Sunday, December 27, 2015

Popular Question: What I Got for Christmas

I finished stating the material gifts only to be asked by another person who came in at the description of the very last present. Thus, by popular demand, What I Got For Christmas this year. Enjoy!

From my boyfriend's family:

    - a "waste canvas" which allows me to put a cross-stiched pattern on anything, not just on the special cross-stitching material

    - a decorative box with a handle, supposedly for my thread, in reality I'll probably use it for current projects. It's too small to hold my entire collection.

    - a few "antique" colors of thread, giving me new shades which I didn't already have

    - Queen Anne Cordial Cherries

From my roommate:

    - a pair of winter boots that are actually waterproof for at least a foot of snow.

    - a sushi making kit with recipe book, bamboo rolling mat, wooden spoon, and two pairs of chopsticks. (A replacement for a kit that I lost, which I only really need the book and the rolling mat)

From my adoptive family:

    - a blessedly shorter-than-normal phone conversation (I'll be going to see them in FL at the end of January/Beginning of February, so I wasn't expecting more)

From my biological family:

     - two very nice long conversations about geeky things, one with my dad, one with my sister

Saturday, December 5, 2015


I have a friend in Kansas. I don't remember the candidates for governor, but one was favored and everyone was "going to vote" for that one. The issue was, come election day, since everyone thought everyone else was voting for him, no one bothered to actually vote, except those who were voting for the other guy. So the wrong guy won the election.

Thus, don't rely on everyone else to vote for you. Vote for yourself.

I am registered as an independent. This means I can only vote in Open Primary elections, not Closed Primary or Caucus elections. I favor Bernie Sanders for this election. He's an independent running in the Democratic Party. Certain states will have an open primary.

The state I currently live in intends on having an open primary the month after I'm supposed to move to a different state. The state where I will move to has a closed election the month BEFORE I'm supposed to move there.

I'm debating waiting to register in my new state just so I can vote in the old state.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I know I haven't been perfect this year. I'm only human after all. And I'm sorry for all the times I've let road rage take over my voice box, or frustration with idiots make me yell and punch a pillow. I have tried though, tried to keep in mind the other person's perspective, and tried to keep my impatience from affecting the lives around me. I think I've done a pretty good job of that this year, but you would know that better than I would. If you decide I haven't done more good than bad this year, I will understand.

I am not a very materialistic person. But it's nice to be able to occasionally spend on things that aren't necessary. That's why what I'd really like for Christmas are gift cards. Things I can use every couple months when I get the urge to buy something that's not strictly necessary.

I do grocery shopping at Kroger. If I had a Kroger gift card, I could buy stuff to make myself brownies or cake. Or I could get ice cream, or cookies, or something that's more a treat. Or even sushi!

Walmart is where I get non-grocery necessities. A gift card to Walmart could be used on storage items, dust mite covers, and maybe a better mattress pad.

Staples for office supplies, sure, but I can get myself a real computer chair with a Staples gift card, instead of having to use a padded dining room chair. Or I could buy some of the art supplies they have, for my crafting projects. Millions of colors of dry erase markers would be awesome! And sharpies. Lots of sharpie colors.

Of course, Michael's and Joanne Fabrics are better for crafting supplies. And an Amazon gift card would let me buy just about anything, including more card protectors for my Magic the Gathering collection, and more of the cases that can hold cards with the sleeves on them.

Harbor Freight Tools would be awesome, because I could work on my collection of tools for when I have my own house. American Freight would let me get quality furniture for cheap. Home Depot or Lowes would work for tools and materials, so I could build my own custom furniture and some other... projects...

I much prefer to buy dildos, costumes, and lingerie in person, where I can verify that it's the size I'm expecting it to be. Since those are smaller stores, that would have to be cash. But a wooden paddle, I could probably find that on Amazon with no issues.

Most of those gift cards, you wouldn't even have to stop by my apartment, which lacks a chimney for you to come by. Some would need to be mailed, and you already have my address. Of course, many could be emailed, which would save you on the postage. I don't know if you do email, so in case you don't keep track of it, you can use to send the gift cards. Or if you prefer. I guess that's just whether you think Microsoft or Google is a better company... sorry for not having a yahoo account to give you. x.x

I hope your holiday season is not too busy this year. I hope asking for gift cards via email helps cut down on your workload.

Happy Holidays!


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

As Promised

Christmas Decor

So Streamate has started doing contests for holiday decorations. It started with a costume contest on Halloween (which happened to be a day off for me, hence the lack of participation), and now there's a Christmas Decoration contest. 1 gold tip = 1 vote for the best decorations.

I have no expectation of winning, but I thought, I'm not the scrooge type, so I might as well participate regardless of the lack of chance. It's just for fun, right?

I bought a "holiday garland" from the dollar tree, dug out my Christmas box, wove the garland into a wreath and decorated it with the stuff in the box and some pipe cleaners, as well as a Christmas Barrette I never wear. Unfortunately, it's difficult to see it on camera. So I took some pictures.

Here's the result:

Later, I need to take a better pic of the wreath, after a bit of adjustments. Then I'll post the better pic, and the individual items on it.

And yes, that's a Precious Moments stocking. x.x I've had it since I was 8.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Stolen Apple ID

So this morning, I pull up iTunes to have some music while cleaning up after my guest, and see a notice that my session has expired. I know it's been at least six weeks, but at the same time, I don't remember this ever happening before. I try my password. It doesn't work. I try an alternate, thinking maybe I'd changed it to a more secure one. That doesn't work, and I get a notice from iTunes that it seems something is wrong with my account, so I should follow the link. I go there, type in my id, it can't find my account. I click "try again". I put in my first and last name, my email address, and the original email address associated with the account. Still no luck. I put in a support ticket.

Awhile later, I go to check my email, see if support has responded. I notice prior notices about activity on my account. On the 26th from 4am to 5am GMT, my account security questions were changed, followed by the birthdate associated with the account, followed by the email address. A few minutes after those emails were another set of emails proclaiming purchases having happened, since they were done with an iphone and I'd never used an iphone before.

The email address on the account had been changed to

The name on the account had been changed to cai song

The purchases were in Asian writing (sorry, I don't know the difference between Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. I get the feeling this was Korean.)

I end up calling support. I was hopped twice, and the third person was able to help me because, when he found out I knew the email address, he suggested I try my old password. I tried it. It actually worked. I had to add my card to my account (I took it back off) so that he could reset the security questions. I changed the email address first, then added the card, then fixed security questions and birthdate, then changed it to a password I have never used before.

The money spent will be refunded, but it can take up to 10 days for it to show up on my account.

The actions of this person are baffling to me, since the only ways I can think of that they got in involve them having every single password ever... but then, this was the only account that had any money on it at that time.

Lots of passwords to change. Lots of cleaning to do. Gotta rearrange some furniture, and get some laundry done. I'm definitely not getting on camera this afternoon (there was hope, before this fiasco). We'll see about tonight. Definitely at least a bit tomorrow.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Shenangans!

Hey guys!

Since I'm not working Saturday, and Sunday is after Halloween, I'll be doing the Halloween show on Wednesday this year.

See my sexy costumes, with 

Here's how  it works:

Every 200 tokens I'll get naked. I'll stay naked for 1 full song. After every naked time will be a different costume. I've got lots, listed on the "Toys and Such" tab. Privates do count, they can finish off one countdown and start another countdown.

Example 1: If I go into private with 560 tokens, and private takes me to 770 tokens, I'll do a strip and outfit when I get out, and again when I get the other 30 to bring my total to 800.

Example 2: I go into private with 480 tokens and by the end of the private I'm at 1060 tokens, I'll do one strip and outfit when I get out of private, and the new countdown starts at 140 tokens to get my total to 1200.

Example 3: I go into private with 560 tokens and private takes me to 770 tokens. While I'm doing the strip and outfit, I get the other 30. I will wait a bit in the costume, then do the next strip and outfit.

Order of costumes:

1- Red Dress with Petticoat.
2- Pirate
3- Lt. Luna, Officer of Reproductive Customs
4- Lolita Dress
5- Amazon Elf
6- Kitty Dress

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Random Shows

Today's random show possibilities :

      (I get naked and use Berry scented lotion all over)
      (I get naked and spank ass, tits, pussy, in that order)
Strip Tease
      (in current outfit)
      (naked, pushups, situps, squats)
       (get in it, dance in it)
Sexy Outfit
       (get in it, show off in it, strip tease tease out of it)
Halloween Costume
        (get in it, show off in it)
Rope Harness
        (get naked, full body harness or each half, stay in for awhile)
BDSM Stuffs
        (cuffs and chains, nipple clamps, ball gag)
Nakkie Luna
        (I get naked, show off a bit, and bounce around for 2-3 songs)
Clothed Dancing
       (in current outfit)
Ben Wa Balls
       (naked, insert off-camera, then on camera do jumping jacks as long as I can, see how many fall out)
Sucking on Dildo
       (the fleshy dildo, stops before I cum)
Footjob for Dildo
       (the fleshy dildo, stops before I cum)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Awesome Day!

Today was awesome!

I did countdowns with including private and video purchase tokens. Here's what happened:

-nude hairbrushing
-catgirl dress, ears, collar, and shrug
-naked Catgirl (ears and collar only)
-wax play with a small purple candle (I went polkadotted)

It was lots of fun. :D Thank you!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Video Games


So, I've been playing this game called TERA. It's currently free-to-play on Steam. If you find a copy to buy, you get 8 character slots per server. On the free-to-play version, it's 2. But, you can purchase more character slots.

At the moment, I have a level 39 warrior (human) and a level 13 Mystic (uh... looks like a lizard?)

Leveling is super fast if you're doing all the quests. Gameplay is sort of realistic. As in, you have to make sure it's pointed in the right direction, and you have to click for every use of the skills, or click and hold for the skill. There's no lock-on target, and there's no auto-attack. Also, armor isn't much help against the bigger enemies (not just talking bosses here, some of the mobs are fairly difficult to kill), so you have to learn how to block or dodge.

For my warrior, the dodge skill requires "resolve", which is it's own bar that's not used for anything else. It's also recovers fairly quick, which is good, but I do run into the occasional issue where I have to run instead of dodge. Unsure if that's because I'm bad at the game, or if that's just how the game is (I don't seem to be doing too badly, I rarely actually die, and from reading the forum there's a steep learning curve.)


Guild Wars 2

I got back on Guild Wars 2 for the first time in... 6 months? Probably more... and the skills have changed all up. I restarted one character to get the hang of the new skills. But I'm debating restarting all of them because this is just really weird.


Pokemon (Blue)

Working my way through the first cave that you need flash for. I can't seem to catch onyx. The first one went through 3 pokeballs before I ran out of balls and had to k/o it. The next two, I accidentally k/o'd before I could try anything. The fourth one, was breaking out of the balls after one nudge, so I knew I wasn't anywhere close to catching it, despite it being as low as I could safely take it, and having it's attack and defense all the way down. It was only lvl 13, but it wouldn't get caught! I'm going back when I have great balls instead of just normal poke balls. But first I gotta find the exit. :P (I'm doing this without a map)



I restarted it, since it's been over a year since I last played. So, I got the bracelet. And talked to the cat afterwards. But that's as far as I've gotten. x.x

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Well, I earned my daily minimum, but not enough for rent. Luckily, my roommates will be able to cover the missing amount. Just means I owe them a little.

Fuck this goddamn fucking universe sometimes....

WARNING: post related to bitching about money. I am not looking for pity. Just trying to explain why the very day after posting my schedule, I was not on time. Also need to rant a bit.

For those of you who don't know, last week Thursday Streamate started having problems. My first clue was when I logged on and there was a warning that the phone service wasn't working. Over the next two days was a constant fight for me to stay logged in so I could work. At some point in there we finally realized my computer wasn't staying connected to the network, so we set up a different system that would hopefully have better results.

That didn't mitigate Streamate's issues though, and I ended the week with about $10 less than what I needed to make my car payment, which is already going to be late since I don't get that money until this coming Monday.

If you can't do the math, that means that this week is Rent Week. For me, this means $370 are needed by the end of 8pm today, or I can't guarantee that I'll still have a place to live come the 3rd of the month.

So, this week, my apartment complex's water got shut off. Cancel work that day- can't really cam if I can only do one show before needing to wash my hands, which I can't do with no water. Then there's a notice that we need to spend the next 48 hours boiling any water we want to use. I purchased some bottled water and a few jugs for the really tough jobs just to get through the days. Then another notice shortly before the 48 hours is up that they found a leak and the water might need to be shut off the next day. All this around me trying to stay connected to Streamate long enough to earn something to pay rent.

A couple days ago, Streamate fixed their connection problems.

Last night, my partner and I figured out a schedule for my camming, and figured out that our third roommate who doesn't drive will be dropped off early if she needs to start work sometime after my work schedule is done. We did all this around 11pm last night.

Today, having been raised on "Be early to be on time", I got on camera somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes before the 2pm scheduled time. Around 2:06pm, my computer said "FUCK YOU!" and is now having connection issues. My partner could fix them, except he's at work until after the 8pm cutoff.

I am racking my brain trying to figure out how to fix the connection issues. If I manage, you'll know because I actually show up online around 4pm tonight.

And no, MFC tips won't help anyway. The absolutely only money I can possibly make right now to help with rent is on Streamate. The late fee for rent goes through when the office opens at 10am on the 2nd. MFC's direct deposit reaches my bank on the 3rd.

I have two more last-ditch attempts to try:
one is camming with the door open while disconnecting the second router I'm supposed to connect to. The other is connecting directly to the main router. I'll try that second one first, having the door open while I cam tends to make me nervy.

As to why directly connecting might not work, well, it has to do with how the security on the network is set up. Hopefully it's still set up to allow me to do this.

SCORE! It worked!

I'm going to be a little late today. Sorry.

PS: As I was digging the extra-long ethernet cord out of the box o' random computer equiptment, I realized that if connecting to the router doesn't work, I can circumvent the router by going directly through the modem. Normally, that wouldn't be an option, but right now, I'm the only one in the apartment, hence the only one allowed to use our internet at the moment. Unless my partner is on break and accessing his desktop remotely again... Meh.

Going to calm down for a bit, then hop back on camera.

Monday, June 8, 2015

I'm alive, I swear!

Hey guys,

I know it's been awhile. I swear, I'm alive. Things have been crazy, and I'm not even sure we got the internet issues sorted out yet x.x

Red week started yesterday, so when that's over, I will be doing another attempt at getting on camera. Cross our fingers, and hope the universe has no more surprises in store for me. ^_^ I hope to see you all then!

Take care,

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Set up- good enough

My desktop is back! As in, bigger hard drive, better graphics card, and 64-bit Windows. ^_^ Whee!

Next week I start a day job. Until then, lots of camming. Once it starts, I'll be sticking to weekday evenings and Saturday afternoon/evening.

My toys and outfits are on hand, though decorations still need work. The rope got slaughtered during the move, so I only have belts and the cuffs.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Quick Update

I has an apartment! With internet! Huzzah!

Unfortunately, the internet wasn't installed until Tuesday, and redweek promptly started once it was installed. x.x But, I only just today found all the cords and lamps needed to put on a proper show, so it would've been today at the earliest anyway.

Here's to hoping I actually got that one job that I interviewed for last week (I know, vague, but you guys know I won't be specific.)

Thank you to everyone who sent support. I saved some bubble wrap. Hopefully I find time to do the video before I get annoyed enough to throw it all out x.x

Right now, still a ton to unpacking and organizing and putting away to do, plus I have to set shit up and get laundry done.



Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Updates and Stuff

Hey guys!

Lesse... last post was December... ho boy.

Emotional upheaval. As every year. So whatever, nothing new, right?

I'm letting my website go. It always seems to be down right when people need to be able to access it. Far better for me to move the various pages to this blog.

Currently working close to full time hours at the shitty min wage job. So, I get on Streamate for a couple hours here and there, when I have the energy. Which hours varies by day and by week.

In April, I will be moving again. Going back to my partner. I miss him. And we've been talking, and he apologized, and we've been doing rather well in the communications area. Almost no one who knows me really well is surprised by this decision.

That's pretty well everything to talk about for now. Hence why the lack of blog posts. I hope you all are well. I'm checking my email sporadically, but at least once every few days. Feel free to send me an email. Don't forget to put my cam-name in the subject line so I know it's not spam.