Video Ideas

Submitting suggestions:

you can email me through , or through . Make sure you say "Video Suggestion for Lady Luna" in the title of the email. You can also send me an mfc mail, make sure to put "video suggestion". Why that specific title? So that if I take the suggestion, I can find your message easily to let you know the video is available. Once it's done, it's up to you if you wish to purchase it through tokens or through Clips4Sale. There will be no special prices for the person who suggested the video. I will not do videos with another person.

Here's a list of videos I intend on doing with the camcorder that I now have access to.

yes master 2: striptease, play till cum, spanking, play till cum, nipple clips and spanking, play till cum, cuffs and ball gag, dildo till cum, spanking, hitatchi till cum, dildo till cum

Exercising (view from above, view from floor looking up, and view from straight on)
   -panties and bra
   -short shorts and sports bra
   -jogging pants and sports shirt
   -sweat pants and t-shirt
   -t-shirt and panties
   -short skirt and spaghetti strap shirt

Bouncing on Exercise Ball (front, back, side)
    -panties and bra
    -short-shorts and sports bra
    -short skirt spaghetti strap
    -sweat pants and t-shirt
    -cargo pants and t-shirt

Playing with pussy (naked, on back)
   - top view
   - standard view
   - side view
Playing with pussy through and under pantyhose
Playing with pussy wearing nylons on hands
Playing with pussy through and under panties
Playing with pussy in crotchless teddy
Each view and each method of play, in doggie style

Close-up playing with my pussy

-close-up of feet
-sucking on feet

-orgasm face video

-chocolate and/or strawberry syrup
-ice cream with chocolate syrup and caramel syrup, maybe banana pieces and crushed peanuts?
-chocolate, fluff, and graham cracker crumbs

-ice play
-wax play

-riding the roll
-riding the dildo
-riding the dildo reverse

-Star Trek Masturbation
-Star Trek Riding

-Riding Dildo tub scene
-Riding Dildo school books

Phone Sex Variations (video and audio editions)

Martial Arts Practice (in Gi, in Nude, in Workout pants, in workout shorts)
Beginner's Yoga (in Nude, in Workout pants, in workout shorts)

Karaoke (in normal clothes, in sexy clothes, in lingerie, nude)

Striptease/Dancing vids

Rope play

Sucking (fully clothed, naked, topless, lingerie)
     -Cock worship

food play
pillow destruction
clothing destruction

latex body paint - painting and peeling


Suggested by others (these are videos that others suggested directly or indirectly within a few months before I decided to make this list. If there is a video listed above the line which you suggested to me at some point, I apologize for not remembering that you suggested it.)

(need to buy bubble gum and a blow-up toy)
-blowing up a balloon
-blowing bubble gum
-popping gum while squeezing air out of blow-up-toy
-popping gum while popping balloons
-blowing ballons while squeezing air out of blow-up-toy

I need to do these eventually

Strap on videos
1. tease....   wear a strap-on, walk around the room, while jerking off.
2. lay on bed, jerk off/masturbate to a dirty magazine or porn movie on comp
3. roleplay of a sex teacher. dress up as a teacher, wear strap-on and teach the proper way to jerk off/stroke penis.
4. roleplay of a Star Trek or Star Wars character of a female alien that has a penis. wear a costume of an alien with a strap-on.
5. SPH (small penis humiliation) wear a strap-on and make fun/laugh of the audience (the cam) that you have a bigger penis.
6. fucking. wear a strap on and hump a stuff animal or  many pillows.

1. doable
2. doable
3. maybe
4. needs a costume
5. unsure, maybe in a certain mood
6. not a stuffed animal, maybe the pillows or rolled up comforter?

Green apples- "You would be barefoot with hot pink or red polish on your toes. You would step on 2 green apples. The camera will be at a floor view and you're facing the camera. You place your foot on one apple so it is under the ball of your foot and your toes. You slowly put your weight on it, so you're standing on it like on tiptoe, and your other foot comes off the floor. You stand on it like that - changing feet if necessary - until it crushes ... then you crush the pieces until they're flat. Then you do the same thing with the other apple.

I might try this with a warm apple

Calf Muscle- "hi im looking 4 girls who can control their sexxxy calves like in youtube video called crazy calf nauli wave"

I need to look up what this is, but if it is what I think it is, I don't think I can do it.

shave, shower, and cum (going to do)

oil show while wearing bikini, then strip it off. (going to do)

wedge stuckage, where someone tries to fit through a small space like a dog door, the armrest of a chair, or anything else tight, and gets stuck halfway through. Like you would start to crawl through the space, your boobs would fit through (barely) and then your hips wouldn't fit and you would be stuck, and have to struggle for a while to get out.

Looking into my options, but plan on doing something along these lines eventually.

The whole process of sewing a small blue apron which I am somewhat designing myself (going to do)

fully clothed, bare feet, laying on stomach, feet visible (maybe)

footjob video with stockings (probably) 

getting dressed (probably)


  1. Great List Luna! I am trying to come up with one for myself as well and find yours helpful. I JUST got approved for my C4S site this morning and amd dying to make my 10 clips to get the ball rolling, but my brain is frozen! hopefully this jars it loose and if i think of any new ideas that might work, i'll post them back for you. :)

    ~MystykBlue~ (ACF)

  2. Glad it can possibly help!

    Here's a couple more places to get video ideas:

    1. the clips4sale category list. You don't have to upload a video to see it. Just initiate the process. On ACF I've posted a couple incarnations of this list, just search "clips4sale categories" with author LadyLuna in MO (not sure if it's in random discussion or other camsites, possibly one incarnation in each...) But they're constantly changing the list, which is why that's a different resource from the current list.

    2. feel free to steal ideas from videos I've already done. ^_^ there's links on the sidebar, one to my clips4sale store, another to my website. I believe most all videos on both are duplicates, but I think there's a few on my clips4sale store that I don't have on the website list because I lost the files, and I know there's a couple on my website that are exclusives, not sold anywhere else.

    Good luck, and happy camming!