Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shel Silverstein

There's very little I remember about my time with my biological family. After all, it effectively ended when I was 6 and a half. I do remember an entire wall of bookshelves from the second house I lived in with them. The very first poetry I can remember being introduced to came from Shel Silverstein's collection. I believe those two books belonged to my mother, they were

A Light in the Attic
Where the Sidewalk Ends

My favorite was the one about the person being eaten by a boa constrictor. My second favorite was Hug O War.

As a college student studying to be a teacher, I was given The Missing Piece. I remember hearing about The Giving Tree, and seeing it somewhere. I know I've heard about Falling Up, and I think I've read it.

Honestly, I would say that Shel Silverstein is one of those must-haves for any parent of youngish children. By that, I mean 6-10. Those poems are great for a read-aloud, and it's important to read to your children. (I know, I've never had a child, but I was studying to be a teacher! Of course I had to learn what's important for a child's mind.) The stories and the poems of this author are awesome for opening minds and sparking imagination. What parent wouldn't want to give those two things to their children?

(Also, I'd love to buy the collection of books for myself... x.x)

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Correct Way to hang Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is a subject for which many people have a strong opinion. We have to use it all the time, so it kinda makes sense that people would have a strong opinion. For years, those who hang it to the front and those who hang it to the back have debated over which is the "correct" way to hang toilet paper. Good news! I have the answer that will end this heated debate!

Those in the "To the Front" camp are concerned with ease. It's so much easier to rip off a sheet of toilet paper without letting it trail all the way to the floor when the toilet paper is hanging to the front. So for a good portion of the population, to the front is the correct way to hang the toilet paper.

Those in the "to the back" camp are concerned with the toilet paper being played with and wasted on the floor. If you have pets or children, there is a good chance they will see front-hanging toilet paper as a free-for-all. So, for those with pets or children, to the back is the correct way to hang the toilet paper.

Further, most people grew up in a household with the toilet paper hanging to the back, because they grew up in a household with children, and usually pets as well. Therefore, most people are used to having to deal with tearing the paper when it is hung to the back. Thus, it's probably best if the world hangs their toilet paper to the back so that people don't get too used to the easy way to tear it and throw a fit when they visit friends with pets or children.

So the correct way to hang toilet paper is to the back, because that keeps the kids and pets out of it, and helps those who visit people with kids and/or pets will have to get used to it.

See, isn't that easy?

Personally, I don't really care about being correct in instances of opinion, so I'll continue hanging my toilet paper to the front, and grumble to myself when I visit family and friends. After all, they're doing it right :P

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hopefully the only Political Post I'll Make

There are four things a President can do when it's not wartime that actually affects how this country is run.

1. Suggest policy to Congress
2. Veto Bills Congress Tries to Pass
3. Appoint people to important positions within the white house
4. Appoint a new Supreme Court Justice if one of the current ones dies or resigns.

Everybody's talking about what Obama has and hasn't done, but what they fail to understand is that Obama CAN'T MAKE THE LAWS from the President's Chair. The President does not make laws. He suggests them, and he vetos ones that Congress makes and he doesn't agree with.

So, what has Obama *actually* done? He's actually done more than any other president within the small scope he legally claims.

Why am I against Romney? Well, if a Justice of the Supreme Court Dies, Women and Gay people are fucked for another... however long. Because right now, one new person for the Republicans will allow the Supreme Court to block abortion. And will allow the Supreme Court to block gay marriage, and gay right's movements.

What can Romney or Obama do for the health care? Pass or block a law congress puts in writing.
What can they do about the Economy? Pass or block a law that congress puts in writing.
What can they do about gun control? Pass or block a law that congress puts in writing.

What can they do about Women's Rights and the LGBT community's rights?
-Pass or block laws that congress puts in writing.
-Appoint Justices to the Supreme Court

And the most direct thing they can do:
-Appoint Women and LGBT people to offices in the white house.

So you see, everybody is so worried about how the President will affect the Economy or the Health Care industry. What you don't get, is that such things are mostly about Congress. The President can't do SHIT about those things if Congress doesn't write a law he agrees with. The Republicans like to blame the current health care bill on Obama. Well, yes, Obama signed it and pushed for it, but CONGRESS HAD TO WRITE IT.

If you elect Romney, here's what's likely to happen:
-The Rich will get more tax cuts, which will go into their savings accounts, yachts, houses, and such.
-The economy will continue to decline, because the middle class will still have no spending money (because Romney will block those bills)
-The Supreme Court might rule that states are allowed to outlaw abortion if they choose.
-The Supreme Court will probably not rule that gay people cannot be discriminated against in the workplace and while searching for apartments (did you not know? In some states, a person can be kicked out of their home for being gay. That's fucked up.)
-The Supreme Court will probably not rule that gay people can adopt, barring thousands of parents from adopting thousands of children.

If you elect Obama, here's what's likely to happen:
-Taxes will probably stay where they are.
-If Congress can figure out how to give the middle class some spending money, the economy can start to grow again (because Obama will sign those bills)
-More Women and openly LGBT people will be given the chance to show that they are just like everybody else, just as capable as everybody else
-The Supreme Court might rule that states must allow abortion clinics to continue
-The Supreme Court might rule that gay people cannot be discriminated against in the workforce and in a hunt for a home
-The Supreme Court might rule that gay people can adopt, allowing thousands of parents to adopt thousands of children

So there you have it.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Body Image

Like all women, I'm a little self-conscious about my body. I loved the way I looked when I first started camming, but I've been gaining weight. That wouldn't bother me, except for the other problems- the shortness of breath, the lack of energy, the lack of strength and stamina.

So when I say "I want to get in shape", what I mean is:
-I want to be able to dance through the night without running out of breath
-I want to be able to sing again
-I want to be able to lift the boxes that were slightly heavy two years ago and seem impossible now

I do not mean:
-I want to fit into my old clothes
-I want to be skinny/muscular/whatever specific physical appearance

Yes, I would love to fit into my old clothes, and I would love for my thighs to go back to not rubbing against each other, my ass-checks going back to being self-spreading. I'm not holding my breath over those things, and I'm not going to be upset if they don't happen. Instead, my goal is to simply keep myself from blowing up like a balloon, and failing that, I'd like to be in shape, if not a specific shape.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tantric Sex- you mean, that's not just how it's done?

Every once in awhile, I get people asking about "tantric sex". It sounds exotic. It sounds like... work.

I decided to look it up. Google led me to the following article:

"Tantra challenged the acetic beliefs of that time, purporting that sexuality was a doorway to the divine, and that earthly pleasures, such as eating, dancing and creative expression were sacred acts."

"Tantric sexual practices teach us to prolong the act of making love and to utilize potent orgasmic energies more effectively."


I been doing Tantric sex the entire time I've been sexual without even knowing it! I mean seriously.. when I have sex with a man, he is my god for that moment, and I am his goddess. We both do what we can to prolong the experience because it's so incredible that neither of us wants it to end. This is why I'm picky about my partners irl- I refuse to couple with anyone who won't take their time and do it right. Another requirement is some sort of mental/spiritual connection HAS to happen. And that's addictive. It also means that those men are left unable to couple with just anyone, because they start to need that deeper connection. I make sex special, and the men can't stand anything less than special anymore. (I'm not saying I'm the only woman who does, just that few do it naturally).

So yeah, "Tantric sex"? I thought that was just... sex, as it should be.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Move + car troubles = happy face somehow?

So, last week Wednesday, partner and I signed for a new apartment. We have until October 16th to get the old apartment emptied and cleaned. This means my cam-times are screwy, of course. And moving is expensive, stressful, and complicated.

On top of that, our car is throwing a hissy fit, so we have to pay to get it fixed. And I need my own car since he's gone most of the day for work and/or school.

Yet somehow, I feel good. I mean really good. Maybe it's because I've been focusing on positive instead of negative in my private life. Maybe it's because partner has stopped being an asshole and has become the support I need. Maybe it's because we're finally moving forward instead of staying stuck in our rut.

Anyway, we need money fast. So I'm doing an October video special. check it out on the other page. Payoneer will load in about 2-3 business days from when you send the payment, and then I can just go to the bank and withdraw most of it. Even though the money would be awesome sooner, I'm running this special for all of October, cause you guys are awesome and deserve a break.

The site I'm uploading them to has a 1 gb per file limit, but allows for zip folders, so I made movie packs. They are based on a group of vids that have similar themes, and the whole group of each is less than 1gb. Since my vids are all over the place in terms of size, this leads to very variable packages. I've tried to price them fairly.

Of course, donations with no video request are always welcome :)

In other news: GUILD WARS 2 IS AWESOME!

And I'm getting better at video games in general. HUZZAH!