Friday, August 19, 2011

VisualBoy Advance

VisualBoy Advance is the GameBoy Advance emulator that is widely regarded as the best around. Way back when I first downloaded it, it was awesome. Pressing the speed button would speed it up to 200-300% speed, at which point it was difficult but not impossible to walk around. It was also possible to adjust the speed button up or down, if you wanted it faster or slower.

Now, it decides to use as many resources as my computer has available and make the game go as fast as possible. And there is no way to make it go slower, without forcing the game to take up so much resources that it can't speed up that fast. Which is counterproductive to why I want it slower in the first place- I need my resources to focus on the camming on streamate when I'm playing it.

Yeah, that's right, when you see me on streamate looking at the screen occasionally pressing a button... I was playing pokemon on speed, because damnit, I like being able to get to 5 levels in a quarter of the time it usually takes. Besides, on streamate, the more I talk, the less money I make. That's right- being friendly is counterproductive. Fucked, isn't it? So I need a way to amuse myself and make it look like I'm having a great time without doing something that makes people uncomfortable to interrupt.

So, to those who developed Visual Boy Advance, would you please do one more release that allows us to determine how fast the speed button goes? That's ALL I want you to change. Cause I just want 300%.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I am not very happy with the way my life has been unfolding over the past few years. I have changed in many ways, most of which are bad. Plus, I find that I no longer love the man who has been my Master for the past three years. So, I have told him that I no longer wish to be his, because I want to change how I act and react to situations, and because I no longer love him in a way that would allow me to be in a relationship with him.

I am not looking for a new relationship. I will still abide by my promise not to meet people from cam sites.

I have some decisions to make. Most of them will have to be made without my really thinking too hard about them, so I've been distracting myself. I am playing Dungeon Siege (the original), since I beat it way back in High School and can't for the life of me remember the story. I am also almost finished with a puzzle- 1000 pieces, picture of the Taj Mahal. All I have left is the sky. Damn skies and their lack of detail- it's all about shape of the pieces and shades of blue. Grr.

I will continue with my schedule- Sundays are MFC and Mon-Fri are "streamate" (which streams me to like, five million places at once...)

As for why I've been offline, well, it was Red Week. No camming allowed when I'm bleeding you know. And my cart got here, so my computer was in the living room. And his youngest sister and her girlfriend, both of whom are under 18, were here, so I couldn't do anything too raunchy. But, as of today, I am back in action. I look forward to having lots of fun with everyone. See you on camera!


The one Saturday, we were missing a player, and teh DM promised us to secrecy regarding what happened until the new player arrived.

So, I have to update you on two saturdays.

Here's what's up so far:

We were teleported to the mountain where we would find the soulwell, except the teleport went horribly wrong and we ended up in the future. The future is the star wars universe, and we were brought before the Jedi council. They held us hostage for a bit, and that's where that day ended.

The next session our missing party member was returned to us. Except we were still missing the DM character. We gained a Jedi to channel the force and send us back to the past, but he has no way back, so we brought him with us. Unfortunately, as far as we can tell, the cleric (DM character) was kidnapped by the lady we're supposed to be stopping. And he had the key to the capstone.

Here's what we know- without the key, we'd have to outright destroy the capstone. Opening the soul well that quickly was likely to suck us into the afterlife, where Kalimar would be very very pissed to have living creatures in his realm. So yeah, fucked.

We are transported again, and this time we land on top of a warrior. He is trying to find out what happened to his village. We suggest he travels with us. He agrees.

We enter a stronghold. The warrior and Jedi have a pissing contest of who will open a door, the Jedi ends up throwing it down the hall with loud echoes. We prepare for battle, and end the session.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Last night I had a dream. You can steal it and turn it into a book/movie/cartoon/whatever if you'd like. I think it would work best a scott-pilgrim style movie.

Here's what I remember:

Background: The world is infested by Zombies. After much trial, I have discovered their source- my own family. To save what's left of the human race, I have to kill my mother. My (grandmother? aunt?) is testing me to be sure I can do it, and throws stuff at me (superpowr stuff as well as physical stuff). I use arrows and powers to deflect. I don't want to kill her. Not sure if I passed or failed the test, but suddenly I'm at a party for the zombies. none of them touch me (I guess because my mother has control and, despite being a zombie herself, she doesn't want to hurt me?). Suddenly people are yelling that she's loose (meaning my mother) and I see this woman flying at me. I start running, looking for arrows and sources of power with which to destroy her, all remembrance that she's my mother gone.

I guess they contained her, because the next thing I know I'm on to the second, harder test, against the same woman. I find out that this is the woman I actually have to kill, and go through an emotional hump, and wake up.

Of course, how I wrote it isn't book worthy, but any real writer can instantly see the story value of this dream. Have fun!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I had a random thought the other day. What if the libraries had a program where anyone who has a e-book reader could donate their physical books for an e-book copy? I sure as hell would donate. I bet that would help the libraries get a lot more books. Of course, they'd have to actually have access to the e-book copies to do this, which would also mean all the books would need to exist as an e-book.

Geeky stuff updates:

-I sold my laptop. I'm getting an e-book reader and a cart for the desktop so it can go all over the apartment. I'm gonna need a hell of an extension chord to wheel that thing to the kitchen though x.x For now, I'm just looking to be able to bring it out of the room when I'm not working, or just around the corner from it's normal plug for oil and shower shows. Between the psp, the emulators on the psp, the e-book reader, and some blank paper I have all I need to stay occupied for hours. Now I just need a giant extension chord and extra batteries for the e-book reader and the psp. :P

I have been rereading The Hobbit and LOTR. I have finished the hobbit after spending most of yesterday reading it. I'm just cracking into LOTR.

I have also been watching Trigun. Love it. Totally adore it. I WANNA PLUSHIE OF THE CAT. Maybe I'll be able to make one at the con next year. Tonight, I watched the first episode about Vash's past. Hooray for seed ships?

That's about all the news I have. I hope we have DnD this week. ^.^

DnD Summary

The weekend before last we had a DnD game, FINALLY. Last week was none. I'm guessing there will be one this week, so I'd better do an update. unfortunately, my memory's a little fuzzy.

I remember finding a secret passage that led through a few more secret passages that led to a door that was guarded by dogs. Of course, I set off the acid trap. But then again, Swiftguard knows nothing about dungeon crawling and figures if a door is already guarded, why the hell would it be trapped?

We got nothing but experience for the trouble (killing the dogs who guarded the door).

Down the VERY LAST passage we had left to explore was a bunch of traps that we managed to disable. At the end of the traps was a door, and a woman trying to bring a man back to life. We find out that there is no evil in either of them, the woman was the man's wife. We will have to stop her somehow, but she disappeared on us, leaving behind the key to the capstone.

Heading back to the main city, we find out that the soulwell itself is in the frozen wastelands where few dare venture. Oh joy.