Monday, February 29, 2016

Topic and Name Explanation

Hey Guys!

There is some confusion regarding a couple things that are kinda linked, so I thought I could clear them up at the same time.

My default topic is to thank people for making sure that I'm willing to do what they want to see before they pay. I put "today" in there today, but I plan on leaving that there. It's not specific to today, it's specific to every day. The reason for this is the same as why I chose the name Luna.

See, I'm not very consistent. The one thing you can be pretty damn sure of is that there will be days that I just don't feel like doing whatever you're wanting to see. With the exception of just stripping naked and spreading my pussy, or basic pussy play, anything else might be something I'll feel uncomfortable with, or not in the mood for, and so wouldn't be able to give you a good show regarding it. I love tying myself up - most days, but not all the time. If my skin is being sensitive, I might not want to do this. I love spanking myself - most days, but not all the time. If I've been very jumpy lately, physical pain is not a good idea.

The reason for my topic is that some people, after we've had one exclusive where we did it and it was awesome, will take me exclusive without checking that I can do it that day. And about a third of the time, this results in either a very stilted show, or me just flat out refusing to do it because I'm not in a good headspace for it. This is especially true for the things I do only in exclusive. The reason I'll only do them in exclusive is because it's rare for me to feel like I gave an entirely awesome performance doing that.

So please, keep in mind, that if you take me private without asking about what you want to see because "you did it last time and it was great!", well, I might not give you as good a show this time, or I might have to say "I'm sorry, I'm just not feeling that today."

That response, by the way, might mean that doing it is risking my sanity, or my physical health, or it might just mean that the mood I'm in doesn't jibe with it so I'm pretty sure it'll fall flat, and not be a good show. Those are the only three possible reasons for that answer, but none of them are any of your business, so if I give you the "no" answer, asking why will give you either no additional information or way too much additional information (depending on the topic and my mood). Here's a guide.

Things I will not do under any circumstance:

- anal
- skype shows
- taboo roleplay
- anything involving another living being on camera with me
- anything that will result in blood, bruises, or worse
- gagging on a dildo (accidentally, it will happen sometimes, but I won't do it on purpose)
- taking my glasses off
 - bodily functions
- call you Master

Things that are Touchy (50/50 chance I'm not up for it):

- hearing your voice
- being dominant in any way, shape, or form
      (I do spanking orders, anal orders, sph, sissy humiliation, wearing a strapon)
- using your name
- dirty talk
- trying to fit 5 fingers in (usually I can just do 3)

Things I'm usually up for (maybe a couple days a month I'm not okay with these, but I usually don't get these requested when I'm not up for them anyway)

- being submissive (calling you sir)
- spanking myself
- tying myself up
- clothing/lingerie changes
- exercising, dancing
- "deep throat" (not so deep I gag, but deeper than standard sucking)
- using toys (sometimes I want to give my pussy a break)
- closeups and spreads

Things I'm "always" up for (once in a blue moon I might not be at my best, but I don't foresee me ever turning these down)

- c2c
- stockings or socks (hose would be under clothing changes above)
- fingering
- poses
- play around the clothes
- foot shows
- sucking dildo

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