Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Star Wars: The Old Republic

I have been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic as a free-to-play player. This means I never even bought cartel coins for it. Here's some gripes I have that make me hesitant to pay for the game.

1. Inconsistency of movement. Sometimes, my jump is two feet, sometimes it's five feet, and that's from standing still, jumping, then pressing the arrow. It's not exactly a game where you need to jump, unless you're going after the datacrons, which is actually something you're supposed to do to get as powerful as possible in the game.

2. Broken side-quest. The Bonus Series will not complete if you accidentally complete one of the quests within the series out of order. So after you finish your storyline on the planet, you need to run around and get all the quests that pop up at that point, but you can't complete any of them until you do the bonus series, so that you don't accidentally get stuck at the part where you turn in the quest before the one you've already completed. Oh, but you can complete the objectives, you just can't turn it in until that point in the bonus series. The thing is, why can you even get the quest before you're supposed to? When looking for why the quest was broken, I found out that even for subscribers, they won't fix the quest since it's not the main storyline. Really?

3. As a never-paid-before player, I can't trade. This means that when I get an item I can't use, I can't just give it to my partner who's playing a different class and can probably use it.

4. Some of the quest rewards for content that has been there since before the expansions were changed so that you need the expansions to use them.

5. There's a limit to how many times you can collect the loot for flashpoints. I don't mind so much that the flashpoints always provide loot a free to play player can't use, they're not part of the main story, they're not even part of the side-quests. They're extra. But going through all that work, and you can only collect loot from the first five, and one of them is part of the actual story, and there's no warning in the game. I had to find this out while searching something else.

6. Party loot only affects how loot works inside the flashpoints. Outside the flashpoints, it's always round-robin. And the loot is specified for each player, but we can't trade, so very often I end up with stuff my partner member could use but I can't, and vice-versa.

7. Despite free-for-all where first player to click gets it all is an option, the default option is to area-loot, and there's also an option to auto-collect the loot on click. We went through a quarter of a flashpoint before I managed to get my partner to understand that I wasn't getting any loot at all. Except from elite enemies, who would drop assigned loot.

8. Enemies tend to fall inside walls when they die. Sometimes, they are completely inside the wall, and you can't get your loot.

9. It's inconsistent about whether you want to right-click on something or left-click on something to use it.

10. You have to actually learn gathering skills, and you only get one skill slot.

11. Respawn rates are inconsistent. I'll do a quest and have the enemies respawning within a minute or two, then my partner will do the same quest but the enemies take forever to respawn for him.

12. If you have the same class, joining the other player's storyline means you have to play it twice, even if you're both on the same segment of story and you both wanted the same exact options throughout.

13. There are points within the personal storyline quests where the other player can affect the outcome. We're both playing republic characters, his is a jedi counselor, mine is a jedi knight, and a few times the part where you choose your response allowed me to participate despite it being his personal quest.

14. There are many places where the game ignores your choice and acts like you chose something else.

15. There are a few times where the choices you can pick from, none of them are what you actually want, but you choose one anyway, and then your character says something along the lines of what you would've picked if it had been an option.

16. The targeting system sucks. I pick my first target for each fight, as usual, but the autopick for the second target never picks the one right in front of me, and a few times has picked a target that was behind me and at a distance. Jedi Knight doesn't have ranged attacks. Which I don't mind except for the fact that it keeps picking a target far away. Quite often, one that isn't even in the fight.

17. The game keeps using free-to-play and preferred interchangeably, despite the fact that there are differences (higher credit cap for preferred, more skills, more character slots). So tooltips which talk about what free-to-play can and can't do, sometimes it applies to preferred, sometimes it only applies to the truly free-to-play. Sorting out which is which can be a mess. And because the game does that, people in the forums do that. Occasionally, you'll see a person complaining about the posts from "free-to-play" players, but only subscribers and preferred players can post in the forum. Which also means there's no way but posting on a blog for a  truly free-to-play player to explain to the company who owns the game what I'm posting here- why I'm having a hard time deciding if I want to actually support the game with a bit of discretionary funds.

18. More about looting. The beams that show me I have loot available are often not where I need to click to get my loot, and occasionally disappear completely if the other player in the party takes their loot first.

19. I am getting conflicting information on how many people can be in a party. One thing said four people, including companions, meaning only two players. Another thing said four players. Another thing said you need three other people in your party to create a guild. Another thing said you need four other people in your party to create a guild (and it even specified that was five people when including yourself). Still another thing said that some flashpoints are designed for groups of six people, but you can't join the flashpoint unless you're in the party, so...

20. Lots of guides say that free-to-play players have a credit cap of 350k. No. That's the preferred player credit cap. This goes back to the gripe from 17. The free-to-play cap is 200k.

(if you're completely lost, credit is what they call the in-game currency, similar to "gold-silver-copper" in fantasy games. Fairly sure the equivalent of one credit is one copper. Which makes the currency cap roughly the equivalent of 10 gold. But the free-to-play content only gets you to the level 50 cap, so 10 gold isn't too shabby.)


All of the inconsistencies point to the game having been patched and patched and patched. I get that people want updates to happen quickly, but part of an update that changes code has to be deleting the old code so that it doesn't cause conflicts. People will gripe about the update speed, sure, but it won't make them not pay for the game. But inconsistent gameplay and badly programmed quest choices that get ignored will make people leave without paying. We're not even done with Chapter 1, and the only reason we've played it this long is because it was helping with his depression.

Still, they did a good job with not making things which were necessary for gameplay out of reach of free-to-play players. 200,000 is a bit low for the credit cap, but preferred players get 350,000. The minimum credit cap still lets you unlock all but two of the rooms in a stronghold, and if you're careful about your skills, you can do the crafting. And as I said, it did help us through his depression, so I do plan on purchasing something. Not sure yet if I'm going to do a month of subscription to get the rest of the content, or just some cartel coins so we can trade and access the cargo hold. Oh, and those two rooms I mentioned for the stronghold- the one that calls itself a garage is not out of range for a preferred player (someone who spent money at least once, often many times), but the balcony costs so much you either need to go subscribed, or buy enough cartel coins for it.

Good news for anyone who only wants to subscribe one month, but doesn't know how to save up the credits with the cap. First off, there's the escrow account, which holds all your credits above and beyond 200,000 until you subscribe. Secondly, since you can never see how much is in the account, we've gone over the 200,000 inside our legacy banks, so you can use that to keep track of how many credits you have, and can plan to subscribe when you have over what you need to buy everything you want. I'm aiming for 60 million, assuming the legacy bank will let me hold that much. And if you play the heroic missions, a few hours can easily get you 75K credits in the Chapter 1 areas. I can't wait to find out how much we can get in the rest of it.

Anyway, time to stop griping about a game that I've just spent five days playing every chance I get. It's as addictive as one of those phone games. Another big reason to go ahead and support it, despite it's many, many flaws.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Back again, I just can't stay away!

My day job was draining me in every way, so I quit and came back to camming full time. I quit on the 1st, then was promptly thrown into red week, making last week my first week back. And what a week! You all very prominently displayed your pleasure at my taking to camera again. Thank you for the warm welcome =)

During red week, I had my wisdom teeth pulled, so last week I was on too many painkillers to be truly coherent. That also meant that I wasn't very aware of the damage to my body... and... well... my abs got a major workout, day after day, for 6 days in a row. x.x That's why I've been taking it easy this week.

My goal is to be working noon - 4, and 8 - midnight, Mon thru Fri. (Times are US Eastern).

So, here's how it's going.

On Streamate:

The focus is private.
The person who initiates private decides what happens in the private, within the boundaries.
I will not show nude boobs, pussy, or ass in public chat, not even for tips.
I do not have toys for pussy use. I have one dildo for sucking.
I still do not do any taboo roleplay.
I will not call you Master or Sir.
I will not take orders, but I will take requests.
I do not have any spanking implements.
Spanking with my hand will only be if I'm in the proper mood.
I cum when I'm ready, not before, not after.

What is Offered in Private:

panties or thongs
nylons, socks, stockings
pantyhose (with or without crotch)
pussy play w/ fingers
lotion or oil
lightly slapping ass
lightly slapping tits- exclusive only

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Forgot the Title

There are three books... well, two books and one compilation... that I read awhile back, which I don't remember the titles to. I don't remember authors, I don't remember character names. I just remember a couple scenes.

1. Back in high school, I borrowed a book from my school library. There's a dude on a space ship with a bunch of passengers. I don't remember if the dude in question was the captain or not. During the book, he learns the personalities of the different passengers. They find a planet. This planet has a mystery, and they get really close to solving the mystery, and the answer to it is that the one dude is actually God in human form. And he reacts by giving them all new bodies. One of the passengers becomes the queen bee. Literally. And two of the passengers, a paralyzed girl and her young female nurse, are transformed into a non-paralyzed girl and a boy of roughly the same age, because they were obviously in love. That's pretty much the end of the book.

2. Also back in high school, or maybe it was during college, I borrowed some books from my dad. One was a compilation. It was of three books from a sci-fi series, and those three books centered around the hospital in the series. In one of the books, the cook specified certain ingredients, but due to the way bulk ordering works, had to get 10 years' worth at a time. The cook went away for something, and the person left in charge of the kitchen noticed, so increased the amount of those spices by 10, and people got sick from ingesting too much. In another of the books, someone is brought in from a wreck, but he heals himself way too quick. Turns out he is carrying a parasite which causes him to heal quickly. The parasite keeps changing hosts, and when they almost catch the parasite, it hijacks a ship to infect a star instead.

3. Sometime after college. The book centers on an incredibly deadly planet, where the humans in the surviving colony bond with these bear-looking creatures. The book revolves around a visitor to the planet, who is the star of the entire series the book belongs in. The visitor is running from someone. The visitor learns that there is a company which wishes to mine these incredible knots found in some trees because the knots can be pressed for an oil which grants immortality. The visitor also learns towards the end of the book that the knots are really what happens to the bears when the human they pair with dies. The people looking for the visitor land a small scouting party on the planet, and one of them picks a flower and puts it in her hair. The next day, she's complaining about sickness. They meet one of the residents of the planet, who says how many people they have, but gives one less than the number. Then he says that one of them is already dead, but doesn't know it yet. That's when roots burst out of the woman with the flower, and the flower plants itself at the tree. The resident quips that you don't wear that kind of flower, that flower wears you.

I thought book 3 was part of the Ender saga, but I was very wrong... but I figure that info might help someone know what it actually was.

If anyone knows the title of any of these books, or for the 2nd and 3rd, the title of the series these books come from, the information would be greatly appreciated. It's not a huge thing, but the fact that I can't remember the titles of these books has been bothering me for quite awhile.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Coming Back

So, um... Hi.

I've been gone for such a long time... I thought, you guys deserve an explanation about it all. So, let's see. The last you all heard, I think was when I got my new job. A bit of context to help you understand the metaphor I'm using here. I have a phobia that I generalize as a phobia of bathrooms, but is really a phobia of bodily waste, with an emphasis on shit, and a separate emphasis on my own bodily waste causing a mess. So when I say "the universe dumped a pile of shit" I'm talking something major, that affects me deeply, and changes my life somehow.

End of June- I get out of training and start my new job.
Early July- I start thinking I can get back on camera once the next red week is over.
Mid July- The universe dumps a pile of shit on me. Cue the shock.
August 2nd- The universe dumps a pile of shit on my partner when I've just barely gotten my head out. Cue deeper shock.
August 4th- the shock ends and I break from the strain.
August 31st- partner is fired due to having been gone from work for so long (I don't blame him considering what his pile of shit was).
September 16th- We can almost breathe again when the universe dumps a third pile of shit on both of us.

The first pile of shit, I haven't heard on the status of it in awhile. I need to get on finding out about it, but I've been a bit busy dealing with all the rest of the shit.

The second pile of shit is not the kind of thing that can get resolved.

The third pile of shit is not going to be finished being resolved for at least a month, possibly longer. (It required moving out of our apartment while they repair some damages, and we'll be moving back in once they're done with the repairs)

Here's the problem. I broke. Like, really, truly broke. This changed me. I'm basically... who I would've been just out of college if I hadn't had any friends in high school or college and hadn't had a fuckbuddy in college.

I will no longer be offering toys.
I will no longer be offering any kind of bdsm play, regardless of who is on top.
I will not even be doing spankings anymore.

I offer dancing, stretching, exercises, nudity, clothing, costumes, panty-play (no stuffing), stockings, hose, fingers-in-pussy, oil play, lotion play. Please note- for oil I will have to get it from another room. All nudity is now paid shows only. Not even flashes for tips. I will still change clothes for tips, and as always that will be done off-camera.

Moving out has left me exhausted. I need a couple days to recover. Hopefully, the universe has run out of piles of shit to drop on us. But I can't count on that. So no promises. Only this- I will try. I will try to get on for a few hours Sunday evenings. I will try to get on for an hour after work- but they started me on the flex-schedule, so when I can do that hour will vary.

Getting back on once I was used to the new job was always the plan, even before he lost his job. I just wasn't planning to have to change things this drastically.

Take care everyone. See you online.

Friday, July 15, 2016


Hey Guys!

Wow, customer service is exhausting x.x

I'm in the higher ups, so by the time a customer talks to me, they've been though at least two other people, and are starting to get tired and frustrated. I've been lucky though, only a couple people a week get pissed at me, and I get people apologizing for "acting badly" b/c they're pissed at the company when I haven't even noticed it. Lots of compliments and happy people at the end of the calls, which is nice.

I adore helping people. I dread every day because I *still* don't feel like I'm qualified, and I have no idea if I'm doing things right enough by the company to not get fired. x.x I'm just doing my best to help the customers, to hell with the metrics about time on call and stuff like that. I don't take forever on purpose, and I do try to do things as quickly as I can. Some days I get it better than others.

Despite all this, I'm finally starting to find my rhythm. There's no time for housework between calls, and my breaks are really short. Plus I'm working more hours (I was scheduled for 35 hours a week on camera, and you all know that I usually only worked about 30 of those if I include the short break after every private; now I'm working 40 hours a week, 2 paid 15-min breaks and 1 unpaid 30-min lunch per day), so my time off is very... stressful x.x

I'm pretty confident that I will not be getting back on camera. I'm hoping to do a video or two a month, but... well... you know my track record on stuff like that. I'll post on twitter any time I upload a new video.

I still check the eve_matteo hotmail account every day, so if you want to buy a video using mfc tokens, that is still an option. Just send me an email regarding which video you want, and make sure you pay the tokens listed, and I'll check on that and all.

Take care everyone!

Monday, May 16, 2016


So, let's try something different.

Fri and Sat will be my days off usually.

This week, I plan to work Fri afternoon.

This Thursday or sometime next week, there should be a memorial service for one of my partner's family members (it depends on when other family members are able to attend). If I don't appear for a day, that's where I am. I'll try to post on twitter if it does happen on a workday.

My break will be roughly two hours long. When it starts will depend on when my partner's break is, I need to be off  45 mins before his break so I can have dinner ready for his break. I will not know when his break is until 4 or 5pm day of, so... not much warning for you guys. Sorry. His earliest scheduled break so far has been 7pm. His latest so far has been 8pm. Thing is, sometimes he gets tied up and his break doesn't start for up to an hour into it. If that happens, I won't be back until his break is over. Hence the roughly 2 hours, but maybe as much as 3 hours if it takes an hour past scheduled for his break to start. (45 mins before scheduled, 1 hour late, 30 min break = 2.25 hours). On Thursdays, break will be roughly 6:30 - 8:30.

So, we're looking at 2pm - midnight, with a break somewhere in there for dinner.

To ensure that I get my break on time, I'll be doing a gold show just before break starts each day starting tomorrow. Exactly when the countdowns start and such will need to be planned and will depend on the day.

See you on Streamate!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Adventures in Visual C#

Dear Microsoft,

When I'm typing, if I finish the word that I wanted, I hit space bar without thinking. It's really a bitch that spacebar also happens to tell intellisense that instead of what I typed, insert the selected code. Same goes for typing "." . It would be nice if instead of intellisense deciding that my normal typing is me selecting options, there was a different key, one not used nearly as often during coding, that told intellisense I wanted to use that selection. That way when I'm looking at my notes instead of the code I'm typing, I'm not going to look back to check for errors and recognize exactly nothing of what I typed. I like intellisense reminding me which syntax is required for what language, because python, java, and C# all have different requirements and sometimes I forget which is which. But it's not worth it when I have to break the flow of my typing to NOT use intellisense. So I turn it off, and lose the use of one tool which makes Visual Studios so nice.

This message was inspired because I'm doing the Visual C# Basics course through Microsoft's virtual academy. During lesson 10, there's one line that says:

char[] messageArray = message.ToCharArray();

Every time I typed "message." in the second part of the line, it changed what I typed to messageArray. So when I looked back, I got

char[] messageArray = messageArrayToCharArray();

There was another part of his code where I would press space and end up with something I'd never seen before, because I'm not that far into the course. I turned off intellisense, so I can't really go through and find out what I typed and what I got. Throughout the lesson, fighting with intellisense about what I really meant to type cost me 10 minutes.

"." and " " are so ubiquitous throughout coding that they really shouldn't be keyboard shortcuts on their own. Maybe make it "ctrl + space", so that it's something relatively easy to type that won't be typed by accident.

Someone Actually Using Your Stuff

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Scheduling (crossing fingers!)

Hey guys!

So, many of you know that whenever I post a schedule, that pretty well guarantees I won't be able to follow it right away.

So now, I'm posting my schedule in the middle of red week, when I already know I can't follow it, so that hopefully, I'll be able to follow it when red week is over. (Yeah, we'll see how well that goes...)

I'm trying to have Thursday and Friday as my days off. Which means I'll work Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Sat.

I'm trying to work 2pm - 6pm, 9pm - Midnight (US Eastern).

Cross your fingers and hope this works! (Red week started last Tuesday, so we're looking at a Tues or Wed return from it.)

Monday, March 14, 2016

New Computer

W00T! It's awesome!

So, we got his CPU yesterday just before he had to work. He got off work around midnight, but spent his breaks getting stuff started, and looking at the manuals. After he got off work, I helped him with his computer a bit before taking apart my temporary desktop. I pulled the wires off and undid the screws for the Hard Drive and Video Card. Not him, me. :)

We put my Hard Drive (500GB) and Video Card (nVidia GTX 450) in his old case. Here's what's new and awesome:

- The front USB ports actually work (my old case, the front usb ports had a habit of stopping every 15ish minutes)
-It has water cooling for the CPU (quieter than my old computer, only fan you can hear now is the video card)
-It has a 6-core processor (so I can see your camera while streaming mine, and I don't have to exit dropbox or firefox to do so)
-It has 8 GB of RAM (honestly I don't use much over 2, but it's nice to have the extra so I don't have to upgrade so soon)

What stays the same, but is still awesome (aside from the already listed HD and GC)?

-Two monitors (1600x900 and 1280x1024)
-Washable Keyboard
-Fairly old gaming mouse (so I don't have to worry about ruining it with pussy juice, but still have the scrolling buttons by the wheel and the back/forward thumb buttons)

Gentlemen, I give you my "new" computer! What should I call it? Suggestions in the comments!

Edited to add the pics. Please note: left click on the picture and click "view image" if all you see is an icon. Also, I put them in the public camming google drive folder, so you can see them there.

Friday, March 11, 2016

The Computer Saga

Hey guys!

As I posted on twitter, my desktop died the other day. I figured it might be useful for you all to know exactly what is going on with everything.

First, some background. My partner and I have always been in agreement that he needs a better computer than I do. I'm not going to justify why this is so to you guys, just know that it is the truth. He needs more processing power, more ram, better graphics, and more hard drive space than I do. Any time my needs in this go up, his have gone up three times previously.

Back in 2010, he made his dream gaming computer. About six months later (early 2011), upgrades came out, and he made another one, and gave me his gaming computer. That is the desktop I've been using. So it dying now was not entirely unexpected. Looking at things, we think the power supply went bad and killed it. There might be an issue with the motherboard as well.

In June 2015, I turned 30. My dad wanted to do something special for such a "landmark" birthday, so he got me an ASUS ROG laptop. For awhile, I was letting someone else use the desktop, and was using the laptop for everything. When I got the desktop back, I set it up for gaming-only, keeping the laptop for camming. Then I realized that the desktop would work better for camming, since I take the laptop places where kids can see. So I refreshed Windows 10 on both, and did the setup. That was... a couple weeks ago I think?

My desktop's hard drives have switched out a few times. Most recently, it had an 500 GB and an 80 GB hard drive. I had Windows installed on the bigger hard drive, and Linux installed on the smaller one. When I initially installed Windows, I installed it as Windows 8 and upgraded to Windows 10. When I installed Windows 8, it gave me the option to put the boot partition on the 80 GB drive. Here's where I'm unsure. I think I told it no, but it's possible I told it to do so since I knew I was doing the dual boot thing. I could've sworn I made it so that windows wouldn't need both hard drives though.

If you've been following, we had two gaming desktops from 2010/2011, one gaming laptop from last summer. There are also multiple standard desktops. So when my desktop died, we decided to move the video card and the Windows hard drive into one of the other unused desktops. However, I needed both hard drives. I didn't want to need both hard drives. We have a fourth computer that's set up as a linux box with profiles for each of us to play with. I got tired of windows rebooting on me while I was in the kitchen on breaks and me coming back to Linux loading up because that's what it does if I'm not here to press the button quickly enough when it gets to the screen where I choose which operating system to use.

Yesterday, we went to a computer store and bought most of what my partner needs to build himself a new gaming computer (he's porting his current hard drive and current video cards over, and they were out of the CPU he wanted, so we had to get that online). He's keeping his current video cards (yes, two of them, for his 4 monitor setup), and hard drive(s? unsure). But, that leaves his old computer which is not quite as old as my old computer, and has better capabilities than anything except my laptop. So, when his CPU gets here in about a week, he's going to put together his new computer, and then when we have a day off together, we put my video card and hard drive in his old computer which then becomes my new computer. ^_^

In the meantime, my CPU and RAM capabilities are kinda gimped. What does this mean for you? It means that any time I can't really pull up youtube videos while camming. I can't go to any links. I can't look up obscure facts. It also means that if you do cam2cam with me, my camera might get a little choppy just from having your camera on my screen. It means the first couple seconds of a show the camera is likely to be a little choppy. It means that my video quality might suffer a little. I'm sorry about this. It is very temporary.

So, I'm back on today. I'm still working out what my days off will be from now on x.x I'm thinking half a day Saturday, taking Thursday off, and then a random half day that will change weekly depending on when I need it.