Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Spending Limits

I work for a site where they keep track of how much a person has spent a day so they can cut them off at a price that person determines. So if you know you can only spend $25, you can put the limit at $25 and be cut off when you've reached $25 so you don't get into debt. This is AWESOME. I want to take it a step further.

On this site, they also let girls set their own prices for shows. So that $25 could get you nearly half an hour, or only 2 minutes, depending on how much the girl charges. WHAT IF the site allowed guys to filter by how much the girls charge? I don't mean a lower limit, I mean an upper limit. A guy knows he can't get off in less than five minutes. If he only has $25, he's not going to want to be able to browse girls who have their shows up at $15 a minute.

We can also do gold shows, where we say that anyone who pays a set amount can watch the show that runs for a time we specify when we start the countdown. So we can do a day where, our normal price is $5 a min, but we'll decide what we do and offer them 10 mins for $25.

So what if he can put in an upper limit of $7 a minute, with an exception if a girl is offering a 10 min gold show for $25 or less? Then we don't get guys getting mad at us for our prices being out of their range- they won't see us.

I doubt this would ever be implemented, but it would be nice, wouldn't it?

Friday, July 20, 2012


The first time I was asked the question "What do you want?" I was speechless. Me? Want something? The idea was a novel concept. Throughout my life, all I'd ever focused on was getting what I knew I needed.

Now, the question "What do you want" still stumps me. What do I want? I want to have wings growing out my back so I can fly under my own power. I want to be able to swim without my eyes stinging, nose running, and lungs screaming for air. I want to not have to worry about what I need, because they are all supplied for me. I want diseases to either go away, or at least stop being contagious, so that I can touch anyone. I want to be able to experience my fantasies without having to fear the consequences of them. I want to be able to help anyone who needs it. I want to give a little bit of happiness to everyone in the world. I want my allergies to disappear. In short, I want the impossible. I doubt I'm alone in that though.

Along the lines of the more possible are the following:

I want my debts to disappear.
I want to be in shape.
I want to be loved.
I want to love.
I want to be able to make enough money, and explore my creative side.
I want to be able to finish my projects.
I want respect.

Along the lines of things that are possible, but not likely:

I want to come up with something to help foster children after they leave the system.
I want to teach.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Misconceptions revealed

The way a person is plays a big part in what a person likes. Using restraints as a guide, my partner determines how a person is by what they like: silk, chain, rope, leather, or vinyl. Since he is chain, he mostly gets along with people who are chain or rope, rope being the most like chain. Since I don't like to dwell on what I can't afford, I kept going for rope in the stores, and when he asked, he only mentioned rope and chain, so I naturally said rope. The problem with this, is that I'm leather.

If you treat leather like rope, you're going to run into problems. Rope you can use and discard, leather you have to care for after you use it. Rope you can put a lot of strain on before it stretches or breaks, leather can't take as much strain. In short, rope doesn't take as much time, effort, and money to care for as leather does.

So maybe this is the root of the problems. I've been trying to tell him I need to be treated like leather, and he's been thinking about it in terms of rope. This just came out today, btw, so we'll see where things lead after this development.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fight the System

When getting a college education is necessary to get any job above minimum wage, but costs more than you can make at a minimum wage job...

When eliminating processed foods is healthier, but you can't keep non-processed food for more than a couple days and you can't spend the time going to the grocery store every day...

When having time to relax, to play, to socialize, and exercise have been proven important but just earning enough to live only leaves enough time for one of the essential four...

When we can't even understand the tax codes to be able to do our own taxes without help...

When tutoring one or two children requires a different skill set from teaching a class-full, but tutoring agencies require their tutors to be certified teachers...

When you can't drive a car without having insurance, even if you'd be more able to pay for the effects of an accident without insurance....

When doctors and hospitals charge individuals more than they charge an insurance company for the same procedure...

When you spend more on insurance than you can afford on health care, and then end up not being able to use the insurance for the problem you actually have...

When loan companies who own your debt look at how much you make before taxes instead of how much you have after living expenses...

When getting a car is vital to getting and keeping even a min wage job, but min wage doesn't cover the cost of maintaining a car...

When the people at the top are only interested in how much they can get out of you...

It's no wonder the average American is a selfish bastard. You almost have to be to get anywhere in this world. It's becoming harder and harder to change your social class in America, and that is not the spirit of this country. This is supposed to be the land of opportunity, but the only people who have opportunities anymore are those who were born with them. Those who are living in a minimum wage world find it impossible to break that cycle and get out of minimum wage jobs. Anyone born into the world above minimum wage, they see plenty of opportunities. Plenty of them end up on the bottom after a few mistakes, and they and their children are doomed to stay there without help.

What percentage of the population earns less than $20,000 a year? Because those are the people I'm talking about. Those are the people who are scraping the bottom. Minimum wage is at almost $8 an hour. If you assume 40 hours a week for 51 weeks a year (one week of vacation), that is $16,320 . That is what the goverment has decided a person needs to make to pay food, housing, necessities, and taxes, with maybe a dollar or two a month left over for something.

Monday, July 2, 2012

False Impressions

I leave a lot of people with the false impression that I trust them. This is because I'm plenty willing to talk about the bad things that happened in my life if it's over a few years old. So I will gladly tell you about how I was threatened at 5, touched inappropriately at 6, adopted at 13, almost committed suicide at 15, lost my virginity about a month before my 20th birthday, and the problems I had with my adoptive parents all throughout college.

Why will I tell you these things? Because nothing can really be done about them right now. Sometimes I will get very emotional telling them. Sometimes it will seem like I don't care (inside, I'll still be shaking). But the point here is- I tell them to anyone. Anyone who asks questions that lead to that information being a necessary part of the answer will gain that information. So just because I shared it with you doesn't mean I'm granting you any sort of trust.

It if happened more than a month ago, chances are it's not all that crucial to me anymore, and I'm just trying to get it out of my system. But knowing what's actually going on in my life on a day to day basis? The things that can actually be changed at the moment? The things where you might actually influence what's going on? Those take trust to talk about.