Thursday, October 31, 2013

Moving Updates

I has internetz!

There are boxes everywhere, and furniture in the wrong room, and shit's all mixed up. Yay moving? But but BUT... my camroom is mostly setup. I still need to do the curtains, especially as my camera will be facing the window O.O. And there's a lot of organizing and changing what's in drawers and what's in bins to do. The bed is a new bed (mattress and box spring, no frame yet), so I can safely stand on it. There's a bunch of stuff in the room that doesn't need to be in there, so it's really crowded and I won't be able to dance, but I can stand and pose on the floor.

I will try to have it all ready by tonight, but I might not be able to work until tomorrow. Right now, I'm working on getting the kitchen unpacked and set up so I can eat something other than microwaved leftovers and microwave food. If I have to, I can wait until the sun is down to get on camera without the curtains.

There will be no virtual tours of the room until it's ready. Since that includes hiding some wiring and a couple pipes, it might be a few months. Yes, I know, that doesn't sound nice. It doesn't look nice, but as long as I don't put anything over there that I need on camera and am careful when using stuff by it the rest of the time (mostly right now there's stuff around it that's never used), I'll be fine.

The bathroom... well, they never got around to installing the new vanity. So it's sitting in the only real floor space of the bathroom, in front of the toilet and the old vanity (which does still work). So no shower shows until we can get that taken care of. If we're here that long. And the washer and dryer, we don't have yet.

So yeah, pretty much every reason this place was going to be a better place than the apartment we moved out of is currently moot, but we'll get there. We'll get there. At the very least, we have a yard to take care of, so we can get used to that aspect and used to having a shed outside to keep stuff that just needs to be kept out of wind and rain.

It's an adventure!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Moving in Progress

Well, I'm in the progress of moving, so what I have available in my camroom is somewhat limited, but not as much as you might think.

Here's what I have:

-my dice (though some items needed for certain things on the d20 are not here, so you'll have to deal with substitutions if you want that one.)

-my 3 leather cuffs
-3 6" ropes (the shortest ones)
-nipple clips
-spanking implements
-panty hose
-thigh-high nylons
-glass dildo, jelly dildo, mona lelo vibe
-random panty drawer (this means those types that I only have a couple of, not the ones that I have a lot of)
-ball gag
-leash and collar
-ben wa balls
-hair ties
-hair brush

and of course, anything attached to me remains here.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bad Assumptions

There are two wrong assumptions that I can't seem to get away from. One is just an annoyance. The other is kinda serious.

1. Gagging (the annoyance)

I like to suck. I'm honest about how much I like to suck. I can't deep throat, because there's only 4 or 5 inches before whatever I'm trying to shove in there hits my voice box. I'm a small person. I occasionally get someone who wants a gagging show. I don't do gagging shows.

Why not? Because gagging is what happens before you throw up. I HATE anything to do with throwing up. I hate the act. I hate the precursor to the act. I hate dry-heaving. I hate gagging.

Today, someone asked me to gag, then took me private without me having a chance to say that I don't gag. He left before the rest of everything he wanted because... I don't gag. Not on purpose. I do everything I can to avoid gagging. I don't find it sexy. it's a huge turn-off for me.

2. Spanking (the problem)

I enjoy being spanked. A lot of people out there have this belief that it should be done as part of a "bad girl" funishment roleplay thing. NO. I am submissive. I like doing what I'm told. I like doing the right thing. I don't like the idea that I did something wrong. If you mix up spanking with any implication that I did something less-than-perfect, I can't enjoy the spanking, and I start to fear the spanking, and pretty soon I start to cringe away from the person who does it as though I'm expecting to be punished for no reason. It fucks with me too much.

I want you to tell me how good I've been, then spank me and fuck me silly. I want you to be very careful that physical pain doesn't turn into psychological pain as well. I want to hear the words "good girl" as I feel the bite of whatever you're using on my ass. I want you to coddle my mind while you abuse my body.

That's really all I had to say. But it had to be said. Because the one was last night, and the other was just now.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Clones and Eternal Youth

I have a limited knowledge of how genes work. So, I'm going off of my basic understanding for this.

The most important question in the subject of clones and eternal youth used to be "what makes us age?" We have the answer to that, and in the answer we found out why clones die early and other such information. What I'm going to say relies heavily on this, so I need to detail what we found.

At the tail end of the molecules which make up our genes is a random bunch that don't mean anything. As our cells replicate using those strands of DNA, the tail end that means nothing slowly disappears. When that end is gone, the molecules which make up the important bits of our DNA start to disappear. When the brake-down becomes too much for the body to handle, the person dies.

The issue with cloning is that when we make a clone from an adult, the tail end of DNA which determines how long the clone will live is the same length as the adult its cells were taken from. To fix this, we need to either make our clones while the original is still just a few cells. Or, we can take one of those cells from when the original is really young, and store what the sequence is. Then, we can use gene therapy to add the missing bits before making the clones.

Here's the point. If we can figure out how to extend the length of the tail end of the genes which belong to someone who is already alive, we can have the fabled eternal youth. We can also make clones which do not die too soon. I think the first thing is to see if the tail end has to be something specific, or if it can be anything. If it can be anything, we can just make a sequence to throw on there. If we can figure out how to make it, we won't even need to try to harvest cells from a fetus.

My guess is that there are a number of different sequences which will work for each species, but that only closely related species will be able to use the same sets of sequences. But that's not for me to figure out.

Why did I feel it necessary to point this out? Because I believe I remember people saying that they need to figure out how to stop the loss of the tail, instead of figuring out how to add more to the tail as it disappears. And I realized that the same technology which allows them to make rats glow using genes from a jellyfish would allow them to insert more "tail" on the genes.