Saturday, February 16, 2013

Throw Trucks With Your Mind!

A friend who went to college for video game design got his hands on one of those headsets which measures brainwaves a few years ago. Since then, he's been working on making a video game that actually makes use of this technology! He's gotten the quirks worked out of the system and is finally ready to start actually developing the real game.

It's called Throw Trucks with Your Mind, and it looks AWESOME! If you want to help him make his dream a reality, and so make all our dreams a reality, here is the kickstarter campagin. The rewards for the different tiers are awesome stuff, like designing objects to throw ($150+) or giving the concept behind a level in the game (3,000+). Anything $25 and up gets a copy of the game when it comes out (This is the lowest I'm going, though if I can get the art stuff I totally will!) You have until March 12th to save up for enough to get the level you're interested in, but act fast, cause everything involving game concepts has limited slots, and the higher the tier, the fewer slots are available.

So check it out! Spread the word! Let's get this project moving!

(donate for this project and send a screen shot of the confirmation to my email for a free video! You get to choose, anything up to twice what you donated!)