Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Forgot the Title

There are three books... well, two books and one compilation... that I read awhile back, which I don't remember the titles to. I don't remember authors, I don't remember character names. I just remember a couple scenes.

1. Back in high school, I borrowed a book from my school library. There's a dude on a space ship with a bunch of passengers. I don't remember if the dude in question was the captain or not. During the book, he learns the personalities of the different passengers. They find a planet. This planet has a mystery, and they get really close to solving the mystery, and the answer to it is that the one dude is actually God in human form. And he reacts by giving them all new bodies. One of the passengers becomes the queen bee. Literally. And two of the passengers, a paralyzed girl and her young female nurse, are transformed into a non-paralyzed girl and a boy of roughly the same age, because they were obviously in love. That's pretty much the end of the book.

2. Also back in high school, or maybe it was during college, I borrowed some books from my dad. One was a compilation. It was of three books from a sci-fi series, and those three books centered around the hospital in the series. In one of the books, the cook specified certain ingredients, but due to the way bulk ordering works, had to get 10 years' worth at a time. The cook went away for something, and the person left in charge of the kitchen noticed, so increased the amount of those spices by 10, and people got sick from ingesting too much. In another of the books, someone is brought in from a wreck, but he heals himself way too quick. Turns out he is carrying a parasite which causes him to heal quickly. The parasite keeps changing hosts, and when they almost catch the parasite, it hijacks a ship to infect a star instead.

3. Sometime after college. The book centers on an incredibly deadly planet, where the humans in the surviving colony bond with these bear-looking creatures. The book revolves around a visitor to the planet, who is the star of the entire series the book belongs in. The visitor is running from someone. The visitor learns that there is a company which wishes to mine these incredible knots found in some trees because the knots can be pressed for an oil which grants immortality. The visitor also learns towards the end of the book that the knots are really what happens to the bears when the human they pair with dies. The people looking for the visitor land a small scouting party on the planet, and one of them picks a flower and puts it in her hair. The next day, she's complaining about sickness. They meet one of the residents of the planet, who says how many people they have, but gives one less than the number. Then he says that one of them is already dead, but doesn't know it yet. That's when roots burst out of the woman with the flower, and the flower plants itself at the tree. The resident quips that you don't wear that kind of flower, that flower wears you.

I thought book 3 was part of the Ender saga, but I was very wrong... but I figure that info might help someone know what it actually was.

If anyone knows the title of any of these books, or for the 2nd and 3rd, the title of the series these books come from, the information would be greatly appreciated. It's not a huge thing, but the fact that I can't remember the titles of these books has been bothering me for quite awhile.


  1. Book 3 resembles in some ways "Midworld", by Alan Dean Foster. The "bears" are furcots, kind of like six legged intelligent tigers, companions to the humans. The humans are survivors of a crashed colony ship. The "knots" (burls) with essence of immortality are there for sure.

    The flower thing doesn't quite match. The invading humans are harvesting flowers, which bothers the "native" humans greatly.

    ... after some Googling ...

    You may have read Mid-Flinx (Adventures of Pip & Flinx, book 7), which brings the hero Flinx of the series onto the world Midworld. I never read this book, but it's described as a sequel to Midworld, so it may very well be what you are looking for.

  2. A great resource for getting these "Story ID" questions answered is https://scifi.stackexchange.com

  3. Confirmed, your book #3 is "Mid-Flinx". Quote:

    "It will do you no good." Teal was quietly adamant. "It's the cristif."
    Aimee blinked at her. "The what?" A worried Flinx tracked the wavering arcs of the engineer's pistol. She could panic at. any time and start shooting.
    Teal was adamant. "The cristif. In your hair."
    The other woman reached up to feel the bouquet of glittering, gemlike flowers. "Is that all you're talking about? The flowers I'm wearing?" Her expression wavered between relief and uncertainty.
    "You do not wear the cristif." Teal's tone was solemn. "The cristif wears you."


    Moments later the darkening, taut skin of the tendrils burst, and the engineer's body lay abloom with the breathtaking radiance of newly blossoming cristif. Deftly turning toward the available light, the gold and crystal blooms enveloped the dead woman in a delicate casket of rainbows. Petals of crimson and gold, azure and purple, flared from her eye sockets. Eventually, Flinx suspected, the remains of the engineer would be thoroughly consumed, leaving behind only the dire wonder of the flowers.

    1. Thank you! I believe I did read the flinx seried at some point, I don't know if I ever actually read the Midworld book without Flinx.