Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Reason

I don't know if I've ever put this out here. If I have, I apologize for the repeat post.

Some girls get on camera because they want to make money. Some girls get on camera because they need to make money and that's the only way they can. Some girls get on camera because they want to get paid for cumming. Some girls get on camera to chat with the guys.

Me, I get on camera to make men happy. I want to get paid to make men happy, but that's just because if I don't get paid for it I won't be able to continue doing it. I have to keep up electricity, heating, water, and internet in a secure place in order to cam. This means I have to pay for housing. I have to be able to feel sexy, otherwise I'll just be another pity case, which is not what I'm here for. So I have to keep up my hygeine, which means paying for cleaning products, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, razors, bath soap, and hand soap. I also have to buy cute things to wear, because clothes don't last forever no matter how well you take care of them. Thus, I have to get paid for the time I spend camming.

But I'm there to make you happy. I'm there to make as many men happy as I possibly can. This also means that I have to continue to be capable of making men happy. Thus, I turn down things that would lessen my ability to please the next person who comes in. This means anything that would hurt me physically. It also means anything that would leave me crying. The object is for me to be physically and mentally healthy in order to be able to please you.

I call myself a submissive. I am submissive because my main goal is to please people. But since there's no responsibility for my safety on your end, I have to make sure I take care of me. Someone once told me, when I was burning myself out, that in order to please others I have to take care of myself, otherwise I'll end up not being fit to please others. So I do it. When I say "no", it's for a reason. That reason might be that it would hurt me. That reason might be because it would violate a site rule, and I can't afford to be fined, let alone banned, if they catch me.

There was another point to this.

I have a lot of guys get concerned about making sure that I cum. This is awesome and gentlemanly, but it's not the point of me being online. My point is making sure that you cum. If I manage to cum before you do, please don't end the show. I'm female, I don't lose a boner just cause I came. Meaning, I can keep going,  and build up to a new cum, if you want. I understand some girls won't do another cum in private, I'm not them. But honestly, some of my favorite privates, I was playing with myself but never came. I don't *need* to cum to feel that it was a good private, even if the private is a masturbation one. If you came, if you were happy with what you saw, I'm happy with what you saw.