Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Updates and Stuff

Hey guys!

Lesse... last post was December... ho boy.

Emotional upheaval. As every year. So whatever, nothing new, right?

I'm letting my website go. It always seems to be down right when people need to be able to access it. Far better for me to move the various pages to this blog.

Currently working close to full time hours at the shitty min wage job. So, I get on Streamate for a couple hours here and there, when I have the energy. Which hours varies by day and by week.

In April, I will be moving again. Going back to my partner. I miss him. And we've been talking, and he apologized, and we've been doing rather well in the communications area. Almost no one who knows me really well is surprised by this decision.

That's pretty well everything to talk about for now. Hence why the lack of blog posts. I hope you all are well. I'm checking my email sporadically, but at least once every few days. Feel free to send me an email. Don't forget to put my cam-name in the subject line so I know it's not spam.