Disclaimer: I am not a men's rights activist. I am a men's rights sympathizer. The thoughts and views that I have do not necessarily reflect the men's rights movement, and my source of income does not necessarily meet with approval by those who are considered the leaders and influential members of the movement.

This page is meant to be a resource for those who are interested in learning more about the movement, as well as a gathering of everything I pay attention to and/or say about the movement. This page is almost entirely comprised of links.

To Learn About the Movement
This section is a bunch of links which I think someone who is interested in learning about the Men's Human Rights Movement should probably view.

Threat Narratives Youtube Playlist

Intro to MHRM Youtube Playlist (also includes the first video)

My Posts
This section is a list of the posts on this blog which I have made that apply to the MHRM.

Other Resources/References
This section has links to more resources and references for those who already understand what the MHRM is about. 

A Voice For Men Main Site

John The Other Youtube Channel

Paul Elam Youtube Channel

Girl Writes What Youtube Channel

Typhon Blue Youtube Channel

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