Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Shenangans!

Hey guys!

Since I'm not working Saturday, and Sunday is after Halloween, I'll be doing the Halloween show on Wednesday this year.

See my sexy costumes, with 

Here's how  it works:

Every 200 tokens I'll get naked. I'll stay naked for 1 full song. After every naked time will be a different costume. I've got lots, listed on the "Toys and Such" tab. Privates do count, they can finish off one countdown and start another countdown.

Example 1: If I go into private with 560 tokens, and private takes me to 770 tokens, I'll do a strip and outfit when I get out, and again when I get the other 30 to bring my total to 800.

Example 2: I go into private with 480 tokens and by the end of the private I'm at 1060 tokens, I'll do one strip and outfit when I get out of private, and the new countdown starts at 140 tokens to get my total to 1200.

Example 3: I go into private with 560 tokens and private takes me to 770 tokens. While I'm doing the strip and outfit, I get the other 30. I will wait a bit in the costume, then do the next strip and outfit.

Order of costumes:

1- Red Dress with Petticoat.
2- Pirate
3- Lt. Luna, Officer of Reproductive Customs
4- Lolita Dress
5- Amazon Elf
6- Kitty Dress

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Random Shows

Today's random show possibilities :

      (I get naked and use Berry scented lotion all over)
      (I get naked and spank ass, tits, pussy, in that order)
Strip Tease
      (in current outfit)
      (naked, pushups, situps, squats)
       (get in it, dance in it)
Sexy Outfit
       (get in it, show off in it, strip tease tease out of it)
Halloween Costume
        (get in it, show off in it)
Rope Harness
        (get naked, full body harness or each half, stay in for awhile)
BDSM Stuffs
        (cuffs and chains, nipple clamps, ball gag)
Nakkie Luna
        (I get naked, show off a bit, and bounce around for 2-3 songs)
Clothed Dancing
       (in current outfit)
Ben Wa Balls
       (naked, insert off-camera, then on camera do jumping jacks as long as I can, see how many fall out)
Sucking on Dildo
       (the fleshy dildo, stops before I cum)
Footjob for Dildo
       (the fleshy dildo, stops before I cum)