Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Convention ^.^

The reason I haven't been posting about DnD, is because our DM has been without internet.

I am posting now, to let you all know about the con.

I went to an anime Convention. It is the second time in my life going to any con, and the first time was this same convention last year. Every year I say "we need more money next time." Just like when I used to go to the Renn Faire in college. There is this one panel we always want to go to, but they charge $5, and we never can. x.x

I enjoyed the Lolita panels that they had. Expect me at some point to get a Lolita outfit or two. One elegant, one sweet. Examples have been posted on my forum under the "I want to see Luna in that" thread.
I also thoroughly enjoyed learning about how Geisha were a very tiny bit of the pleasure quarters, and how they were strictly non-sexual entertainment. And the art of Shibari (tying) from Japan. Japan loves their knots. :P

As far as what I managed to bring back, last year I got a picture and a tux magnet. This year, I got a grab bag that held one thing of strawberry pocky (damn, I wanted chocolate) and a fruits basket key-chain. I bought a button (wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff, yay Dr Who! Next year, I wanna get "I <3 <3 the doctor"). And I spun the wheel hoping for a con t-shirt, and instead won the very last box set that they have. Seaons II of Kyo Kara Moah. Now I gotta find Season I so I can watch it. :P

I left for the con with $70. About $30 went into the gas tank, leaving $30 for myself and my master to share. Between the food and such, we only have about $7 of it left. I spent most of the money (he didn't get any souvenirs). I only spent $4.50 on souvenirs. Next year, if each of us brings $100, we will be able to do that one panel.

We also plan to cosplay next year, though I'm debating what I want to go as. Then again, he is too. Worst comes to worst, I could do Kyo from Fruits Basket (all I need to get is the wig and bracelet, and the bracelet I *could* just paint one that I already own.), but I think I'd rather go as Ran, from Tsukikage Ran. Of course, there's also Jelanda from Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. If I go as her though, I'd want to go in her princess gown, and that will probably be a $200 commission... x.x The others I should be able to make on my own before next year, so Jelanda is later.