Thursday, June 30, 2011

DnD part 2

I know we decided to sleep after one more battle, I think that was before this next bit, so I'll just put it here as being the beginning of the session.

So, we do some more exploring, run into a mop closet, where the chick picks up the mop and brings it with her. Down the corridor a bit we come across some slime on the floor, which she tries to mop up. Turns out it's a big slime, so we run. My goliath in the lead almost falls prey to another trap (she found the spike trap with her feet... x.x). This time it's a pit. She manages to save herself, but when everyone goes to jump, we lose the Elan.

The goliath retrieves the body, putting his items in her sack. She communes with the spirit and adds a figure of a stag to his funeral array, tucked safely in a pocket. A bit of a draft alerts us to a secret room, so the goliath ends up climbing back down into the pit to press the button that releases the door. Inside is treasure and weapons. Even though the Elan is dead, the Goliath takes the short spear that was meant for him as well as the axe, after the cleric confirms that the weapons are magic. She figures they might run across someone who could use the magic spear.

Wait, this is where we decided to sleep, cause we then explore that area thoroughly and end up back at the very beginning of the dungeon. So we exit and sleep outside it.

We explore some more, and run across a man claiming to be a bard tied up in another closet (yes, that's what replaced the psychic elan). He says his name is Mike, and that he was captured by a group of half-orcs and a couple ogres. We know we haven't found the ogres yet.

We explore more, and find the two ogres and a troll. Charging in sets off a flame trap. The poor roast pixie, just barely alive, watched the battle from the ceiling. It was actually altogether too easy to dispatch the ogres and troll... First we dispatched the ogres, getting one in the first round while we still had surprise, and taking care of the second in the next round. The troll took a few more rounds. The bard is surprisingly good with a bow, but of course, that doesn't help much until we take care of the regeneration. The golaith uses some of the oil the Elan was carrying, throwing it at the Troll. The chick lights it, and a couple hits later the troll is dead.

Though our characters did not need a break, it was past midnight in the real world, so we decided to pause the game until next week.

This Saturday, if all goes well, I shall be playing DnD on SkinVideo.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Birthday Bash Plans

So I originally planned this giant birthday bash where the shows would already be paid for and would just happen every other hour. Unfortunately, to pull it off I really needed the shows to already be paid for... which meant trying to get enough during the first payperiod of this month for both the payperiod and the birthday shows. It didn't happen.

However, since I've already promised everyone game tickets, and the shows... here's what I'm going to do. The game tickets may still be used but will not count towards the countdowns. As usual, every tip, group, private, and spy token will count towards the countdown. However, for that day only, the countdowns will be lowered. Instead of 500 tokens for a show, I will do 300. What will I be doing? I don't know for sure about all of it yet. I will still have games, just not sure which ones. Expect a post later on Tuesday (around 9 or 10) detailing the available games. The shows will, as always, remain a surprise until we get the countdown.

The thing is, I'm also doing this thing now where I run the countdowns until the end of the payperiod. SO, Thurs and Fri only, the shows will be for the 300 tokens. On Sunday, I will find out what the next multiple of 500 is, and that will be what we need to reach. All I can say for sure, is that when we reach 1200, there will be cake (and a shower :P ). And I promise this cake is not a lie. ^.^

Sunday, June 12, 2011

DnD Starts again! W00t!

So yesterday, we started back up our DnD group. The DM is a guy from my webcam chatroom, as well as two of the players. The third is my roommate/master, and of course, there's myself. Here's what I know about the players and characters:

Cynical is the DM. He's also playing a character- a cleric of the god of Death and Balance.

AyediStar is a player, playing a female human swordsage (I think).

Rubi is another player, playing a male pixie. I think he's gonna be a warlock once he gets through the 5 levels of pixie.

Tek is the third player, playing a male elan psychic.

And I am the fourth player, playing a female Goliath who is being pestered by the spirit world (until she gives and gains spirit shaman levels).

Our first game, we meet the DM's character, and find out that the soul well has been capped, preventing souls from moving on to the afterlife. If this is not remedied, we will end up hip-deep in zombies. Just one catch- we don't know where the soul well is.

We journey to a nearby city to consult with someone who might know. Turns out, she really doesn't. She does, however, know where the key to the capstone is, and sends into the mountains. Secret entrance, secret cave. We explore. My Goliath marks every junction, to avoid getting lost. At the first, we find a door to our right, a passage straight, and a passage left. We open to the door and find two battle trained boars. We dispatch them fairly easily, and continue to what is now our right. We come to another door with an offshoot left. Behind the door, is another passage. We go down the passage beyond the door.

The next time we come to a junction, we decide to go left. We go down some halls and through some doors, running into one trap on the way, and find a pit with two panthers prowling in the bottom. On the other side of the room is a corridor. As we peer into the pit, my Goliath is knocked into the pit by two half-orcs. She dispacted one of the panthers while they take care of one half orc and make the other run away. The cleric jumps in after her, while the psychic makes the panther's brain melt.

The other orc comes back, but is dispatched quickly. Down teh corridor is the room where they stayed and nothing else.

That is our first session. It was awesome, but you just had to be there. Next week, join me on as Lady_Luna for live DnD goodness. ^.^