tried to keep my impatience from affecting the lives around me. I think I've done a pretty good job of that this year, but you would know that better than I would. If you decide I haven't done more good than bad this year, I will understand.

I am not a very materialistic person. But it's nice to be able to occasionally spend on things that aren't necessary. That's why what I'd really like for Christmas are gift cards. Things I can use every couple months when I get the urge to buy something that's not strictly necessary.

I do grocery shopping at Kroger. If I had a Kroger gift card, I could buy stuff to make myself brownies or cake. Or I could get ice cream, or cookies, or something that's more a treat. Or even sushi!

Walmart is where I get non-grocery necessities. A gift card to Walmart could be used on storage items, dust mite covers, and maybe a better mattress pad.

Staples for office supplies, sure, but I can get myself a real computer chair with a Staples gift card, instead of having to use a padded dining room chair. Or I could buy some of the art supplies they have, for my crafting projects. Millions of colors of dry erase markers would be awesome! And sharpies. Lots of sharpie colors.

Of course, Michael's and Joanne Fabrics are better for crafting supplies. And an Amazon gift card would let me buy just about anything, including more card protectors for my Magic the Gathering collection, and more of the cases that can hold cards with the sleeves on them.

Harbor Freight Tools would be awesome, because I could work on my collection of tools for when I have my own house. American Freight would let me get quality furniture for cheap. Home Depot or Lowes would work for tools and materials, so I could build my own custom furniture and some other... projects...

I much prefer to buy dildos, costumes, and lingerie in person, where I can verify that it's the size I'm expecting it to be. Since those are smaller stores, that would have to be cash. But a wooden paddle, I could probably find that on Amazon with no issues.

Most of those gift cards, you wouldn't even have to stop by my apartment, which lacks a chimney for you to come by. Some would need to be mailed, and you already have my address. Of course, many could be emailed, which would save you on the postage. I don't know if you do email, so in case you don't keep track of it, you can use to send the gift cards. Or if you prefer. I guess that's just whether you think Microsoft or Google is a better company... sorry for not having a yahoo account to give you. x.x

I hope your holiday season is not too busy this year. I hope asking for gift cards via email helps cut down on your workload.

Happy Holidays!


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

As Promised

Christmas Decor

So Streamate has started doing contests for holiday decorations. It started with a costume contest on Halloween (which happened to be a day off for me, hence the lack of participation), and now there's a Christmas Decoration contest. 1 gold tip = 1 vote for the best decorations.

I have no expectation of winning, but I thought, I'm not the scrooge type, so I might as well participate regardless of the lack of chance. It's just for fun, right?

I bought a "holiday garland" from the dollar tree, dug out my Christmas box, wove the garland into a wreath and decorated it with the stuff in the box and some pipe cleaners, as well as a Christmas Barrette I never wear. Unfortunately, it's difficult to see it on camera. So I took some pictures.

Here's the result:

Later, I need to take a better pic of the wreath, after a bit of adjustments. Then I'll post the better pic, and the individual items on it.

And yes, that's a Precious Moments stocking. x.x I've had it since I was 8.